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What caliber is a Nerf dart? Shocking Truth of Caliber  You Missed

Written By: John Dart

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Think of yourself in the middle of an epic Nerf battle. Racing to find cover, heart beating, and then boom! You see that certain darts fly far and others hit their target with more accuracy. 

At that moment, you may be asking yourself, “Does it matter why Nerf darts come in different sizes?” and “What caliber is a  Nerf darts?”

What caliber is a Nerf dart

caliber is a Nerf dart

When it comes to Nerf darts, They are measured in inches or millimeters. The Regular Nerf Dart size is 12.7 mm (0.50 cal) and the Mega Nerf Dart is bigger, ~18 mm (0.70 cal). Also,  Rivals: Lesser, around 9.8mm (0.39 cal)

You know, those foam darts flying through the air such as mini rockets? It comes out that they have various sizes, and being conscious of these can greatly improve your Nerf abilities

We’ll go into the different sizes, their applications, and even how to adjust darts to offer yourself an advantage in battle. if you’re looking for the perfect Nerf dart or targeting to up your Nerf game, you’re in the proper place. Let’s explore the exciting world of Nerf dart sizes, where playing foam battle becomes truly enjoyable.

What Caliber Is A Nerf Dart?

There is no such thing as a “caliber” when it comes to Nerf darts, compared to the real world where the word is usually used to describe firearm bullet diameter. Regarding firearm bullets, its classification is based on its actual diameter measured in millimeters or inches compared to the bullet diameter. Every type of dart, including Ultra, Mega, and Elite darts, has a unique character.

What Caliber Is A Nerf Dart

There is no such thing as a “caliber” when it comes to Nerf darts, compared to the real world where the word is usually used to describe firearm bullet diameter. Regarding firearm bullets, their classification is based on their actual diameter measured in millimeters or inches compared to the bullet diameter.

All the information you need  is given below:

 Generally, nerf darts are considered to have a caliber of 0.50, which is the same as 12.7 millimeters.

 However, this is not an official classification. As a result, it is a “general term” that people in the community use.

Nerf darts come in a variety of sizes:  

  • Regular Nerf darts: When it comes to Regular Nerf darts the size is around 12.7mm (0.50 caliber) in diameter.
  •  Mega Nerf darts: These darts are bigger than standard darts, having a diameter of around 18mm (0.70 calibers).
  • Rival Nerf darts: The Diameter of Rival Nerf darts is approximately 9.8 mm (0.39 caliber) which is smaller than regular darts.

Nerf darts are made for safe play and do not have any official caliber measurement, so there’s no need to worry about them being mistaken for real bullets from a gun.

When comparing Nerf dart sizes, pay attention to the real diameter in millimeters or inches. The sizes of different types of Nerf darts are not all the same.

Can X-shot use Nerf darts?

You can use Nerf darts with most X-Shot blasters. This is what happened:

Can X-shot use Nerf darts
  • Making Things Work Together: Standardized dimensions, such as Nerf and X-Shot darts both tend to be the same size and shape, so they should fit in most blasters from both brands.
  • Soft and safe materials: Both companies use soft foam for the dart body and plastic for the tip, which prioritizes safety and further enhances compatibility.
  • Community confirmation: Many participants in the Nerf and X-Shot communities can use each other’s darts effectively, proving that the two communities are compatible.

But remember these things:

  • Double-check for details: Most of the darts can be used with other darts, but newer or more specialized darts may have small differences. It’s wise to verify the information online or on the packaging.
  • Older blasters might be picky: Some older blasters, like those from Nerf or X-Shot, may be fussy about how their darts go into the device, which could lead to some minor fitting issues with darts from other brands.
  • Performance may be different: Although they will often function, there may be some performance issues with accuracy and range when using Nerf darts in an X-Shot blaster (and vice versa) owing to minor design and fit changes.

So, If you own an X-Shot blaster, you can use Nerf darts in its place. Before you release your foam fury, make sure to verify the details of both darts and blasters to ensure compatibility!

X-Shot darts and Nerf darts are unique in their own proper, with different features and sizes. Compatibility problems could arise if Nerf darts try to be used in an X-shot blaster or the other way over. It’s likely that the darts won’t fit correctly or won’t work as expected if they do. Quality, accuracy, and firing range could all be affected as a result.

For the best outcomes and safety, it’s recommended to use what the manufacturer has recommended darts for your blaster. That means using X-shot darts when using an X-shot blaster. It’s important to use the correct type of darts for foam dart blasting to ensure safe and enjoyable results as well as effective blaster performance.

Are all Nerf darts the same size?

No, not all Nerf darts are the same size. Nerf offers different types of darts and their different sizes. Of course, let’s explore this in further depth. There are numerous sizes and varieties of Nerf darts, and each has special qualities of its own. The Nerf Elite dart is the most popular type; it is designed with a specific size and form that boosts accuracy and range in Nerf Elite blasters. The length of these darts is around 2.75 inches (7 cm).

Are all Nerf darts the same size

On the other hand, larger darts are created for Mega blasters, such as the Nerf Mega darts. Mega darts are larger than Elite darts, with a length of around 3.5 inches (9 cm).

Other dart types are also available in Nerf, like the Nerf Rival rounds, which are used in fast-moving blasters designed for competitive play. These rounds are smaller than regular Nerf darts and have a spherical shape.

So means that there is no one size fits all in the world of Nerf. The size and shape of the darts change based on the type of Nerf blaster and what it is used for, whether it’s accuracy, power, or competitive play. To get the most out of your blaster, it’s important to select the right dart.

Types of Nerf darts

Nerf darts are available in many different kinds of designs, each designed for use with a specific blaster and style of play. 

These are a few popular kinds:

Types of Nerf darts
Elite Darts:They’re the standard darts used in most Nerf blasters, known for their accuracy and distance.
Mega Darts: Larger and more powerful darts are used in Mega Blasters to raise more impact.
Rival RoundsRound bullets are designed for high-velocity blasters in competitive play.
Ultra DartsMore specifically made for Nerf Ultra blasters, are known for long-range shooting.

Suction Cup Darts
Darts with a suction cup tip for staying to smooth areas temporarily.
Accustrike DartDesigned to boost accuracy and precision, making them ideal for precise shots.
Retro RoundsUsed in certain blasters for a nostalgic, old-school vibe.
Doomlands Darts:Featured in the Doomlands blaster series, known for their post-apocalyptic design.

These are only a few examples; other specialty dart kinds may exist for specific blasters or themes. To get the best results out of your Nerf blaster and have fun, you need to use the correct type of dart.

Do all Nerf darts fit all guns?

Nerf darts are not one-size-fits-all. They come in different shapes and sizes to match different Nerf guns. It’s a bit like shoes – you wouldn’t wear the wrong size, right? So, it’s best to use the darts that match your Nerf blaster for the best fun and performance.

Is there a difference between Nerf darts?

Yes, there is a difference between Nerf darts. Nerf offers different kinds of darts, and these darts may differ in size, shape, and features. For example, Mega darts are larger and used in Mega blasters for more force, yet Elite darts are commonly known for their accuracy. On the other hand, rival rounds are round and built for rapid battles. There are differences in Nerf darts, and each kind is suitable for a specific Nerf blaster and style of play.

Are Nerf darts interchangeable?

All Nerf darts in the same series or type are interchangeable. For example, Mega darts are interchangeable among Mega blasters, while Elite darts are usable with the majority of blasters in the Elite series. On the other hand, blasters from one series of Nerf may not accept darts from another. For best fit and performance, the dart type needs to match with the blaster series.


What is the best Nerf dart gun?

The “best” Nerf dart gun may vary based on its intended use and one’s tastes. For competitive play, some popular options are the Nerf Elite 2.0 and Nerf Rival series. When selecting the model that best fits your needs, it’s a good idea to take into consideration things like range, capacity, and style.

Do dart zone darts work with Nerf?

Dart Zone darts aren’t usually designed to work with Nerf blasters. The compatibility of darts can vary throughout brands, and you might not get the best results when you use different brands. Usually, you should only use darts made specifically for your blaster.

What is the farthest Nerf dart?

Depending on the blaster being used, a Nerf dart may fire farther or closer. With a suitable blaster, Nerf Ultra darts—which are known for their long-range shooting—can shoot impressively far. However, variables like blaster type, dart condition, and shooting angle can affect the actual range. Besides being built for competitive play, Nerf Rival rounds can shoot incredible distances in Rival Blasters.

Final Thought out

In the expanding universe of Nerf, the best blaster and dart choice can be a matter of personal choice. In our details description, I think you can understand what caliber is a Nerf dart.

For best results, match your darts to the right blaster series. Look through the available choices to select the one that best fits your play style and goals. There’s a Nerf dart and blaster combo for everyone to love, no matter your preference for accuracy, range, or competitive enjoyment. Happy blasting!

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