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How To Restore Dart Board




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Key Takeaways:

  • Look for a worn-out bullseye, flattened or loose sisal fibers, a hardened surface, and visible cracks or surface damage.
  • Over time and with regular use, dartboards develop tiny holes and may look worn out. Rotation and maintenance can prolong their lifespan.
  • Essential items include a soft brush or cloth, fine sandpaper, replacement parts, dartboard conditioner, a clean toothbrush, and a mounting kit.
  • Regularly clean and dust the board, rotate it frequently, always use sharp darts, and store in a cool, dry place.


Did you know that old dart board brands can look brand new again? It’s true! Many people wonder how to restore a dartboard after it’s been used a lot. Like old toys or shoes, sometimes our favorite Sisal dartboards or even cork dartboards need a little love and care.

How To Restore Dart Board

“Got a worn-out dartboard? No worries! First, using a damp cloth, clean off any surface dirt. Then, brush the curved surface gently with a wire brush. If it’s dry, sprinkle a little clean water. Let the dartboard dry flat. Hang it up again with a dartboard cover, and it’ll be like new!”

In this article, I will look into the following:

    Let’s learn how to bring them back to life-

    Signs That Your Dart Board Needs Restoration

    Over time, with regular use or due to environmental factors, Board dartboards can wear out and may need restoration or replacement. Whether you’ve been using a traditional bristle dartboard or other types, here are some signs:

    Worn-Out Bullseye

    The bullseye, especially on well-maintained dartboard, is where many steel tip darts aim to land.

    Flattened Or Loose Sisal Fibers

    Traditional dartboards are made from sisal fibers. Over time, these fibers can become flattened or loosened. This not only affects the appearance of the board but also the functionality, as darts may not stick properly.

    Hardened Surface

    If the surface feels hard or less penetrable, it’s a sign that the board has dried out or lost its elasticity. This can result in darts bouncing off rather than embedding into the board.

    Visible Cracks Or Surface Damage

    Any visible cracks, splits, or other damages are clear indicators of dartboard maintenance being required.

    Do Dart Boards Wear Out?

    Yes, dart boards can wear out over time. Imagine if you had a favorite toy you played with every day. Over time, that toy might start to look a little old and worn. It’s the same with dart boards.

    When you throw darts at the board, it can cause tiny holes. If you play a lot, those holes add up and the board can start to look worn out. Plus, if the board gets hit in the same spot a lot, that spot can get really worn out.

    But don’t worry! There are ways to help your dart board last longer. You can rotate it every so often, so the same spot doesn’t keep getting hit. Also, you can take care of it by cleaning it and using some oil to keep it healthy, just like you would with a pet.

    In the end, even if dart boards can wear out, they can still give you a lot of fun times and good memories!

    A List Of Essential Items For Dartboard Restoration

    1. Soft Brush or Cloth

    This is for cleaning the dust off your dart board. Remember, it should be soft so it won’t damage the board’s surface.

    2. Fine Sandpaper

    This helps even out the board’s surface. It needs to be fine, not rough, to avoid damaging the board.

    3. Replacement Parts

    If your old bullseye or rings are worn out, we can replace them for you at no extra cost. They sell them at sporting goods shops and on the internet.

    4. Dartboard Conditioner

    The spray is designed to preserve the board’s quality. The darts will stay on the board longer with this.

    5. A Clean Toothbrush

    Use this to repair the sisal on your dart board. The toothbrush must be kept sanitary and not shared.

    A List Of Essential Items For Dartboard Restoration

    6. A Mounting Kit

    After repairing your board, you may re-hang it using this. You may mount your board to the wall with the included screws and bracket.

    Step By Step Guide On How To Restore Dart Board

    Restoring a dartboard to like-new condition may make throwing darts much more enjoyable. Here is an in-depth tutorial on fixing up your old dartboard:

    Step By Step Guide On How To Restore Dart Board

    Step 1: Assessing The Damage

    Before you throw a dart, study the board carefully. Check for broken pieces or places where darts don’t stick to be sure. See whether the target and rings are too worn to use.

    Step 2: Cleaning The Dart Board

    Clean the dartboard up next. To remove dust or grime, brush it away using a dry, soft brush. To avoid damaging the board, avoid using any liquid cleansers or water.

    Step 3: Repairing The Sisal

    The rough substance that your dart board is comprised of is sisal. If it’s damaged, you may gently brush it with a clean toothbrush in the same direction as the sisal fibers.

    Step 4: Resurfacing The Board

    If the surface of your board is uneven, you may level it up using fine sandpaper. Sand in the direction of the sisal fibers, being careful.

    Step 5: Replacing The Bullseye And Double/Triple Rings

    You may change the bullseye and rings if they get worn. These components may be purchased at sporting goods shops or online. Simply remove the old ones and insert the new ones to replace them.

    Step 6: Conditioning The Board

    Conditioning the board entails preparing it for use. Apply a special dartboard conditioner on it. This keeps the sisal healthy and your darts sticking better.

    Step 7: Re-Hanging Or Mounting

    Finally, it’s time to put the board back up. Make sure it’s at the right height and securely attached. Now, your dart board is back in action!

    Remember, taking good care of your dart board can make it last longer and keep your games exciting.

    Tips For Maintaining Your Dart Board

    Maintaining your dartboard can prolong its life and keep the playing experience enjoyable. Here are some tips to ensure your dartboard remains in top shape:

    1. Regular Cleaning And Dusting

    Clean your darts equipment and board regularly. Use a damp cloth or a soft brush to lightly dust off the board. Remember, never use harsh cleaning solutions, as they can cause permanent damage.

    2. Rotating The Board

    Regularly rotating your dartboard ensures a smooth surface for longer. It also prevents Dart holes from concentrating in one area.

    3. Using Sharp Darts

    Keeping dart tips sharp is crucial. It ensures they penetrate the board effectively and reduces the risk of stubborn stains or damage.

    Tips For Maintaining Your Dart Board

    4. Proper Storage Conditions

    Use a dartboard cover when not in play, ensuring your dartboard stays dry and free from potential moldy dartboard situations.

    Starting with a simple step of cleaning with a damp cloth, it’s important to check the condition of bar dartboards regularly. Next, you’d want to make sure the coat of the dartboard isn’t compromised. Applying some dart board wax can help keep the dartboard healthier.

    If you’re looking for DIY cleaning methods, ensure you have the right cleaning materials. Use a cloth with water to gently wipe away dirt and grime. If you notice air holes, consider a dartboard for air holes repair kit.

    Finally, get some linseed oil. It is a sort of oil that aids in the preservation of the dartboard’s strength and shiny. Rub a little bit of the oil onto the dartboard with a clean cloth. Let it soak in well, then wipe off any extra oil that’s left.

    Remember, don’t rush the process. Take your time, and your dartboard will be like new again! Now, all you have to do is practice your dart-throwing skills and enjoy the game.

    How Often Should I Restore My Dartboard?

    The need to restore or replace parts of a dartboard largely depends on its usage and the type of dartboard you have. The two most common types are the traditional sisal (bristle) dartboard and the electronic or soft-tip dartboard.

    Can I Restore A Dartboard That Has Water Damage?

    Restoring a dartboard that has been water-damaged can be challenging, but it’s possible to some extent depending on the severity of the damage.
    If the board has been exposed to water for a short period, there’s a better chance of restoration than if it has been soaking for an extended time.

    Final Thoughts

    Learning how to restore nice dart board can be easy and fun. Remember, if your dart board maintenance has frayed areas, water damage, or loose sisal, it might be time for a touch-up.

    Always have the right tools and follow the step-by-step guide. Don’t forget the tips like rotating the board and using sharp dart body.

    Take care of your dart board game, and it will last a long time. If ever in doubt, there are professionals who can help too.

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