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How to Reduce Dartboard Noise: Silent Strikes

Written By: John Dart

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Did you know many people enjoy playing darts? But, there’s a small problem. When the dart hits the board, it can be loud. This sound can bother others around you. So, let’s talk about “how to reduce dartboard noise.

How to Reduce Dartboard Noise

Reduce Dartboard Noise

To reduce dartboard noise, put foam or carpet behind it. This softens the sound when darts hit. Also, hang the dartboard on a thick, soft surface. This stops noise from spreading. Plus, using softer tip darts helps. They make less noise than hard tips. Remember, the softer the surface, the less noise.

Imagine you’re playing darts in your room. You want to play without making too much noise. We can do simple things to make the dartboard quieter. This way, you can play darts any time without worrying about the loud noise. It’s easy and fun to learn these tricks! Let’s find out how to do it.

Key Takeaways

  • Attach foam or a soundproof mat behind the dartboard.
  •  Choose darts with soft tips. They are quieter than hard tips, making less noise.
  •  Hang your dartboard on a thick wall or add a backboard.
  •  Place a carpet or rug under the dartboard.

How To Reduce Dartboard Noise

So, how to reduce dartboard noise, start by putting foam or a soundproofing mat behind the board. This helps to soak up the sound when darts hit the board. You can also try using softer tip darts. They make less noise compared to hard-tip darts. Another idea is to hang the dartboard on a thick piece of wood. The wood acts like a shield and stops the noise from spreading.

How To Reduce Dartboard Noise

Dartboard Backer

Place a backer behind your dartboard. It stops stray darts and cuts down noise. You can even hang dartboard without fixing it to the wall! Just use a backer that’s easy to move.


Add some soundproofing around your dartboard. Materials like acoustic panels work well. They keep the noise from darts hitting the board from being too loud.

Soft Tip Darts

Use darts with soft tips. They are quieter than hard tips. This is great for keeping the dartboard noise low.

Carpet Or Rug

Put a carpet or rug under your dartboard. It catches darts that miss and helps with noise. This is a simple way to reduce impact noise.

Throwing Technique

Throw your darts gently. So, how to reduce dartboard noise, this helps make less noise. It’s good for casual dart players who want to play without much noise.

Soundproof The Room

If you can, add things like dense foam or soft materials to your room. This helps stop sound from bouncing around. It makes the whole room quieter, not just your dart game.

Why Do Dartboards Make Noise?

Dartboards make noise because darts hit them hard. When you throw a dart, it hits the board and makes a sound. To fix this, you can make the dartboard quieter. How? You can use a backboard or surround. These are like cushions for your dartboard. They help stop the noise.

To make your dartboard last longer, take good care of it. This is called “Restore Dart Board, Dartboard lifespans.” If you play darts a lot, your board might get noisy. You might want to know how to stop dartboard noise. It’s easy. Put something soft behind the board. This can be foam or a special panel.

Some people use acoustic panels. These are good for stopping noise. They keep stray darts from hitting walls. They also help if your dartboard is on an external wall. Soft materials on walls help stop sound from traveling. This is important for dart game fun. It keeps everyone happy, even if they are not playing.

What Materials Are Typically Noisy In Dartboards?

Dartboards can be noisy. They are made of different materials. Each material makes its own sound. Let’s talk about three common materials.


Cork is light and soft. When darts hit cork, they make a “thud.” Cork is good for playing darts quietly. But, cork can wear out fast.


Hardwood is strong. It lasts long. When darts hit the hardwood, they make a loud “click.” Hardwood is good for dartboards that are used a lot.

Backing materials

These are behind the dartboard. They protect walls from stray darts. Some backing materials are foam or soft panels. They also help make the dartboard quieter. They absorb sound. This is good if you don’t want to disturb others.

If you play darts a lot, you might see dart holes in your wall. You can fix dart holes in the wall easily. There are special kits for this. Also, door hang dart on board, it’s good to use a backing material. This helps to protect the door and keep the game quiet.

To make the dartboard even quieter, you can use materials like acoustic panels. These panels reduce noise. They are good for rooms where sound travels a lot. Putting the dartboard on an external wall can also help. This is because solid walls block noise better than thin walls.

How To Make A Dartboard Quieter?

To make a dartboard quieter, start with the basics. 

Purchasing a High-Quality Dartboard:

Make sure you get a good, solid dartboard. It is usually quieter on boards that are of higher quality because they soak up more sound.

How To Make A Dartboard Quieter

Use Soft-Tip Darts:

Hard-tip darts may not be a good choice. Soft-tip darts might work better. When you hit the dartboard with a soft tip, it makes less noise.

Add a Backing Material:

You can put something back on the dartboard, like cork or foam. This helps to soften the force and lowers the noise. Dartboard surrounds are another name for them. They catch darts that miss. Plus, they lower the noise.

Hang the Dartboard Correctly:

 Think about where to hang it. A good spot is key. A hang dart board cabinet can help. It’s like a special box for your dartboard. This keeps it safe and cuts down on noise.

DIY Noise Reduction: [Crafty Solutions]

Let’s get crafty! How to reduce dartboard noise DIY style? Easy! Put soft stuff behind the board. This can be foam or even special panels, called acoustic panels. They stop sound from bouncing around. Also, if you miss and hit the wall, these panels protect it. No more stray dart marks!

Use a Dart Mat:

The dartboard should be placed on top of a carpet or dart mat. When darts hit the floor, this can keep some of the noise from getting through.

Apply Silencing Products:

For more serious dart game fans, there’s more you can do. Use dense foam material or soundproofing material. These are fancy words for really thick, soft stuff. It absorbs the sound, so you hear less ‘thud’ when the dart hits.

When you use these tactics together, you can make dart games more quieter, which will make everyone around you happier.

Does Mounting A Dartboard on A Wall Increase Noise?

Yes, putting a dartboard on a wall can make more noise. When darts hit the board, they can make a loud sound. This sound can be louder if the wall is thin. To stop dartboard from spinning and to reduce noise, you can make the back of the dartboard more stable. Use a stable hook and maybe put some soft material behind the board. This can help make less noise when you play darts. Remember, playing darts is fun, but it’s good to think about the noise too. This way, everyone can enjoy the game without too much noise.

Can Regular Maintenance Of The Dartboard Reduce Noise?

Yes, regular maintenance of a dartboard can make it quieter. If you take care of your dartboard, it won’t make as much noise. Here’s how: Keep it clean and check for loose parts. Also, make sure it’s hung right on the wall. This can help reduce the sound when darts hit the board. It’s like when you use the right needle size for your knitting. Just like picking the right yarn, like worsted weight or bulky yarn, for a knitting project. A well-kept dartboard, like a well-planned knitting pattern, works better. So, regular care helps keep your dart board quieter and better for playing.


Can Placement Of The Dartboard In The Room Impact Noise Levels?

Yes, where you put the dartboard in a room can change how loud it sounds. If it’s on a shared wall or near hard surfaces, it might be noisier. Putting it on a wall with less noise around is better.

Is It Possible To Soundproof The Floor To Reduce Dartboard Noise?

Yes, you can soundproof your floor to make dartboard noise quieter. Add thick mats or special soundproofing materials under the dartboard. This helps stop noise from reaching other rooms.

How To Soundproof A Dartboard

To make a dartboard quiet, put foam or a thick rug behind it. This stops noise when darts hit. Also, hang the board on a solid wall. It’s easy and works well!

Final Thoughts

How to reduce dartboard noise, there are some easy steps. First, use a dartboard backer like foam. This stops loud sounds. Second, put soundproofing materials around the dartboard. This helps lower noise too. Third, try soft tip darts. They’re quieter than metal ones. Also, a carpet or rug under the dartboard can help. It catches stray darts and lessens noise.

Changing how you throw can also make a big difference. Throw softly to reduce impact noise. Lastly, soundproofing the room with materials like acoustic panels can keep dart game sounds inside.Remember, the way a dartboard is set up can change how loud it is. Make sure it’s on a solid wall, not an external one. Use soft materials around it to stop sound from traveling.

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