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How to Play Scram Darts




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Key Takeaways:

  • The primary goal in Scram Darts is to “lock out” or “scram” your opponents from the scoring areas. Players aim to hit each number from 20 to 15 and the bullseye before their rivals, and by striking a number thrice, you lock it down for scoring.
  • A standard dartboard and at least three darts per player are required. Players decide the order of play by throwing a single dart at the dartboard, with the one closest to the bullseye going first.
  • Players should throw their darts from a designated distance, usually over three feet from the board.
  • Typically, the distance for throwing in Scram Darts is 10 feet. However, depending on the board size and the players’ proficiency, this can be adjusted.


Scram darts are a straightforward and pleasant game that two teams or a pair of players may play. One player attempts to score as many points as they can while the other player works hard to close the gap and prevent points from being scored in this strategic and difficult game. The guidelines, recommendations, and strategies for playing scram darts will be covered in this article.

Scram Darts is fun! First, hang a dartboard on the wall. Make sure it’s safe and you’re far enough back. Take turns throwing three darts each. Aim for high scores. Keep track on paper. The person with the most points wins. Remember, play safely and have fun!

How to Play Scram Darts

What is the Main Objective when Playing Scram Darts?

The objective of Scram Darts is to “scram” or “lock out” your opponents from as many scoring areas as possible. This means you should aim to score points on every number from 20 down to 15 and the bullseye before your opponents do. You can “lock out” a number by hitting it three times, after which you can start scoring points on it. However, another player can also hit that number three times to “scram” or “lock out” that number, preventing you from scoring any more points on that number.

What Will You Need to Play Scram Darts

Here are the things you need to play scram darts:

  • A usual dartboard featuring a central target and numbers ranging from 1 to 20.
  • At least three darts per player or team
  • Writing instrument and a scoreboard or piece of paper to record the results and final score.

A minimum of two players and a maximum of six players may participate in the game at any time. Initially, every player throws a single dart at the dartboard. The player who landed their dart closest to the middle of the board gets the first turn. Each round, the gamer throws three darts at the dartboard.

The aim is to reach the targets on the board and gather as many points as you can. Each target has a distinct point value, and as it approaches the center of the board, its value rises. Whoever gets the most points after 10 rounds wins the game. Grab your darts and gather a group of friends for a game of scram darts!

How to Play Scram Darts

Two or more players may play a game called Scram Darts. The goal of the dart game is to accumulate as many points as possible. Both soft-tip and steel-tip darts are acceptable for use in this game. Each participant shoots a dart at the bullseye to begin the game. The game is initiated by the shooter who hits the bullseye. Following that, each player takes a turn throwing three darts at the dartboard. To accumulate as many points as you can is the objective. In the game, the player with the most points wins.

Both soft-tip and steel-tip darts are acceptable for use in this game. Each participant shoots a dart at the bullseye to begin the game. The game is initiated by the shooter who strikes the bullseye. Following that, each player takes a turn firing three darts at the dartboard. To get as many points as you can is the goal. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Scram Darts may be played in a number of different ways.

“High Score” is the name of one well-liked version. Players get points in this variant depending on where their darts fall on the dartboard.

One Popular Variation is Called "High Score."

For instance, a player receives 50 points if their dart falls in the innermost ring (the bullseye). A player receives 40 points if their dart falls in the second ring from the center (the next ring out). so on. “Low Score” is a further well-liked version. In this version, participants earn scores based on the location where their darts land on the board.

Another popular variation
 is called "Low Score."

For instance, a player’s dart enters the closest ring (20), they are awarded 20 points. Every time a player’s dart enters the opposite ring, they are awarded 19 points.

Scram Darts may also be enjoyed in a variety of various ways. Play this game scramble darts with friends, family, or strangers is a quick and fun way to spend time. Prepare your dart supplies and try it out!

Rules of Scram darts

The activity of scram necessitates a limited quantity of darts. The initial participant throws both darts towards the bullseye to accumulate as many points as possible. The second player then aims to obtain more points than the first player. The individual who gathers the highest number of points is announced as the winner. To play the game correctly, participants must follow a set of guidelines.

The Game of Scram is Played With Two Darts

Participants are required to launch both of their darts at the same time in the initial phase. As the second guideline, participants must throw darts from a distance exceeding three feet from the mark. In order to score points, players are also required to hit the board with their darts. Additionally, during the darts’ trajectory, players are prohibited from making any contact with them. Additionally, it is prohibited to relocate the dartboard during gameplay.  Sixth, each player is limited to three dart throws every round. Seventhly, a dart that lands off the board is not awarded a point. A player score one point for successfully hitting the dart of another player. Players must adhere to a few simple principles to play Scram darts properly. Players may begin taking part in this enjoyable and thrilling game by keeping these regulations in mind.

Throwing Distance

Two darts and a tiny circular board are used to play scram darts. Four equal areas, each with its own color, make up the board. The portion of the board that corresponds to each player’s color is where they aim their darts as they take turns doing so. They get a point if they successfully hit their target. They forfeit their turn if they fail.

The game is won by the first person to score a certain number, usually 21 or 31. In scram darts, the throwing distance is typically 10 feet, however it may change based on the size of the board and the players’ ability. Beginners may wish to go back a few feet, whilst more seasoned players might prefer to stand closer to the board. The participants will ultimately choose what distance seems comfortable for them.

The Throwing Distance in Scram Darts is Generally 10 Feet

Can a Game of Scram Darts End in a Tie?

Yes, a scram darts match may finish in a tie when both players or teams have the same score after two rounds. In this situation, you may either call a draw or continue playing to break the tie. Another option for breaking a tie is to choose a new game to play or throw one dart at the target. Players in the game Scram Darts take turns throwing darts at a typical dartboard. The objective of the game, which may be played with two or four people, is to score as many points as possible. Each participant in a game with two players takes turns throwing three darts. Per team throws two darts per turn while four players are participating.

When an individual or team scores 21 points, the game is over. However, the game might conclude in a draw if both players or teams score the same when the last dart is thrown. In this scenario, the winner is whoever has the most points at the end of their last turn. So, for a game of Scram Darts to result in a tie, both players or teams must have the same score after throwing the last dart.

How to Keep the Score in a Game of Scram Darts?

Scram darts have an easy and obvious scoring system. For writing down the numbers from 1 to 20 and the bullseye, all you need is a scoreboard or some paper and a pen. Additionally, you must provide the names of each player or team and give room for their points. In Scram Darts, there are a number methods to maintain score, but the most popular one is through a Scoring Chart. Simply said, this is a sheet of paper with portions for each player and columns for each move in each sector. Each player enters their score for each turn in the proper column to maintain score. The player who finishes the game with the highest overall score wins.

A scoring pegboard is another tool for keeping score. Each person gets their own peg, and this board has various numbers written on it. Every time a player scores a point, they move their peg up a number to keep track of the score. At the conclusion of the game, the player with the highest number wins.

Last but not least, some individuals choose to maintain score by just adding up the points earned after each move. The score may be kept by either player; however, it might be useful to have a second person handle it to make sure there are no errors. Whatever technique you decide on, just make sure that everyone is aware of it so that there are no surprises at the game’s conclusion!

Tips & Tricks to Win Scram Darts

Scram Darts is a game that can be played with two or more people. The object of the game is to score the most points by throwing darts at a board. The game is played on a circular board with numbers from 1 to 20. The outer ring is worth double points, the inner ring is worth triple points, and the bullseye is worth five points. To win the game, you need to score more points than your opponent. Here are some tips and tricks to help you win:

  • As a stopper, go for the high numbers first, such as 20, 19, and 18. By doing this, you’ll be able to stop your opponent from scoring many points and make them settle for less.
  • Aim for the open numbers with the highest value and the easiest area to hit, such as singles or doubles. This will maximize your points and minimize your misses.
  • Close the bullseye as soon as possible, especially if your opponent is good at hitting it. The bullseye can make a big difference in the score and be hard to close.
  • Try to hit the bullseye as often as possible, especially if it is still open. The bullseye can give you many points and be hard to stop.
  • Consider your opponent’s advantages and disadvantages. Close them first when they excel at hitting certain figures. Leave some numbers open if they have trouble striking them, and concentrate on others.
  • Recognize your own advantages and disadvantages. Try to score as many of the numbers you are proficient at hitting as you can. Avoid these and concentrate on others while you need to become better at hitting certain numbers.

Follow these tips and tricks and you’ll be well on your way to winning Scram Darts!

What is the Best Strategy for Playing Scram Darts?

When it comes to playing the game of Scram Darts, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy that will guarantee success. However, there are some general principles that can help improve your chances of winning. First, it is important to keep yourself cool and focus on the task at hand. If you get upset or frustrated, it will be harder to make good decisions and play your best.

Second, it is helpful to pay attention to the patterns of the other players and look for opportunities to exploit their weaknesses. Finally, remember that Scram Darts is a game of chance, and even the best players will experience ups and downs. The key is to stay positive and have fun. With practice and a little luck, you just might be able to come out on top.

What Makes Scram Darts Different from Traditional Darts?

Scram Darts differ from traditional darts in terms of scoring and objectives. In traditional darts, you’re trying to hit certain sections of the board to decrease your score to zero. But in Scram Darts, you’re aiming to “own” and then “scram” or “lock out” sections of the board to accumulate points and prevent other players from scoring. It’s less about hitting high scores and more about strategic play, trying to own and then lock out as many sections as possible before your opponents do.


What are the roles in Scram Darts?

In Scram darts, there are two different positions to play: the “stopper” and the “scorer”. Each player will have the opportunity to play both roles. The stopper’s job is too “close” off numbers on the board to prevent the scorer from gaining points in those sections, while the scorer’s job is to score as many points as possible by landing their darts into sections that have not been “closed” out.

How is scoring done in Scram Darts?

Start by marking the players’ names across the top of the board and the numbers from one to twenty (along with a B for the bullseye) down the middle. You will keep track of everything on the scorers’ side of the chalkboard. When the stopper closes a number, you will mark an X beside that number on the scorer’s side. When the scorer scores, mark the points under their name. Then add their point for each round to their running total as you go.

How long is a game of Scram Darts?

The stopper and scorer continue to take alternating turns until the stopper is able to close out all of the numbers on the dartboard along with the bullseye. Once all numbers on the board are closed, the roles are reversed. After both players have had the chance to be the scorer, the player with the highest points total is the winner.

Final Thoughts

Scram darts is a fun and easy dart game that can be played by anyone who enjoys throwing darts. Learning how to play Scram darts introduces a game of strategy and skill, where one player tries to score as many points as possible while the other player tries to close the numbers and stop the scoring. It’s a game that can be played for hours or just for a quick break.

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