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How to Play Football in Darts




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Key Takeaways:

  • Football darts combines the precision of darts with the tactics of football, offering a unique gameplay experience. It’s a perfect game for those seeking a fresh and competitive twist to traditional darts.
  • To play, you’ll require an inflatable dartboard that can be as tall as 20 feet, footballs designed with Velcro, an air pump for inflating the board, and possibly some stakes or weights if you’re outdoors.
  • The game is centered around scoring goals or points by hitting specific segments on the dartboard.
  • Teams take turns attacking and defending, and the offensive side has four attempts, or “downs”, to make their way across the board.


If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to play darts, look no further than football in darts. This variation of the game is perfect for those who want to add a new level of excitement to their game. In this article, we are going to discuss how to play football darts and discuss about football darts rules.

The goal is to score as many points as possible before your opponent does, just like in regular football. So if you’re looking for a new challenge, give football in darts a try! In football in darts, players compete to score goals by throwing darts at a board that has been divided into six squares, each with a different point value.

Football in Darts is a fun game! Just like regular football, but with darts. You take turns throwing darts at a board, aiming for goals. The player with the most goals wins. Always play safe, never throw darts when someone’s near the board. It’s like scoring touchdowns, but with darts!

How to Play Football in Darts

Can You Play FootBall in Darts

Can You Play FootBall in Darts? The game of darts is often associated with pubs and bars, but it can also be a fun and competitive sport. While there are many different variations of darts, the basic premise is to throw darts at a target and score points. The game can be played with either steel-tipped or soft-tipped darts, and the targets can range from simple cardboard circles to electronic dartboards. Darts can be played both indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile game for all seasons.

Can You Play FootBall in Darts

So, what about playing football in darts? Can it be done? The answer is yes! In fact, there are even leagues and tournaments dedicated to this unique sport. Football dart games are typically played with four players on each team, and the objective is to score points by hitting the ball into the opponent’s goal.

The game can be played on either a standard dartboard or a special football dartboard, which features green, yellow, and red scoring zones. Football darts are a fun and challenging game that can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels.

What Equipment is Needed for the Football Dart Game?

You’ll need an inflatable dartboard and footballs with Velcro patches to play football darts. The footballs stick when they strike the dartboard, which is often extremely big (sometimes up to 20 feet tall) and wrapped with Velcro or a similar hook-and-loop material. The footballs are a conventional size but have an exterior made of Velcro.

An air pump to inflate the dartboard and stakes or weights to secure it can be useful when you want to play the game outdoors. To prevent darts from flying too far away, a barrier placed up behind the dartboard may be necessary depending on the playing environment.

How to Play Football in Darts

Are you looking for a new and exciting way to play darts? If so, you may want to try football darts. This unique twist on the classic game is perfect for those who want to add a bit of competition to their dart playing. Here are five easy steps on, how to play football in darts.

  • Gather your supplies. You will need two dartboards, six darts (three for each player), and a football.
  • Set up the dartboards. Place them next to each other at a distance of about eight feet. Each player should stand behind their own dartboard.
  • Take turns throwing the football at the dartboards. The goal is to score points by hitting the bullseye or inner ring. Darts that hit the outer ring or miss the board altogether count as zero points.
  • Keep track of the score. The first player to reach 21 points wins the game.
  • Have fun! Football darts are a great way to add some excitement to your next game night. So gather your friends, set up the boards, and see who can come out on top.
Playing Football Darts

Football Darts Rules

Football darts is a game that blends the abilities of dart throwing with the tactics of football. The match is on a flat area of the dartboard, consisting of the numbers 11, 6, and the bullseye. The doubles and triples in these sections are also included in the activity.

The match features two squads, each with their respective goal areas situated on opposite sides of the field. Double 11 and Double 6 indicate the end zone boundaries. The objective of every team is to achieve a touchdown by reaching the opposing team’s end area with their darts.

The match involves taking turns attacking and defending. The team on offense has four attempts, or downs, to advance across the field and score points. Each round includes three darts, so the attacking team has a total of twelve darts to use.

To progress on the board, the attacking team needs to hit a series of sections: double the value of 11, single the value of 11, triple the value of 11, single the value of 11, the bullseye, single the value of 6, triple the value of 6, single the value of 6, and double the value of 6. Hitting any other segment does not count as progress and wastes a dart.

If the offense reaches the double 6 with their darts, they score a touchdown and earn six points. They also score a field goal for an extra point by hitting any segment in the 20.

After a touchdown and a field goal attempt, the teams switch roles. The new offense starts from their own endzone.

If the offense fails to score and runs out of the downs before reaching the other team’s endzone, they lose possession, and the new offense starts from where the last dart landed.

Football darts can be played for a fixed number of darts or for a set time limit. The four quarters in a regular game each last for 15 minutes. Whoever finishes with the most points are the winner.

Can the Football Dart Game Be Played Indoors?

Although the giant inflatable dartboard necessitates playing the game outside, football darts may be played inside provided there is enough room. It’s crucial that the inside space can accommodate both the dartboard and the footballs being kicked about without anybody being hurt.

Because the kicked balls go at such a high angle, the playing space must have high ceilings, and no breakables should be present. Playing the game inside is an option, and a sports hall, gym, or similar location would be ideal.

How Do You Play Killer in Darts?

To play killer darts, start by writing down the numbers 1-20 on separate pieces of paper. Then, tape the papers to the dartboard in numerical order. To start the game, each player throws one dart at the board. The player with the lowest score becomes the first killer.

The first killer then throws two darts at the board, trying to hit a number that hasn’t been hit yet. If the first killer hits a number that’s already been hit, their score for that turn is zero. The game continues until all players have been killers. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins!

How Do You Play Bowling in Darts?

Bowling with darts is an alternative version that mimics the regulations and points system of bowling with darts. In order to engage in dart bowling, you will require a regular dartboard and three darts for each player involved.

The match includes ten rounds, with every player having two tosses in every round. The objective is to knock down as many pins as achievable with each throw.

The numbers on the dartboard, ranging from 1 to 10, symbolize the pins. As indicated in the table provided, every number is associated with a corresponding pin value:

How Do You Play Bowling in Darts?

To gain points, you must aim and hit the figures on the dartboard with your darts. The quantity of pins you knock down is the same as the worth of the number you strike.

For instance, if you strike the number 5, you bring down a total of 10 pins. If you strike the number 10, you will only knock down a single pin.

If you land a second or third throw, you increase the worth of the number by two times or three times, correspondingly.

For instance, in the case where you hit a double 5, you bring down a total of 20 pins. If you strike a triple 10, you knock down three pins.

If you successfully hit the target at the center, you will make all ten pins knockdown. This is referred to as a strike.

 In case you manage to knock down all ten pins with your initial throw, you achieve a strike and enjoy the opportunity to throw an additional dart for extra scoring.

If you manage to down all ten pins with your second throw, you score a spare and have the opportunity to throw one additional dart for extra points.

If you are unable to knock down all ten pins during your two throws, you will receive an exposed turn and earn no additional points.

The point system for dart bowling is comparable to that of regular bowling. You total the number of pins you knock down in every round and any extra points received from strikes or spares.

A strike is valued at ten points added to the sum of pins dropped in the subsequent two throws.

An extra is valued at a total of ten points in addition to the number of pins knocked over in the subsequent throw.

A frame that is not closed is only valued by the number of pins that are knocked over in that frame.

The highest possible score in bowling in darts is 300 points, which can be obtained by achieving twelve consecutive strikes.

One of the most popular dart games is called ‘01 (pronounced zero one). As the name suggests, the aim of the game is to score as close to 01 point as possible. Each player starts with a score of 501 and takes turns throwing three darts at the board, subtracting the total score from their current score. The first player to reach zero is the winner.

Other popular dart games include ‘Cricket’, ‘Around the World’ and ‘Killer’. Cricket is played with two teams of equal players, with each team taking in turns to bat and bowl. The aim of the game is to score more runs than your opponents. Around the World is another team game where players take turns throwing three darts at different numeric targets.

The first team to hit all the targets in order wins. The killer is usually played between two players, but can also be played with teams. The aim of the game is to collect as many ‘lives’ as possible by hitting specific targets on the board. The player with the most lives at the end of the game is the winner.


How many players are needed to play football in darts?

Football darts typically involve four players on each team. However, the number of participants can also be adjusted to accommodate personal preferences and the number of individuals available. Every participant will be given three darts to throw during each round.

What is the difference between a regular dartboard and a soccer dartboard?

A common dartboard consists of 20 categorized sections, each featuring both a double and a triple ring, along with a central target called the bullseye. A football dartboard has three designated parts: 11, 6, and the bullseye. The sections are tinted in green, yellow, and red colorings, respectively, emulating the appearance of a football field. The football dartboard is exclusively tailored for playing football on a darting surface.

What are some strategies to improve your performance in football in darts?

A few techniques to enhance your abilities in football dart games are:

· Improve your precision and reliability in hitting the desired sections. You aim to prevent missing or hitting the incorrect portion, which would waste your turns and provide your opponent with a benefit.

· Make preparations for your actions in advance and adjust to the circumstances. You have to make a choice about whether to attempt a brief or an extended throw based on the distance between you and the scoring area and the number of remaining attempts.

·Interact and collaborate with your fellow team members. In order to protect your end zone and effectively coordinate your throws, it is crucial to collaborate as a team. You can also use signals to deceive or deceive your adversary into committing error.

Final Thoughts

In order to play football in darts, you must understand the game of darts. Football in darts is a great way to improve your accuracy and precision. Once you have mastered the basics of throwing a dart, it’s time to learn how to play football darts & football darts rules . The basic premise is that you are trying to score points by landing your dart in the opposing team’s goal.

Just like regular football, there are rules governing how you can move the ball (dart) down the field and what happens when you score a goal. With a little practice, you will be scoring goals like a pro!

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