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How To Play Chase The Dragon Darts? Easy Steps for Success!

Written By: John Dart

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Try your hand at ‘Chase the Dragon’ when you’re searching for a darts game with a twist. Like a dart game for beginners, in Chase the Dragon, you have to hit specified targets in the right sequence to win.

This traditional game is also known as “Around the World” and “Around the Clock.” Besides the Bullseye and Outer-Bullseye, participants in how to play Chase the Dragon darts game try to get points by hitting targets numbered 1 through 20. Is it really as simple as it seems? Almost, but not quite.

How to Play Chase The Dragon Darts

Play Chase The Dragon Darts

Chase The Dragon Darts is fun! Experienced players might find it similar to other popular dart games, yet it offers an extra dimension for the novices. You start at number 10 on the dartboard and try to hit each number in order until you reach 20. If you miss, you go back one number. The first person to hit 20 wins! Always play safely and have fun aiming!

The game gains depth and complexity when more rules and twists are introduced. This article will discuss the ins and outs of this loved dart game, including how it is played, and scored, and the couple of variations available.

Key Takeaways

  •  Dart Game Variety: “Try out different dart games, from the classic “Chase the Dragon” to the tough “Round the Clock.” Playing a game may be fun for everybody, regardless of skill level.
  • Interesting Changes: “Take a break from the same old thing by trying out new variations such as ‘Reverse Chase,’ ‘Random Chase,’ and ‘Team Chase.’” Add some strategy to ‘Challenge Chase the Dragon,’ and you’ll have to think about your throws every time.
  • Enjoyment for Everyone: “Dart games are fun for people of all ages and levels of skill.” Everyone, regardless of age or ability level, can enjoy dartboard pleasure because to the game’s adaptability and variety. “Chase the Dragon” takes the game to the next level, satisfying players of all skill levels.

How To Play Chase The Dragon Darts

For a game of Chase the Dragon darts, you’ll need a dart board, darts, and either a chalkboard or an automatic scorer. Any number of players alternate, however, often there are at least two.

When the game starts, the individual player who throws must target the number 1. After a successful attempt, they will go on to the next numbered item. Even if at first, they don’t succeed, they won’t give up trying. Each round, the player throws three darts until one of them hits the scoring target; once that happens, the player’s score will be a consecutive series of digits from 1 to 20.

The winner of the game is the first person to reach the bullseye after every one of the numbers has been hit. The game is tied if no one makes the bullseye after hitting all the numbers.

Chase The Dragon Darts Rules

Chase the Dragon darts are more difficult and entertaining thanks to a few regulations. Here are a few examples:

Chase The Dragon Darts Rules
  • Precision Required: You must hit the exact number that you are aiming for. For example, if you are on 5, you cannot hit 15 or any other segment that contains 5. You must hit the single 5 segments.
  • Sequential Advancement: You can only move on to the next number after hitting the current one. For example, if you are on 5 and you hit 6, you cannot move on to 7. You must hit 5 first.
  • Progression with Doubles and Triples: You can only hit the bullseye after hitting all the numbers from 1 to 20 in order.

You cannot skip any number or hit the bullseye before completing the sequence.

  • Sequential Bullseye Requirement: You may move one or two numbers forward, respectively, if you hit a double or triple of your current number. For instance, if you hit a double five when you are on five, you may go to seven. You may advance to nine when you hit a triple five.
  • Penalty for Misdirected Doubles/Triples: It counts as a miss if you double or triple a number that is not your current one. For instance, hitting a double six when on five does not qualify as hitting six. You have to get a single six.
  • Outside Bullseye Freedom: Any number you choose to strike counts when you hit an outside bullseye (the green ring). You may pick any number between 6 and 20 as your next target, for instance, while you are on 5 and you hit the outside bullseye.
  • Inside Bullseye Precision: It counts as hitting whatever number you choose plus the bullseye whenever you hit an inner bullseye (the red dot). You may pick any number between 6 and 20 as your next target and end with the bullseye, for instance, if you are on 5 and hit an inside bullseye.

How To Score On Chase The Dragon Darts? 

Dart games, like Competition games, come in many different forms, but one of the most popular dart games is Chase the Dragon. Hitting certain targets and moving through the numerical sequence are the two main ways to score in “Chase the Dragon” darts. The game’s scoring system is as follows:

  • Sequential Scoring: To get points, hit the numbered areas on the dartboard in order, from 1 to 20.
  • Standard Scoring: The dartboard’s standard values are used to score each number. The single 20-section, for example, awards 20 points, the single 15-segment, 15, and so on.
  • Double and Triple Scoring: – If you hit on the outside ring of the targeted number, you’ll score double that number’s value. Hitting an inner ring, or triple, will result in a triple value.
  • Advancement Scoring: – Playing the game further in the sequence is also scoring. If you hit a number that is double your current value, for example, you will advance two numbers. You can go three numbers forward if you get a triple.
  • Scoring with a Bullseye: – The last goal is the bullseye, which is in the middle of the dartboard. Only when you’ve hit every number from 1 to 20 can you shoot for the bullseye The outer bullseye usually scores 50 points and the inner bullseye 100 points, according to normal scoring.
  • Scoring on the Outside Bullseye: – There is no set number of points scored when hitting the outside bullseye, which is the green ring. You are instead granted the liberty to select a target number between 6 and 20.
  • How to Score Inside the Bullseye:- Your chosen number including the inner bullseye (red dot) will be considered a hit if you manage to strike it. In addition to the usual bullseye points, you also get points for the selected number.
  • Missed Shots: If you hit an incorrect number or segment by chance, it’s a miss, and you don’t get any points for that throw. Pay close attention to the sequence of numbers and hit the corresponding single segment.
  • How to Win: After you’ve gone through the numbers 1 through 20, you win the game when you hit the bullseye. Another possible winner is the player whose score is highest when the game is over.

Remember your points, and enjoy how strategic and precise it is to score in Chase the Dragon Darts!

Chase The Dragon Darts Variations

For more fun and challenge, Chase the Dragon darts may be played in some ways. Here are a few illustrations:

  • Reverse Chase the Dragon: The bullseye is used as the beginning point, while 1 is used as the finishing point, as opposed to the other way around. You must press the numbers from 20 to 1 in reverse sequence.
  • Random Chase the Dragon: Rather than following a fixed sequence of numbers, you use a random number generator or a dice to determine your next target. You must hit the generated number before moving on to the next one.
  • Team Chase the Dragon: In this game, you play in groups of two or more people rather than playing alone. You hit them one at a time by sequentially striking the numerals with your darts. Either cooperative play or competitive play against other teams are options.
  • Speed Chase the Dragon: This game involves using a timer or stopwatch rather than taking your time to aim and throw. Within a certain amount of time, you must strike every number and the bullseye before your rival does.
  • Challenge Chase the Dragon: To make it more difficult, add additional obstacles or limitations in place of the game’s regular rules. You are only permitted to use your non-dominant hand, move further away from the board, shut one eye, etc.

One common alteration is to allow every participant to target the bullseye. The first skilled player to hit the goal emerges as the winner in the game against friends. Darts are considered lifeless and cannot be used anymore if they hit the previous target and bounce off.

This variation, commonly used in competition games, can be played with any number of participants. Playing Chase the Dragon darts game offers various possibilities, and it’s the players’ responsibility to decide on their preferred approach.

What Is The Easiest Dart Game To Play?

Many different dart games can be played, and the easiest game to play is likely to depend on the player’s skill level. For beginners, a simple game like ‘Killer’ can be a good option. The basic premise of the game is to hit specific numbers on the dartboard in order to score points, and the first player to reach a predetermined score (usually 501) wins.

For those who are looking for a more challenging game, ’round the clock’ is a good option. The objective of the game is to hit each number on the dartboard in succession, with each number must be hit three times. This can be a difficult task for beginners, but it is still an enjoyable game to play. Ultimately, the best dart game to play is one that is both enjoyable and challenging for the player.

How Do You Play Super Cricket Darts?

Super Cricket darts is a popular game that can be played with two or more people. To start, each player will need three darts. The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by hitting certain areas of the standard dartboard setup.

For example, the outer ring is worth 25 points, while the centre bull is worth 50 points. To score points, players must throw their darts at the dartboard segments and land them in one of the scoring dart counts. The first player breaking the target score of 100 points wins the standard game.

Super Cricket darts is not only a fun game but also one of the popular dart games where players alternate in trying to outscore each other. With a little practice games sessions and advice from experienced players, anyone can become a competent dart player. Thanks for playing!

What Is The Hardest Shot In Darts?

Darts, which started as a traditional game and can be played on soft tip boards or with heavier darts, is a game that anyone, from novice player to advanced player, can pick up and enjoy. However, it takes the skill of a truly skilled player to master. One of the hardest shots in darts is the double out.

What Is The Hardest Shot In Darts?: Use a image where headshot in dart happen

To seal the win in a game against friends or even Competition games, you must hit the double scores segment on the standard dartboard setup, and then your next shot must target the bullseye or even the outer bullseyes for the more daring. This may not sound too tricky for a regular at pub games, but it requires a great deal of precision and control.

The slightest poor throw can turn the entire game of elimination on its head. For many dart board enthusiasts, the double out is akin to the Holy Grail – the one shot that always seems elusive. But with the right dartboard rules in place, focus, and even a bit of guidance from a KILLER status player, it’s entirely possible to nail this challenging shot.

So, the next time you’re competing, perhaps in service games or a basic game with friends, keep your eyes on the scoring target and aim for that double out!


What Is The Goal Of Chase The Dragon Darts?

In Chase the Dragon Darts, the objective of the chase is to land a dart on the triple of every number from 10 to 20, then the Bullseye and Outer-Bullseye. It’s a game for beginners as well as those looking for a game for inclusion among a crowd of people wanting a challenge.

The winner, be it an individual player or part of a duo, is the first person to achieve this feat. In other dart games, like American Cricket or even the game of cricket, scoring and finishing can be honed better by getting experience hitting common trebles on various numbers.

How Do You Score In Chase The Dragon Darts?

Chase the Dragon Darts, a popular game among intermediate players and loved by many as one of the loved dart games, has a progressive and advanced scoring system. Before advancing, a player breaking the cycle must reach the triple of the previous target number.

When you achieve treble 10, for instance, only then can you shoot for treble 11. If you fail, you must await your previous player and then attempt the treble 10 again. If a dart lands on the required treble in the initial or subsequent throws, any single darts left can be used to score on the forthcoming number. The game culminates when a player successfully hits all trebles from 10 to 20 and both the double bull and outer bull.

Are There Any Variations Of Chase The Dragon Darts?

The game of Chase the Dragon Darts can be molded into a couple of variations, providing both novice game options and a harder version for the seasoned.

It’s among those popular darts games that’s flexible. For instance, in a fun game setup, one might play with more participants, and the scores can be marked on a chalkboard or a Marking Board. Introducing additional targets or even tweaking the sequence of numbers can offer an extra dimension.

To spice things up, consider integrating goals like singles or doubles instead of the usual trebles, or even involve Yorkshire Dartboard Ipswich rules for a regional twist.

Final Thoughts

‘How to play Chase the Dragon darts’ is an exciting and fun game that anyone who enjoys pub games and darts can play. While the idea is simple, becoming a competent dart player at it takes work. Playing darts, much like other arcade games, can be considerably more challenging because of this. If you’re looking to switch things up in your darts practice, give Chase the Dragon a go.

Don’t be timid about giving it a go; you won’t be disappointed. You may become a competent dart player and start using it in all of your future darts matches.Come to our website,, to learn more interesting things like that. Your best darting friend could be that!

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