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How To Choose A Dart That Makes You A Sharpshooter 

Written By: John Dart

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Playing darts is a great way to challenge your hand-eye coordination and precision, and it’s a popular pastime all across the world. It is not surprising that darts have attracted millions of people worldwide due to their easy-to-understand rules and low entry barriers.

 When you want to become perfect at dart games you have to choose a dart that suits your throwing style. Wait! Have you ever thought about choosing the right dart for you? 

How To Choose A Dart

Choosing the right dart is essential for your game to Improve accuracy & consistency which will boost your confidence. Also choosing the right dart will Smooth progression & skill development, and it will help to reduce frustration & risk of injury!

However, choosing the right dart is very important if you want to reach your full skill and enjoy the game to the best. When you find the dart that fits your hand perfectly, you’ll be able to play with more precision, consistency, and self-assurance, which will help you improve your game and enjoy the thrill of battle. So let’s get started with an in-depth discussion about darts before you choose your dart! 

Main Facts

1. Personalised Selection: Depending on your skill level, preferred grip, and throwing style, finding the perfect dart is an individual process. If you’re looking for a dart that works for you, knowing these things will help.

2. Try and Get Better: To get better, try out different dart weights, materials, and styles. Trying out different things is a great way to improve your abilities and have more fun.

3. Enjoyment and Guidance: Talk to experienced players, check out dart stores, and try out some sample packs. Let yourself explore and play, and enjoy every moment of your darting trip. 

Understanding Your Needs

Whenever you are going to choose your Dart the first thing you should do is understand your needs. To understand your needs you have to focus on several sectors like skill level and grip preference.

Let’s go into a details discussion: 

A. Experience Level:

Beginner: Use soft-tip darts to get started with, soft tip is the best dart for beginners. They’re safer for practice and usually come in lighter sets and this dart weight (16–18 grams) is best for beginners, so they’re easier to handle. They’re made of plastic or nylon.

Intermediate to Advanced: As you get better, switch to steel-tip darts for a more professional look. These come in a wider range of weights (16–26 grams) and are the best dart weight for intermediate. So you can try different ones until you find the right one for you.

B. Grip Preference:

Different darts have different barrel designs, which affect the way you control them:

  1. Front-weighted is good for people who like a firm grip close to the point because it gives you support and control for accurate throws.
  2. If you prefer to hold the barrel further back when throwing, you might like the rear-weighted design, which gives you a lighter feel and allows you to take your time.
  3. Balanced: It has a balanced feel and is great for people who are just starting to throw or who are still working on their technique.

So understanding your need will help you to find your perfect dart because every player has a different throwing style and requirements.

Key Factors In Choosing A Dart

For choosing your perfect dart there are so many key factors to consider like materials , weight and so many things. Let’s talk about all these things in details.

A. Materials:

The material of your dart barrel affects how long it lasts, how heavy it is, and how it feels:

  1. Brass is cheap and good for beginners, but it is thicker and easier to dent.
  2. Nickel and silver are more durable and less expensive than brass. They are a good mix of price and quality.
  3. Tungsten is the best choice for serious players because it has a high density that makes darts lighter and more balanced. However, it also costs more.
Key Factors In Choosing A Dart

B. Weight:

The weight of the dart has a big effect on how you throw it and how well you hit it:

  1. 16–18-gram darts are easier to control and are the best weight for beginners and people whose throws are slower.
  2. Mid-weight darts (19–23 grams) are more flexible and can be thrown in a wider range of ways. They also achieve a good mix of control and power.
  3. Throwing heavier darts (24–26 grams) requires more force but allows for better dartboard penetration; these darts are best suited to strong throwers and experienced players.

C. Diameter and Length:

A comfortable and safe grip can be ensured by choosing the right length and diameter:

Length: Choose a dart’s barrel length that lets your fingers rest comfortably on the grip without reaching the point.

Diameter: When it comes to diameter, thicker barrels are easier to hold, while thinner barrels may be easier to move around. This way, you can find the right mix for your hand size and throwing style. 

How To Choose A Dart?

The perfect dart is a personal and subjective concept that differs for every player. When you select an appropriate dart the most important thing is to try out many options, even though this guide gives a good basis.

Choose A Dart

Why is trying important?

Personal taste: What makes one person feel good and assists them in throwing might not work for another. You can find the best version for your needs by trying out various weights, materials, grips, and styles.

Improving your throw: Your requirements may change as your throwing style and skill level develop. Try out a few different darts until you find the one that works best for your improving game.

The good news is that you have a lot of options to help you in your exploration:

Sample packs: If you’re not sure which darts are right for you, you may try out a selection of possibilities with a trial pack from several stores.

Dart shops: There are often places in stores where you can try out different darts before you buy one.

Feel free to ask for help from experienced players or shop staff if you need it. On your quest to find the best dart for your game, they can give you helpful advice and information. 

The Others Part  To Think When You Are Choosing Your Dart 

Although the barrel is the most important part of a dart, two other crucial parts affect its performance:


These are the dart’s stabilizers at the back, which change its path and how well it resists air. Try out various sizes and shapes of flight until you find one that works for your throwing style and the trajectory you’re going for.

The Others Part  To Think When You Are Choosing Your Dart 

How about shafts?

These link the barrel to the flight, which affects the distribution of weight and balance in general. Based on your taste and the dart you’ve chosen, decide on a length and fabric.

Always keep in mind that these components are what make the throwing experience what it is. You may fine-tune your dart configuration to your specific needs by trying out various components. 

What Dart Weight Do Pros Use?

Professional dart leagues typically allow darts to weight between 12 and 50 grams, however, most players tend to favor 22 grams. This weight range gives you a “good balance between control and stability,” which helps you make accurate throws with sufficient force to score.

But keep in mind that expert dart players are very good at the game and have learned how to throw the darts in a way that works best with the weight they choose.

What Dart Weight Do Pros Use

These are some examples of professional darts players and how much they weight:

Michael van Gerwen likes the control and steadiness of 23-gram darts. Phil Taylor likes the control of 26-gram darts better. Peter Wright uses both 22-gram and 24-gram darts.

You should not blindly follow the weight choices of professionals, although these are some examples. The perfect dart weight for you will ultimately depend on things like

Experience level: Beginners may find it easier to control darts that are 16 to 18 grams lighter. Players whose throws are slower may prefer lighter darts, while players whose throws are faster can handle heavier ones.

The ideal weight for you will depend on your own preference; So, go with whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and enables you to throw consistently and accurately. You should try throwing with a lot of different weights till you find the one that works best for your needs and throwing style.  

How Do I Know What Weight Dart To Use?

There isn’t a magic formula for finding the correct dart weight, which is a big problem. Your needs and preferences will influence this journey, which is affected by several things, such as:

1. Experience Level:

Darts with a lighter weight (16-18 grams) are highly recommended for beginners as they are simpler to handle as you learn how to throw correctly.

Intermediate and advanced players can try a wider weight range (19–26 grams) to find what feels good and gives them more power and accuracy as their skills progress.

2. Style of Throwing:

If you throw darts more slowly, lighter darts may help you keep your balance and aim.

Heavy darts (24-26 grams) can help stronger throwers make better penetration into the dartboard, but they also demand more strength and control.

3. Personal Preference:

The most important thing is how you feel and what you’re comfortable with. You need to try out a variety of weights so that you find the one that you can hold comfortably and throw with consistent accuracy. Here are some tips:

Try sample packs: You can try several darts with different weights in a sample pack, which is available at some stores. This way, you can see which ones you like most before buying a full set.

Visit a dart shop: Many stores have places where you can try out different darts in person and get a feel for how heavy or light they are. Based on your skill level and throwing style, experienced players or staff may give useful advice and suggestions.

Remember that you don’t have to blindly follow what famous athletes say about weight. Their decisions depend on their unique throwing techniques and abilities, which may not be directly useful for you.

Focus on finding what is comfortable for you and lets you throw regularly and accurately. Feel free to experiment with different weights as you polish your throwing technique and gain expertise. 

Frequently Ask Questions

How do you pick a good dart?

Choose a dart that suits you! Think about the material you choose (brass, nickel, or tungsten), your grip preference (front, rear, or balanced), and your level of experience (beginner lighter weight, soft tip). To find what feels good and throws properly for you, try throwing with different weights and styles. 

Do I need light or heavy darts?

If you’re a beginner or throw darts slowly, a lighter dart (16-18g) will be easier to control. Darts that weigh 24 to 26 grams are heavier and can go farther, but they need more power to throw, so they’re best for strong players or people with experience. Try new things to get out of your comfort zone! 

How do I choose a dart throw?

The art of good throwing extends far beyond the dartboard. In a nutshell:
1. Maintain a neutral, relaxed posture while standing.
2. The grip is: Figure out what works best for you in terms of grip style, whether it’s balanced, front, or rear.
3. As you aim, find a point of consistency on the score area you want to hit.
4. When you throw, make sure you use controlled power and follow through to throw smoothly and regularly.
5. To improve your precision and muscle memory, you need to practice regularly.


Choosing the right dart is a personal process that can help you achieve all of your goals, have more fun, and achieve more success. Don’t forget these important things:

  • At first, Know what you want, and think about your level of experience, throwing style, and personal tastes. Look at the important things: The feel and performance of your dart are affected by its material, weight, length, and size.
  • If you want to find the perfect grip, weight, and level of comfort, you must experiment with several possibilities.
  • You can get advice from experienced players, dart shops, and sample packs if you ask around.

Enjoy the process of exploring and playing! When you properly understand how to choose a dart, you can find your perfect dart which is waiting to help you improve your game and enjoy darts to the fullest.
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