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How Do You Score on a Dartboard: The Art of Darts!

Written By: John Dart

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How do you score on a dartboard? Are you a dart game fan like us and want to know the answer to this question?  

Then you must want to gain knowledge of the rules and improve your dart skills. We are here to help you!

How Do You Score on a Dartboard

Score on a Dartboard

Dartboard scoring is about hitting the right spots for points, Aiming well at dart, and getting points to win the game. It might be the center or other areas.

Let’s take an in-depth look at dartboard scoring now that you have a better understanding of it. We’ll go through the important rules, strategies, and tips to improve the condition of your dartboard.  help you become a dartboard scoring pro. Our goal is to help you improve your aim, know scoring, and help you become a dartboard scoring pro.  So continue reading if you’re ready to improve your dart skills!

Primary Lesson :

  • Aim Well for Points: To score points, hit the right dartboard areas while paying particular attention to the different areas.
  • Know Dartboard Basics: The article discusses the inside of the dartboard’s setup, describing the numbering system, scoring zones, and game goals. It gives a particular focus on how can reduce the score to zero by skillful throws.
  • Practice and Enjoy: Getting regular practice, understanding the rules, and having fun with the game all help to improve skill as well as mindset.

Basic Concept Of Scoring In Darts?

The aim of darts scoring is to gain points by hitting different parts of the dartboard. Which aims to earn more points than your opponents in various ways. In the basic concept of scoring points in darts,  Players aim to score by hitting the various point-valued parts of the dartboard which is divided into numbered parts. Here’s how scoring works on a dartboard: 

Normal text

  1. Dartboard Setup 
  2. Scoring Zone
  3. Bullseye or Bull
  4. Setup of the Dart Game
  5. Winning that Game
  6. Scoring Techniques

For a deeper look into all of this, please look into the following in-depth explanations for each point  :

Basic Concept Of Scoring In Darts

Dartboard Setup

  • There are 20 parts on a standard dartboard, numbered 1 to 20.
  • There are a total of two main scoring areas on the dartboard: the single bull section, the outer bull ring (double bull), and the inner ring (triple).
  • The center of a dartboard has two key areas: the outer bullseye (which is worth 25 points) and the inner bullseye (which is worth 50 points).

Scoring Zone

  • Single Section: A number’s value is calculated when it hits the center. For example, you will get 16 points if you hit in the 16 section.
  • Double Segment: The number’s thin outer ring is known as the “double.” When hitting this area the value of the number will be double. If you Hit the double 16  it will give you 32 points.
  • Triple Segment: The “triple” is a narrow ring inside a number. The value of that number triples when hitting that area. For example, you will get 48 points when you hit the triple 16.

Bullseye Or Bull:

  • The bullseye is at the center of the dartboard.
  • A  bullseye (bull’s) outer point is valued at 25 points.
  • It has 50 points in the inner bullseye or double bull.
  • Every player aims to hit the bullseye which needs accuracy and strategy.

4. Setup Of The Dart Game:

  • Normally, players start with a certain number of points—501 or 301 rules, for example.
  • The goal is to decrease the starting score to zero by removing the points earned from every throw.
  • Every player gets the opportunity to throw three darts all over their turn.

5. Winning The Game:

  • The winner is the first player who reaches absolutely 0 points.
  • To bring the player’s score to zero players  must be hit   one  double or the inner bullseye for the final throw 

6. Scoring Techniques:

  • Scores stay on track by following every player’s turn.
  • Maintaining an accurate count of scores is essential to ensuring fair gameplay.
  • Players need to be aware of their current score and strategize to throw properly.

So, if you want to be successful at darts, you have to practice hitting different parts of the board for points. Aim for regular numbers and particular double or triple areas. To get maximum points, plan shots, get more accurate, and use strategy. It is the time for  good at darts

How Do You Score On A Dartboard (Like A Pro)

If you want to score like a pro at the dartboard, You have to focus on accuracy and strategy. 

Here are some key tips to help you achieve what you want:

  1. Aim Carefully
  2. Hold Darts Properly
  3. Practice Regularly
  4. Understanding the Scoring System
  5. Be Relaxed
  6. Work on Weak Areas
  7. Be Patient
  8. Enjoy the Game

To score like a pro you have to understand all of these key tips in depth. Here we have in-depth information for you, Please continue reading:

1. Aim Carefully: 

Improve your throwing accuracy by expending the necessary time on every single throw and focusing on hitting high-value goals like double bull and triple areas for maximum points.

2. Hold Darts Properly: 

Create a comfortable but accurate grip to make sure your darts land on the dartboard where you want to dart land.

3. Practice Regularly: 

Increase your level of efficiency by practicing regular, deliberate practice sessions, improving your abilities in a range of scoring scenarios. Practice regularly to improve your Dart throwing technique.

4. Understanding The Scoring System: 

To effectively improve your points depending on the specific rules of each dart game, such as Cricket, 501, or others, introduce yourself to the scoring rules of each dart game.

5. Be Relaxed: 

Reduce tension to increase accuracy; stay cool when making throws to improve the chance to hit scoring areas.

6. Work on Weak Areas:

At first identify difficult parts of your game, concentrating on improving your performance in specific areas with targeted improvements.

7. Be Patient:

Understanding all skill that takes time to develop; express patience and persistence while you move toward achieving professional-level skills in your dart game.

8. Enjoy the Game:

Play every dart match with a positive mindset, focusing on making fun and loving yourself. A positive mindset will help you to play darts more easily and successfully.

So, when you want to score like a pro you can follow all of these tips and take your performance to the next level.

To score on a dartboard like a pro in professional matches, you need to understand how dartboard scores circulate and how many scoring areas on a dartboard.  These are the essential details:

How Is The Dartboard Divided For Scoring?

“The dartboard has different parts, each having valuable points. In the middle, there’s the bullseye, which has two parts – the outer one, which is worth more points. There are numbers from 1 to 20 in the middle number section. Each of these number sections has three rings – one for single points, one for double, and one for triple. Also, there are extra dart sections that have extra dart rings and sections for bonus points. To score well in darts, it’s essential to understand these parts.”

How Many Scoring Areas On A Dartboard?

There are many score areas available on a standard dartboard. In summary, this:

How Many Scoring Areas On A Dartboard?
  • Single Sections (1–20): The 20 numbered sections each have a separate score area that shows the proper number of points.
  • Double and Triple Rings: There are double and triple rings in each numbered area. Points get doubled when you hit the double ring and it gets tripled when you hit the triple ring.
  • Bullseye: The central circle bullseye is made up of both the inner and outer bullseye. Usually, the highest point score on the board is rewarded for hitting the inside bullseye.

A dartboard has multiple scoring places overall, and the secret to scoring like a pro is to understand how to use them.

What Are The Scoring Segments On The Dartboard?

The dartboard is numbered from 1 to 20 around its outer circle and divided into pieces that are like pie slices. The bullseye, which is split into two sections at the center, usually has a higher point value in the outer section.

How Is Dartboard Score Calculated?

To calculate your darts score, simply follow these easy steps:

  • Calculate the Number: Check the number that you hit on the dartboard.
  • Use Multipliers: Increase the number to two if you hit a double ring. It multiplies in three if you hit a triple ring.
  • Add Points: Total the points you received for each dart you threw during that turn.
  • Subtract Total: subtract this amount from whatever previous score you may have had.

How Do I Keep Track Of My Score During A Game?

You can use the following method to track your score:

  • Paper & Pencil: Write your score on a sheet of paper completing each turn.
  • Dartboard Scoring App: Use a smartphone app designed specifically for dart scoring to score matches.
  • Electronic Dartboard: Some of the electronic dartboards automatically track scores for you.
  • Mental Calculation: After each battle, mentally total your score; however, in fast-paced games, this may be hard.

You can simply keep track of your score during a  game of darts using one of these methods.

Some Basic Strategies For Scoring In Darts?

Here are some basic points for scoring in darts : 

  1. Aim for High
  2. Hit the bullseye first
  3. Consistency is Key
  4. Increase Your Accuracy
  5. Expert Checkouts
  6. Stay away from Busting

“For a deeper look into all of this, please look into the following in-depth explanations for each point ” :

Some Basic Strategies For Scoring In Darts

Aim for High-

Value Targets: Always try to focus on hitting the parts of the dartboard that give the most points, like the double and triple areas. When you use this smart strategy, you can improve your score in every single throw. Each and every time aim at darts carefully.

Hit the bullseye first: 

The dartboard’s bullseye or bull is a key area.  whenever you can just focus on going for it because it’s worth a lot of points and has a chance to change the game.

Consistency is Key: 

Aim for consistency in your every single throws. It can be more efficient to gradually grow points by hitting the same area of the dartboard repeatedly than trying to make rare high-scoring shots.

Increase Your Accuracy: 

In darts, accuracy is the key to success. Frequent precision-focused practice sessions will boost your aim and scoring ability.

Expert Checkouts: 

You can gain knowledge and experience with regular checkout processes. These are essential for completing a game efficiently and getting the highest possible score.

Stay away from Busting: 

Always be aware of your target score and avoid “busting” when it’s your turn by exceeding it. Making smart choices is essential for avoiding unnecessary point losses.

Best Way To Improve My Scoring In Darts?

  • Practice Regularly: The more you practice, the more efficient your skill levels are. Practice helps you improve.
  • Understanding the Scoring System: Each dart game, such as Cricket, 501, and others, has its own unique scoring rules. To score properly, you must be aware of these rules.
  • Analyze Your Throws: Observe the flight path of your darts and improve your aim and throw method as needed. That is why you can improve your every single throw.
  • Watch and Learn: To gain tips and strategies, watch skilled players and tutorials.
  • Work on Weak Areas: Identify the areas of your game you feel hard then make improvements.
  • Be Positive: For better results in your aim, make sure you are tension-free. Be Positive: Your ability to get better greatly depends on your capacity to play with enjoyment and a cheerful mindset.


“So, When you get into the world of dartboard scoring, it’s not just all about throwing darts randomly. It requires using caution, having a game plan, and practicing frequently. However we’ve explored the rules and strategies, you can use to improve your dart skills.  To improve your skills Aim accurately, focus on the high-scoring areas, and see how your skills grow. 

You will discover something new with every throw, so continue to play at it, have fun, and soon you’ll be ready answer to the question with confidence, “How do you score on a dartboard?”. It’s all about a combination of accuracy, dedication, and the pure enjoyment of the game!”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Score With The Bullseye?

Aiming at the center of the dartboard is the way you can score with the Bullseye. The outer part is called the Bullseye or bull, it can give you 25 points, and the inner Bullseye,  which is also known as the double bull, will give you 50 points. Hitting these areas includes points to your score.

Can You Bust In Darts?

Yes, it’s possible to bust in darts. When a player scores more points than the necessary point to win the game during their turn, that’s known as busting. For example, if a player scores 20 points when they need 16 to win, the player will be busted and there will be ends.

How Do You Count Darts Easily?

Keeping a record of the points scored with each dart throw makes the process easy to count. For counting darts you can Use a scoring method like paper and pencil, an especially designed dartboard scoring app, or an electronic dartboard. You can easily monitor your progress in the game by adding up all of your scores at the end of each turn and updating them regularly.

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