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Can You Hang a Dartboard with Command Strips? Smart, Secure Setup

Written By: John Dart

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When I was little, I loved playing darts. My dad showed me how to set up a dartboard in our playroom. He made sure it was safe and secure. Now, you might wonder, “Can you hang a dartboard with Command Strips?”

Hang a Dartboard with Command Strips

Hang a Dartboard with Command Strips

Yes, “You can hang a dartboard with command strips. First, pick a spot on your wall. Make sure it’s smooth. Then, stick command strips on the back of the dartboard. Press it against the wall. Now, your dartboard is ready for fun games!

It’s important to know the right way to do this. Using Command Strips seems easy, but a dartboard needs to be really stable. We want to play darts without any trouble. So, let’s find out the best way to hang our dartboards and enjoy the game safely!

Key Takeaways

  • Weigh the dartboard: Make sure that you recognize how much the dartboard weighs before you use the Command Strips.
  • Follow Steps: Make sure you set up your dartboard safely by following the steps outlined in the article.
  •  Is your dartboard heavy?  Use brackets: If your dartboard is heavy, choose brackets to keep it secure.

Can you hang a dart board with command strips?

Many people ask this question, can you hang a dart board with command strips?  Yes, you can hang a dart board with Command Strips. But you need to be careful. Command Strips are sticky strips that hold things on walls. They are good for light things, not heavy ones.

A dart board can be heavy. So, if your dart board is light, Command Strips might work. If it’s heavy, it’s better to use something stronger. This way, you make sure your dart board stays on the wall. Remember, a falling dart board can break or hurt someone. Restore dart board, always check its weight. If it’s light, you can try Command Strips. If you’re not sure, ask an adult for help. They can tell if Command Strips are a good choice for your dart board.

However, it is clear that you can hang a  dart board with Command Strips. Now a question arises in your mind how can you Hang a Dart board with Command Strips, But nothing to worry about it here is your solution. By following step-by-step guidelines you can easily hang your dartboard with Command Strips.:

How To Hang A Dartboard With Command Strips?

Hanging a dartboard in your room is a fun idea. You can do it easily without making holes in the wall. You will need command strips for this job. Let’s learn how to hang a dartboard with command strips. This method is simple, so anyone can try it. Here are the steps

How to hang a dartboard with command strips

Check Dartboard Weight

First, you need to see how heavy your dartboard is. Command strips come in different strengths. Pick strips that can hold your dartboard’s weight. This step is very important.

Gather Supplies

Get your command strips and a dartboard. You will also need a ruler or a tape measure. These tools help you hang the dartboard at the right height.


Clean the wall where you want to hang the dartboard. The surface should be smooth and dry. This helps the command strips stick better.

Attach Command Strips

Now, put the command strips on the back of the dartboard. Follow the instructions on the command strip package. Place them firmly on the board.

Position Dartboard

Time for dartboard last step! Carefully place the dartboard on the wall. Use your ruler or tape measure to make sure it’s at the right height. The center of the dartboard should be 5 feet 8 inches off the ground.

Press Firmly

Press the dartboard against the wall. Push hard so the strips stick well. Make sure the dartboard is straight.

Wait for Adhesion

Wait a bit before you use the dartboard. The command strips need time to stick well to the wall. This might take an hour or more.

Test Securement

Finally, check if the dartboard is secure. Gently pull on the edges to see if it stays in place. If it does, you’re ready to play!

By following these steps, your dartboard will be up and ready for fun times. And you did it without any drills or holes in the wall!

When Not To Use Command Strips?

When you want to hang things on your wall, it’s good to know when not to use Command strips. These are special strips that stick to your wall without nails. But, there are times when they might not be the best choice.

When Not To Use Command Strips

Adhesive Hooks

These are like Command strips, but they are different. They are good for small and light things. If you have something heavy or if your wall is rough or wet, adhesive hooks might not work well. It’s better to use something stronger for heavy things.

Door Hanger

If you want to hang something on your door, like a coat or a bag, it’s better to use a door hanger. Command strips might not stick well to doors, especially if the door opens and closes a lot. A door hanger is made for this and is very strong.

Dartboard Stand

For a dartboard, it’s a good idea to use a stand or a strong hook. Command strips are not strong enough for a dartboard. If you use them, the dartboard might fall. Also, if you miss the dartboard, you could hit the wall and make holes. It’s important to know how to fix dart holes in the wall. This keeps your wall looking nice.

Some people ask, “Can I hang a dart board with Command strips?” It’s not a good idea because the dartboard is heavy and gets hit with darts. It needs something stronger to hold it up. Command strips are great for many things, but not for everything. Always choose the right way to hang things so they stay safe and your walls stay nice.

Can Command Strips Hold Up A Whiteboard?

Yes, Command strips can hold up a whiteboard. These strips are strong and easy to use. They stick to the wall and the whiteboard. This way, you don’t need nails or screws. It’s a good idea for hanging light to medium whiteboards.

Can command strips hold up a whiteboard

You might also think about how to hang other things, like a dartboard. For example, if you want to “Hang a Dart Board on a Door,” Command strips can be useful. But, make sure the door’s surface and the dartboard’s back are clean and dry for the strips to stick well.

Now, if you ask, “What is the best way to hang a dartboard?”, it’s not just about the strips. Check the dartboard’s weight. If it’s heavy, you might need a stronger method. For light boards, Command strips are great. But for heavier ones, using a mounting bracket might be better. This helps to keep the dartboard safe and steady.

What Can You Not Use Command Strips On?

You cannot use Command strips on wallpaper, delicate surfaces, or walls that are not smooth. These strips need a flat, strong surface to stick well. For hanging a dartboard cabinet, it’s better to use screws or nails. This way, your dartboard stays safe and secure on the wall.

Now, if you wonder what is the best way to hang a dart board cabinet, using screws or mounting hardware is usually the best. This method makes sure your dartboard does not fall and gets damaged. Remember, Command strips are great for many things, but not for everything, especially not for heavy items like dartboard cabinets.

What Is The Best Way To Hang A Dartboard?

The best way to hang a dartboard is by using a sturdy bracket. This makes sure it stays safe and steady. Now, if you want to hang dartboard without bracket, there are other ways. You can use strong hooks or a mounted backboard. But remember, when not to use command strips?

They’re not good for heavy things like dartboards. Command strips are better for lighter stuff. So, for your dartboard, it’s best to use something stronger than command strips. This way, your dartboard stays up well and you can play safely.

Frequently asked Questions

How Much Weight Can Command Strips Hold?

Command strips can hold different weights, from 1 pound to 16 pounds. The weight a strip can hold depends on its size. Always look at the package to see the weight limit.

Will Two Command Strips Hold Double The Weight?

No, using two Command Strips doesn’t mean they can hold double the weight. Each strip has a specific weight limit, and adding more strips doesn’t increase this limit. It’s important to follow the weight guidelines for each strip.

Do Command Strips Really Hold 16 Lbs?

Yes, Command strips can hold up to 16 lbs if you use them right. Make sure the surface is clean and follow the instructions. They work well for hanging things without nails.

Final Thoughts

So, can you hang a dartboard with command strips? Yes, you can! It’s simple and safe for your walls. First, check your dartboard’s weight. Command strips can hold a lot, but it’s good to be sure. Get your supplies ready: command strips, a clean wall, and your dartboard. Stick the strips on the board and wall. Make sure it’s straight! Press it firmly and wait a bit. This lets the strips stick well.

Then, test it to see if it’s secure.Remember, there are times when command strips aren’t the best choice. If your dartboard is super heavy or if the wall is not smooth, it’s better to use other methods. And guess what? Command strips are great for whiteboards too! But, don’t use them on things that are too heavy or valuable. Hanging your dartboard, the right way is important for fun and safe dart games.

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