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How Many Different Scoring Areas on a Dartboard: Track The Hidden Magic!

Written By: John Dart

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When I was little, my uncle had a dartboard in his garage. He used to tell me about all the different parts where you can score points. Do you know how many different scoring areas on a dartboard?

Different Scoring Areas on a Dartboard

Different Scoring Areas

A dartboard has different areas to score points. The main areas are the single ring, the double ring, the triple ring, the bullseye, and the outer bull. Each area gives different points. The double and triple rings make points double or triple. The bullseye scores the most points.

Well, a dartboard looks like a big circle with lots of smaller sections. Each section has a number, and if your dart lands there, you score those points. Some parts are more special, like the bullseye in the middle, which gives you the most points. It’s like a puzzle, figuring out where to aim to get the best score.

Key Takeaways

  • Scoring Areas on a Dartboard: A dartboard has many areas to score points like singles, doubles, triples, and the bullseye.
  • Optimal Aiming Spots: The best places to aim for are the triple 20, double bullseye, and other triple sections.
  • Types of Dartboards: There are bristle, electronic, and soft-tip dartboards. Each type changes how you play and score.
  • Importance of Good Aim: In darts, good aim is key. Aim for high-scoring areas and remember, missed shots get no points

How Many Different Scoring Areas on A Dartboard?

There are 20 numbered segments and a bullseye on the dartboard. A segment consists of 4 scoring areas: two singles, one triple, and one double. On the other hand, A bullseye consists of an outer ring with 25 points and an inner ring with 50 points. Let’s discuss.

How Many Different Scoring Areas on A Dartboard


This is the biggest part of the dartboard. When you throw a dart and it lands here, you get points. The number where the dart lands is the number of points you get.


This is a thin ring on the outside of the dartboard. It’s very important! If your dart lands here, you get double the points of the number it hits. So, if you hit the 10, you get 20 points!


This ring is like a double ring but in the middle of the dartboard. Hitting this ring means you get three times the points! So, if your dart lands on 5 in this ring, you get 15 points.


The bullseye is the small circle in the middle. The color of the dart board area is red and green. Hitting the bullseye is exciting because points are a bullseye in darts. If you hit the outer green part, you get 25 points. But if you hit the red middle, you get 50 points!

So, when someone asks, “How many different scoring areas on a dartboard?” you can tell them about the 2 Single, 1 Double, and 1 Triple. Each area makes the game exciting and challenging.

Dart Board Scoring System For Beginners

Dartboard scoring is easy to learn! No matter whether you are a beginner-level dart player. When you play darts, you aim at different parts of the board to get points. The board has a big circle with sections. Each section has a number. If your dart lands in a section, you get that number of points.

There are special spots on the board too. The outer ring is thin and colored. If your dart lands there, you get double points. The middle ring is also thin and gives you triple points. In the center, there are two circles. The outer one is the outer bull. It gives you 25 points. The very middle is the bullseye or double bull. It gives you 50 points!

What Are The Highest Scoring Dartboard Sections? 

The highest-scoring sections on a dartboard are the triple bulls and double bulls-eye. These parts give the most points. The triple bulls are in the treble sections. They are on different types of dartboards, like steel tip and bristle boards. In big tournaments, players aim for these parts to win.

What Are The Highest Scoring Dartboard Sections

Triple 20

First, there is Triple 20. It gives the most points. If you hit this part, you get 60 points. That’s a lot! Triple 19 is next. It gives 57 points. This is also a good place to aim. Then, there is Triple 18. It gives 54 points. It’s another good spot for scoring. Lastly, we have Triple 17. It gives 51 points.

Triple 19

Dartboards come in many types. Some are steel-tip dartboards. Others are soft-tip boards or electronic boards. Bristle dartboards are common too. Each type changes how you play. You’re playing style might be different on each board.

Triple 18

In big tournaments, players often aim for double finishes. This means they end the game by hitting a double section. The game of darts is full of exciting rules like this.

If you love darts, maybe you’ll bring darts on a plane to play everywhere! Just remember, each dartboard is unique. Some have a double bullseye or outer bullseye. These are different from the triple sections. But they are important too!

Triple 17

In darts, hitting the closest dart to the center can give you a good score. But skilled players often aim for the triple 20. It’s a challenge but gives the highest points. So, when you play darts, remember these high-scoring sections. They can help you win in the dart league!

As mentioned earlier, How many scoring zones are there on a dartboard? Well, there are singles, doubles, and triples. The triples are the highest-scoring ones I talked about.

What Is The Lowest Number That Cannot Be Scored With One Dart? 

The lowest number you can’t score with one dart is 23. In darts, players throw darts at a dart board numbered with sections. Each section has a different number of points. People often ask, “How many points is each spot on a dartboard?” Well, it’s different for each part. You have singles, doubles, and triples, plus the bullseye and double bullseye. The singles are just the number shown. Doubles are twice that number, and triples are three times.

In a game of darts, skilled players aim for different parts like the triple bulls or treble sections, depending on their playing style. Some use steel-tip dartboards, while others prefer soft-tip boards. There are major tournaments where pros show off their skills, hitting high scores with precision.

Dartboards can be of different types, like Bristle dartboards or electronic boards. The flight pattern of a dart, whether it’s for a double finish or just hitting the outer bull, changes how a player throw.

How Is Dartboard Score Calculated?

Dartboard scoring is simple to understand. A dartboard has numbers from 1 to 20. Each number has a section. If your dart lands in a section, you score that number. There are other parts too. There’s a thin outer ring and a thin inner ring. The outer ring gives you double points, and the inner ring gives you triple points. For example, if your dart lands in the triple section of 20, you get 60 points.

How Is Dartboard Score Calculated

Numbered Sections

First, we look at the numbered sections. The dartboard has numbers from 1 to 20. These numbers show how many points you get. If your dart lands on a number, you get that many points. For example, if it lands on 10, you get 10 points.


Now, the bullseye is important. It’s the small circle in the center. If you hit the very middle, you get 50 points. That’s a lot!

Scoring Zones

There are different scoring zones too. Some parts of the board can double or triple your points. If your dart lands in these areas, you get 2 or 3 times the number of points.

Doubles And Triples

Doubles and triples are exciting! They are the thin rings on the board. The outer ring doubles your points. The inner ring triples them. So, if your dart hits the triple ring on 10, you get 30 points!

Outer Bullseye and Inner Bullseye

The outer bullseye and inner bullseye are part of the bullseye. The outer bullseye is the ring around the center. It gives you 25 points. The inner one, the very center, gives you 50 points.

Missed Shots 

Darts miss the board. That’s okay. Missed shots don’t get points. But keep trying!


For counting, add up your points each time you throw a dart. A darts scoring calculator can help you keep track.

In short, the dartboard numbers arranged around the board are your scoring guide. Each section has a number. This number tells you how many points you get.

What Is the Score Set Up for The Dart Board? 

The heavy is dartboard, it’s made to last and be safe. People often ask, “How many scoring areas on a dartboard?” There are many. Each number has a single, double, and triple area. Doubles are the outer thin ring. Triples are the inner thin ring. There’s also the bullseye. It has two parts: the outer bull and the inner bull, or double bullseye.

For more fun, people use a darts scoring calculator. It helps keep track of the game. Dartboards can be of different kinds, like bristle or electronic. Bristle dartboards are common. They are good for steel-tip darts. Soft-tip boards are often electronic. They work well for different playing styles.

In big tournaments, players aim for high scores. They try for triple 20s or double bullseyes. Skilled players know the best flight pattern for their darts. They also plan for a double finish. This means ending the game on a double score.

There are different types of dartboards. Some are for fun at home. Others are for serious play. In all games, players aim to get the closest dart to the center or hit specific areas for more points. The average score can vary. It depends on where the darts land on the board.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Score Darts Easy?

Scoring darts is simple! Just add the points where each dart lands. Each section of the board has a number. If you hit that section, you get those points. If you miss the board, no points. Keep adding points to find the winner!

What Is The Rarest Score In Bowling?

The rarest score in bowling is 292. It happens when a player rolls 11 strikes and then gets 2 pins in their last throw. This score is very unusual!

What Score Is Impossible in Darts?

In darts, you can’t get a score of 23, 29, 31, 34, 37, or any number above 180 in one turn. This is because of how the dartboard is set up and the rules of the game.

Final Thoughts

In my article about “how many different scoring areas on a dartboard,” I learned a lot! A standard dartboard has many places to score points. Players can hit the numbered sections, the bullseye, and special zones like doubles and triples. The outer and inner bullseye are important too. Did you know there are scores in darts that you can’t get with just one throw? That’s interesting!

People who play darts need good aim. If they miss, they don’t get points. Dartboards can be of different kinds. Some are electronic, and others are traditional. The electronic ones can be more expensive. In pubs, darts is a popular game. It’s fun and needs skill.

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