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Can Soft Tip Darts Be Used on a Bristle Dartboard




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Key Takeaways:

  • Soft tip darts have plastic points, designed primarily for electronic dartboards. They tend to be lighter and more flexible than their steel counterparts, making them suitable for beginners.
  • Bristle dartboards are crafted from pressed sisal fibers, which creates a resilient surface perfect for steel-tipped darts.
  • Bristle dartboards need proper care to extend their lifespan. They should be cleaned with mild soaps and water, avoiding any harsh chemicals.
  • While it’s possible to use soft tip darts on bristle dartboards, it’s not recommended. Soft tips might not embed properly in the bristle surface, leading to bounce-outs.


Playing darts is a well-liked activity that can be enjoyed by individuals of any age and proficiency. It is possible to play it at your home, in bars, or in tournaments. The gameplay and performance of players can be influenced by varying sorts of darts and dartboards. A frequent question among those who enjoy playing darts is whether they can use soft-tipped darts on a board made of bristle. I will answer this question in this article and offer useful details regarding soft tip darts and bristle dartboards.

Yes, you can use soft tip darts on a bristle board. But, they might not stick well because the board is tough and the tips are soft. It’s better to use steel tip darts for bristle boards. Soft tips are best for electronic boards.

can you use soft tip darts on a bristle board

What is Soft Tip Dart

Soft tip darts are a type of dart that features plastic points instead of metal ones. They are created to be utilized on electronic dartboards with little openings capable of sensing and recording the dart’s effect. Electric dart boards can also calculate the score automatically and provide different game modes and characteristics.

Darts with soft tips are generally less heavy than metal ones, with a weight between 14 and 20 grams. They are also more flexible and not as strong as steel tip darts, so they can break or bend easily. Nevertheless, they are more secure to utilize and have a lower possibility of damaging the walls or anybody.

Soft Tip Dart

Certain benefits of using soft-tipped darts include:

  • The fact they are simpler to throw and remain on the target, thus making them appropriate for newcomers and non-serious game players.
  • Electronic dartboards provide a range of options for games and are enjoyable and convenient to use.
  • Soft-tipped darts are more secure and produce less sound compared to steel-tipped darts, making them a perfect choice for indoor entertainment.

Certain disadvantages of using soft tip darts include:

  • The requirement for greater precision and consistency compared to steel tip darts, making them less ideal for professional players and tournaments.
  • They cost more and need more care than steel darts because they have to be changed frequently.
  • They cannot be used with regular dartboards made of bristles, which restricts their applicability.

What is Bristle Dartboard

The dartboards with bristles are created by pressing sisal fibers together to make a sturdy and strong surface that can recover from being pierced by darts. These are made for utilization with darts having steel tip darts to pierce the surface of the board.

Dartboards made of bristle are generally weightier in comparison to dartboards that are electronic, with weights that can be anywhere between 9 to 12 pounds. Moreover, they are more rigid and sturdy than electronic dartboards, thereby increasing their longevity and ability to endure considerable usage and damage. Nonetheless, they are more likely to damage the walls or cause injury to somebody.

Bristle Dartboard

Several benefits of bristle dartboards include

  • Being more genuine and conventional compared to electronic dartboards. This makes them the preferred choice for plenty of dart enthusiasts and purists.
  • They are harder and more satisfying to play than electronic dartboards, as they demand greater precision and expertise to accurately land shots on the bullseye.
  • They are more adaptable and flexible than electronic dartboards since they can be used with any dart.

Bristle dartboards have a few drawbacks.

  • One of them is that they are more challenging to throw accurately and attach to the board, so they may not be the best choice for people who are new to the game or only play occasionally.
  • Manual dartboards are more challenging and enjoyable than electronic ones because you need to keep score by yourself, and they also have fewer options for game modes and features.
  • They are less secure and make more sound than electronic dartboards, making them less suitable for home use.

How Do You Maintain a Bristle Dartboard?

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining a bristle dartboard. First, it’s important to realize that these boards are polarizing. That is, they’re made up of two different kinds of material – natural and synthetic bristles.

This combination can inspire some serious darts games, but it also means that the board needs to be treated with care. In order to ensure long-term durability, it’s important to avoid using any harsh chemicals or cleaners on the board.

Instead, opt for mild soaps and warm water. Additionally, be sure to allow the board to dry completely before storing it away. With proper care, your bristle dartboard will provide years of enjoyment.

Can Soft Tip Darts Be Used on a Bristle Dartboard

Darts is a polarizing sport – some people love it, and some people can’t stand it. But there’s no denying that it takes skill to be a good dart player. Whether you’re playing for fun or competitively, you need to be able to hit your target. And that’s where Bristle Dartboards comes in.

Soft tip darts are designed for use on electronic dartboards, which have thin, flexible plastic surfaces that can safely accommodate the softer, plastic tips of the darts. Bristle dartboards, on the other hand, have a dense, straw-like surface made of sisal fibers, which are not as forgiving as the plastic surfaces of electronic dartboards. Using soft tip darts on a bristle dartboard can cause the darts to bounce out or deflect off the surface, leading to missed throws and potentially damaging the dartboard.

In addition, the softer tips of the darts can become deformed or damaged when hitting the harder surface of the bristle dartboard, rendering them unusable. To ensure safe and enjoyable game play, it is important to use the appropriate darts and dartboard for the type of game being played.

Bristle dartboards are typically regarded as the best kind of dartboard for competitive players. They’re made of tightly packed bristles, which allow the darts to sink in and stay in place. This makes for a more consistent game, and it also means that your darts are less likely to bounce out.

The tips can damage the bristles, and they’re not as likely to stick in the board. So if you’re serious about your dart game, you’ll want to stick with bristle boards and steel-tipped darts.

Can You Use Soft Tip Darts on A Regular Board?

Yes, you can use soft tip darts on a regular dartboard. Soft tip darts are designed with plastic or nylon tips instead of steel tips, which are used with traditional, or “steel tip,” darts. Regular dartboards are made of sisal fibers and have standard-sized dartboard segments.

Soft tip darts are commonly used with electronic dartboards, which have sensors that detect the impact of the dart’s plastic tip and score the game electronically. However, if you have a regular dartboard, you can still use soft tip darts with it. The plastic tips are unlikely to cause significant damage to the sisal fibers, although they may create slightly larger holes compared to steel tips.

It’s worth noting that while soft tip darts can be used on a regular dartboard, the reverse is not true. You should not use steel tip darts on an electronic dartboard or a dartboard designed specifically for soft tip darts, as the steel tips can damage the electronic sensors or the softer surface of the board.

Why does Someone want To Throw Soft Tip Darts At A Bristle Board?

There is something dividing people’s opinions about soft-tip darts. A few individuals view them as an inexpensive imitation of the genuine item, while others value them for their distinct qualities. Whether you have a great fondness or strong dislike towards them, it is impossible to overlook the fact that they can provide an enjoyable experience when used. If you want an exciting and difficult game, there’s nothing better than a dartboard.

There are various factors that may lead someone to prefer using soft-tipped darts on a board made of bristles. A few individuals are:

  • They want to practice with soft tip darts before switching to steel tip darts, as they have similar weight and balance.
  • They want to use soft tip darts for safety, as they are less likely to cause injury or damage.
  • They want to use soft tip darts for convenience, as they have spare tips that can be easily replaced.
  • They want to use soft tip darts for fun reasons, as they have different colors and designs that can add variety to the game.
Throwing Darts

The material utilized in bristle boards is comprised of tightly packed manufactured threads, creating a sturdy and forgiving surface. This causes them to be perfect for use with darts that have a soft tip, as the tips have a lower probability of rebounding or becoming unmoving. Due to the compact arrangement of the fibers, the board offers a degree of opposition that may enhance your accuracy. Put simply, it’s an ideal objective for individuals who desire to enhance their abilities.

A bristle board can give you many hours of entertainment if you are an experienced dart player or a beginner. Why not attempt it? You may become motivated to improve your skills and advance to a higher level.

Can Soft Tip Darts Be Used On A Steel Tip Dartboard?

Can soft tip darts be used on a steel tip dartboard? This is a polarizing question that inspires much debate among dart enthusiasts. On one side, some argue that steel tip and soft tip darts are two completely different games. Steel tip darts are heavier and have sharper points, making them more suitable for damaging a dartboard.

Soft tip darts, on the other hand, are lighter and have softer points, which makes them less likely to damage a dartboard. As a result, using soft tip darts on a steel tip dartboard can potentially ruin the board.

On the other side of the argument, some people argue that it is perfectly fine to use soft tip darts on a steel tip dartboard. They point out that the weight and point of a soft tip dart are not that different from a steel tip dart.

In fact, many professional dart players use soft tip darts when they practice on steel tip boards. As long as you are careful and don’t throw the darts too hard, there is no reason why you can’t use soft tip darts on a steel tip board.

At the end of the day, whether or not you can use soft tip darts on a steel tip board is up to you. If you are concerned about damaging your board, then it might be best to stick with steel tipped darts. However, if you want to experiment with using soft tips, then go ahead and give it a try. Who knows, you might just find that you prefer playing with soft tips after all!

Can Soft Tip Darts Damage Bristle Boards?

The response to this question is affirmative and negative. Soft-tip darts may damage bristle boards, although not nearly as significantly as steel-tip darts. Darts that have soft tips may lead to small damages on the board’s exterior, like making small gaps, squashing the fibers, or forming imprints. Nevertheless, these impacts are commonly unimportant, and the board can recover.

But darts with a softer tip can also harm the board’s integrity considerably, like fracturing the wood, weakening the cables, or shattering the fasteners. These impacts are typically more observable and important, and the surface cannot recover rapidly. They may also impact the board’s function and excellence by minimizing the rate of missed darts, expanding the area where you can score points, or modifying how it looks.

The degree of damage produced by soft-tipped darts relies on various factors, including:

  • The quality and condition of the board. A high-quality, well-maintained board can resist more damage than a low-quality, poorly-maintained one.
  • The type and size of the tips. A soft tip dart with a smaller and sharper tip can cause less damage than a soft dart with a more extensive and blunter tip.
  • The frequency and intensity of use. A soft tip dart thrown occasionally and gently can cause less damage than a soft tip dart thrown frequently and forcefully.


How do I choose the best soft tip darts for me?

When picking soft tip darts, many things must be thought about, including heaviness, size, the design of the barrel, the way it is held, shape of the flight, the kind of material the shaft is made of, and the dimensions of the tip. You ought to opt for soft tip darts that fits your liking and approach to playing. You may also peruse online evaluations or seek suggestions from fellow gamers.

How Long Do Bristle Dart Boards Last?

There are mixed opinions about using bristle dart boards. Certain individuals love them for their capacity to motivate, whereas others hate them for identical causes. The question still remains: what is the lifespan of bristle dart boards? The solution, like the majority of circumstances in reality, is subject to variation. It is reliant on the frequency of usage, maintenance, and chance.

Properly maintaining your fibrous target and utilizing it infrequently may extend its lifespan indefinitely. However, if you frequently play darts and utilize your dart board multiple times within a week, you should anticipate the need to purchase a new one every few years. In the end, how long a bristle dartboard lasts depends on the person who owns it.

By taking good care of your bristle dartboard and only using it occasionally, it could remain in your family for many generations. However, do not hesitate to explore different substances if you seek something new in the darts realm. There are numerous choices; it’s still being determined when you may discover your new preferred dartboard.

Final Thoughts

So, can soft tip darts be used on a bristle dartboard? The answer is yes! Soft tip darts will work just fine on a bristle dartboard. However, you may want to consider using the thicker soft tips if you are planning to use them on a bristle dartboard, as they will create less damage. Have you ever tried using soft tip darts on a bristle dartboard? Let us know how it went in the comments below!

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