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Can A Dart Board Be Left Outside




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Key Takeaways

  1. Traditional sisal (bristle) dartboards aren’t designed for prolonged outdoor exposure.
  2. It’s alright for a dartboard to be outside for short periods, like during a day of playing, but it’s advisable to bring it indoors after.
  3. Outdoor exposure can damage the board, reduce its lifespan, make it dirty, and there’s a risk of losing darts.
  4. If the dartboard is dirty, gently wipe with a soft cloth or sponge using only water, and let it fully dry before using again.


Have you ever spent a fun afternoon playing magnetic dart games in your backyard and wondered, can a dart board be left outside? This Darts Knowledge question might seem simple, but there’s a lot to consider.

Yes, you can leave a dart board outside, but it’s not the best idea. Weather can damage it. Rain can make it dart landing soggy and sun can fade its classic design. It’s best to keep it inside or under cover when not in use, especially if you use a point-scoring dart board.

Can A Dart Board Be Left Outside

It may seem like a smart idea to leave your dart board outdoors, but there are a few things you should know before.

In this article, I will look into the following:

    So, Can A Dart Board Be Left Outside?

    Traditional sisal (bristle) dartboards are not meant to be stored outdoors for long periods of time.

    Here’s why:


    Moisture is the number one enemy of any dartboard, but particularly a bristle dartboard. Mold may form on the board if it gets moist, which will cause the sisal fibers to swell.

    Even with direct rain protection, ambient moisture, particularly in high humidity, can damage it over time.

    Temperature Fluctuations

    Extreme changes in temperature can also have adverse effects on a dartboard. These changes can cause the sisal fibers to contract and expand, leading to the board warping or the fibers becoming less durable.


    Direct exposure to sunlight can cause the colors on the dartboard to fade. Additionally, UV rays can degrade many materials over time, potentially reducing the lifespan of the board.

    Animals And Insects

    Leaving anything outside means it’s accessible to animals and insects. Birds, insects, or other creatures might damage or nest in the board.

    Deterioration Of Surrounding Materials

    Many dartboards come with a backing or are hung on wooden or foam boards. These materials can also degrade when left outside.

    How To Protect A Dartboard Outside?

    Protecting an outdoor dartboard is essential to prolong its lifespan and ensure good playing conditions. The primary concerns are weather elements like rain, sun, and humidity, as well as potential damage from critters or other unexpected events. Here’s how you can protect your dartboard outside:

    How To Protect A Dartboard Outside


    • Choose a location that is naturally shielded from the elements, like under an overhang or in a shaded spot.
    • If possible, select a location that’s away from direct sunlight to avoid the board drying out and becoming brittle.

    Weather-Resistant Cabinet

    • A beveled wood dart cabinet made from quality materials like treated wood can offer protection against rain and sun. Cabinets like these often come with a dry erase scoreboard.
    • Ensure the cabinet has proper sealing to prevent water penetration. Also, look for a Double-sided dart board feature for varied gameplay.

    Dartboard Cover

    • Even inside a cabinet, a dartboard can benefit from an additional protective cover.
    • Consider using covers from brands like Ignatgames Professional Dart Board Set or Panshi Magnetic Dart Board Set for enhanced protection.
    • Advertisement from shop timbercraftni suggests that a custom backing surface, potentially from alpinewinedesign From shop, can further protect your dart board from external elements. 

    Regular Maintenance

    • Periodically inspect your dartboard for any signs of wear or water damage.
    • Rotate the dartboard regularly (if it’s a sisal board) to ensure even wear.
    • If the board gets wet, try to dry it as soon as possible to prevent the fibers from swelling or becoming moldy.

    Weatherproof The Backing

    • If your dartboard is mounted on plywood or any wood backing, consider treating the wood with a water-resistant sealant to prevent it from rotting or warping due to moisture.

    Moisture Absorbers

    • Placing moisture absorbers or silica gel packs inside the cabinet can help reduce humidity and prevent mold and mildew growth.

    How Long Can A Dartboard Be Left Outside?

    Leaving a dartboard outside for a long time isn’t really a good idea. It’s a bit like leaving your favorite book out in the rain – not so great, right?

    Weather can be tough on darts. Sun and rain might make it overly wet or dry. Each can damage and wear out the dartboard quickly.

    It’s acceptable to go ahead and spend the day throwing darts in the backyard. The dartboard should be brought back inside after you’re finished. It might be destroyed if you keep it outside for more than a day or two, particularly if the weather is harsh.

    Therefore, it is recommended that you store your dartboard inside while it is not in use. This manner, you may have many more fun rounds of darts without replacing it.

    The Impact Of Weather Conditions On Dart Boards

    To have a good time, try your hand at darts! However, you should know that a dart board might be affected by the elements. Let’s find out-

    How Different Weather Conditions Can Affect Dart Boards

    Rain: A dart board left outdoors in the rain will quickly get wet. The lack of bounce makes it harder to play.

    Heat: The board might dry out if exposed to too much heat or sunlight. As a result, the colors may become faded.

    Cold: When the temperature drops below freezing, your board may become quite rigid. That implies the effectiveness of your darts will decrease.

    Humidity: The air is humid at this time. If the humidity is too high, the board may expand and become unusable.

    Wind: When playing darts outdoors, high gusts might throw off your aim. However, they shouldn’t do any damage to the board itself.

    How Different Weather Conditions Can Affect Dart Boards
    Steps To Protect Your Dart Board From These Conditions

    Steps To Protect Your Dart Board From These Conditions

    Indoor Space

    Playing darts inside is the safest option to avoid losing your board. In this manner, the elements, such as heat and wind, are avoided.

    Cover It Up

    Get a protective cover for your board if you have to store it outdoors. This will ensure that everything remains dry and clean.

    Use a Fan or Dehumidifier

    Humidity may be reduced with the use of a portable fan or dryer. Avoid having your board turn to mush by doing this.

    Regular Checks

    Check your board before every game. If it feels too dry, a small misting of water should do the trick. You may want to postpone the game till it dries out if it’s raining.

    Avoid Direct Sunlight

    Avoid putting your board in direct sunlight. It might become too dry and the colours can fade.

    Special Sprays

    Sprays that prevent mold and mildew growth may be purchased. Make sure you read the manual before beginning.

    So, keep your dart board in good condition. You can carry on having fun regardless of the weather!

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Keeping a Dart Board Outside

    Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having an outside dart board. I can create a table to help you see this.

    More space to play  Weather can damage the dartboard
    Enjoy fresh air while playingDartboard might not last as long
    Can play with more friendsHarder to keep clean
    No worries about darts hitting wallsRisk of losing darts in grass or bushes

    Darts that miss the board won’t cause Sharp-Needle Darts Damage Walls, especially if you’re using a board with bullseye sections. On the flip side, if your darts deviate from their expected flight pattern in a single throw, they might get lost in the grass.

    Dartboards may be vulnerable to the elements when played outdoors. The sun may dry it out after it has been wetted by rain. Your dartboard may wear out sooner as a result of this.

    It can also be harder to keep clean, especially if it’s windy or dusty. And, if you miss the board, your darts might get lost in the grass or bushes.

    So, there are advantages and disadvantages to using an outdoor dartboard.

    What Type Of Dartboard Is Best For Outdoor Use?

    For playing darts outside, a weather-resistant dartboard is the best choice. These boards can handle rain and sun better. Look for one made of plastic or rubber. It should also have UV protection to stop fading. Make sure it’s easy to clean and comes with a cover for extra safety.

    How Can I Clean A Dartboard That Has Been Left Outside?

    To clean a dartboard left outside, first take it down. Use a soft cloth or sponge to wipe it gently. Don’t use soap or chemicals, just water. Let it dry fully before you play again. If it’s really dirty, you can use a soft brush to scrub lightly. Always cover it when not in use to keep it clean for next time.

                                      Final Thoughts

    So, can a barrel dart board be left outside? The answer is yes, but you’ve got to be careful. Make sure you pick a dartboard set that can handle the weather, like one made of plastic or rubber.

    When you’re not using it, make sure it’s hidden. If you’re not cautious, elements like rain, sun, and humidity may damage your board. The usage of an outside cabinet is also acceptable.

    It’s probably time for a replacement if it’s looking faded or worn. Take care of your dartboard when you’re going to play darts in the great outdoors.

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