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Best Professional Dart Boards




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When it comes to the game of darts, having a high-quality dart board is essential for both professional players and enthusiasts alike. A professional dart board offers exceptional durability, superior accuracy, and a satisfying playing experience.

Best Professional Dart Boards

Whether you’re looking to practice your skills at home or compete in tournaments, investing in the best professional dart board is a wise choice. In this article, we will explore some of the top options available in the market, highlighting their features, benefits, and what sets them apart. So, let’s dive in and discover the best professional dart boards that can take your game to the next level.

Which Things Professional Darts Players Want in a Dartboard

Professional darts players have specific requirements and preferences when it comes to choosing a dartboard. Here are some key features and qualities that professional darts players look for:


Professional players want a dartboard that can withstand frequent and intense use. They prefer boards made from high-quality materials that are resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that the board maintains its integrity and longevity even after numerous games.

Reduced Bounce-outs

Bounce-outs occur when the dart hits a wire or metal segment on the board and fails to stick in the scoring area. Professional players aim for precision, and the last thing they want is for their well-thrown darts to bounce off the board. Therefore, they look for dartboards that minimize bounce-outs through features such as thin wire dividers and staple-free bullseye designs.


Consistent Playing Surface

Professional players rely on consistent and predictable playing surfaces to hone their skills. They prefer dartboards that offer uniform density and a tightly packed surface, ensuring that the darts penetrate smoothly and consistently. This allows them to maintain a reliable throwing technique and accurately assess their progress.

Regulation Size and Design

Professional darts players want dartboards that adhere to official regulations. The standard size of a professional dartboard is 18 inches in diameter, with distinct scoring zones and numbering. This ensures that players can practice and compete on boards that replicate tournament conditions accurately.

Good Visibility

Clear visibility of the scoring areas is crucial for professional players. Dartboards with high contrast colors and well-defined segments make it easier for players to focus on their targets and track their scores effectively. Additionally, good lighting conditions in the playing area are essential for optimal visibility.

Noise Reduction

Dartboards that minimize the noise generated upon impact are favored by professional players. Quieter boards allow for better concentration and reduce distractions during intense matches or practice sessions.

Ease of Installation and Rotation

Professional players often need to rotate their dartboards regularly to distribute the wear evenly across the segments. Therefore, they prefer dartboards that are designed for easy installation and rotation, with features such as adjustable mounting systems and rotating number rings.

By considering these factors, professional darts players can select a dartboard that meets their specific needs and enhances their playing experience, allowing them to perform at their best on the echo.

Best Professional Dart Boards

There are several top-quality professional dart boards available in the market. Here are some of the best options that are favored by professional players:

1. IgnatGames Dart Board Professional Set

IgnatGames Dart Board Professional Set – Competition Size Kenyan Sisal Dart Board for Adults with 6…
  • 🎯READY TO PLAY LIKE A PRO: Our bristle dartboard set comes with everything you need to start playing with your…
  • 🎯MORE SCORING OPPORTUNITIES: The completely staple-free sisal dartboard wire system maximizes the scoring area,…
  • 🎯LONG-LASTING DURABILITY: IgnatGames professional dartboard is made of premium-grade Kenyan sisal, ensuring superior…
  • 🎯IMPROVED ACCURACY: The high-quality bristle board features a razor-thin wire spider system that minimizes…
  • 🎯STURDY BUILD: Our board has a sturdy build quality and effectively hides the holes from darts, ensuring it maintains…


The IgnatGames Dart Board Professional Set has everything you need. It comes with a Kenyan sisal dart board that meets the official standards for competition size and has a staple-free ultra-thin wire spider for minimal bounce-outs and maximum scoring. The dart board is also durable and self-healing, thanks to the premium sisal fibers and the rotating number ring.

The kit also includes six professional steel darts with aluminum shafts, rubber O-rings, brass barrels, and two sets of flights for different flight paths and stability. You can safely store and carry your darts and aviation in two dart wallets with zippered compartments and hook-and-loop fasteners. The kit also provides measuring tape, screws, and brackets for an easy and accurate installation of the dartboard on any wall.


  • Competition-size a dart board: The dart board has a diameter of 18 inches and a thickness of 1.5 inches, which meets the official standards for professional tournaments.
  • Staple-free ultra-thin wire spider: The wire spider is laser-cut and has no staples or nails that could cause bounce-outs or interfere with the scoring area. The wire spider is ultra-thin, reducing the surface area that could deflect darts and increasing the chances of hitting the target.
  • Premium quality Kenyan sisal: The dart board is made of high-density Kenyan sisal fibers that are tightly compressed and bonded together. The sisal fibers are self-healing, which means they close up after each dart throw and preserve the surface quality of the dart board. The sisal fibers also have a natural color that contrasts well with the black segments and the metallic number ring.
  • Rotating number ring: The number ring is made of metal and can be rotated to change the position of the segments. This allows for even wear and tear of the dartboard and extends its lifespan.
  • Professional steel darts: The steel darts weigh 22 grams and have a length of 6 inches, which are ideal for beginners and advanced players alike. The darts have brass barrels with knurled grooves for a comfortable grip and balance. The darts also have aluminum shafts with rubber O-rings that prevent loosening during play. The darts come with two flights: standard and slim, offering different flight paths and stability.
  • Dart wallets: Dart wallets are made of durable fabric and have zippered compartments for storing darts and flights. The wallets also have a hook-and-loop fastener that can be attached to a belt or a bag for easy carrying.
  • Mounting kit: The mounting kit includes everything you need to install the dart board on any wall: measuring tape, screws, brackets, and instructions. The measuring tape has markings for the standard height and distance of the dartboard from the floor and the throwing line.

Technical Details

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎‎‎‎17.8 x 17.6 x 2 inches
Package Weight‎5.4 Kilograms
Brand Name‎‎IgnatGames
Style‎Assassin Elite Pro Deluxe


I think this is a great product for anyone who loves playing darts or wants to learn the game. It has everything you need to start playing immediately and enjoy hours of fun with your friends or family. The dart board is well-made and durable, and the darts are accurate and comfortable.

The accessories are also useful and convenient, especially dart wallets and the oche tape. I like how the dartboard has a staple-free wire system that reduces bounce-outs and increases the scoring area. I also like how the dartboard has a rotating number ring that lets you change the segments’ position and extend the board’s life. This product is worth the price, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a professional dart board set.

Competition-size dartboard with staple-free ultra-thin wire spiderSome users may find the darts too heavy or too light for their preference
Premium quality Kenyan sisal with self-healing fibersSome users may experience occasional bounce-outs due to faulty darts or improper throwing technique.
Rotating number ring for even wearSome users may need to buy additional accessories, such as a scoreboard or a mat
Professional steel darts with aluminum shafts, rubber O-rings, brass barrels, and two sets of flightsIt may produce some dust or fibers when new or after prolonged use
Dart wallets for protection and transportation
Pros Cons IgnatGames Dart Board Professional Set

2. Viper Vault Cabinet & Shot King Sisal/Bristle Dartboard

Viper by GLD Products Viper Vault Cabinet & Shot Sisal/Bristle Ready-to-Play Bundle: Elite Set (Shot…
  • Comprehensive bundle features a dartboard cabinet, dartboard, steel tip darts, dry erase scoreboard, dry erase marker…
  • Open dimensions: 42″ L x 21.5″ W x 3″ D; closed dimensions: 21″ L x 21.5″ W x 3″ D. Measuring 18″ in diameter and 1.5″ D
  • Viper Shot King dartboard is constructed from sisal/bristle fibers compressed together, providing unsurpassed…
  • Measuring 18″ in diameter, the Viper Shot King is official tournament size; A movable number ring further extends the…
  • Viper Shadow Buster cabinet mounted display light illuminates your dartboard; Viper laser throw/toe line marker allows…


The Viper Vault Cabinet & Shot King Sisal/Bristle Dartboard Ready-to-Play Bundle is a comprehensive set with everything you need to enjoy a game of darts at home. It features a dartboard cabinet with a walnut finish, a sisal/bristle dartboard with a dry-erase marker, a staple-free bullseye, a dry-erase scoreboard, two sets of steel-tip darts, a throw line, and mounting hardware. The cabinet has a sleek design that protects your wall from errant throws and adds a touch of elegance to your game room.

The dartboard is made of durable sisal/bristle fibers that can withstand repeated use and has a movable number ring to extend its life. The steel-tip darts have knurled barrels for a comfortable grip and come in two colors for easy identification. The dry-erase scoreboard and marker allow you to keep track of your scores, and the throw line ensures you have a consistent and fair distance from the board.


  • Dartboard cabinet with a walnut finish that opens and closes to reveal or hide the dartboard; has pre-installed dart holders and dry-erase scoreboards inside each door.
  • Sisal/bristle dartboard with a staple-free bullseye that reduces bounce-outs and increases scoring potential; has a self-healing surface that retains its shape and appearance; has a movable number ring that rotates to prevent wear and tear.
  • Two sets of steel-tip darts (six total) with knurled barrels for a comfortable grip and improved control come in two colors (black and silver) for easy identification.
  • Dry erase scoreboard and marker for timely and clear scoring; can be easily wiped clean after each game.
  • Throw a line that marks the official distance from the board; it can be easily applied and removed from any floor surface.
  • Mounting hardware for an easy and secure installation of the cabinet and the dartboard.

Technical Details

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎‎‎‎‎25.51 x 24.02 x 4.72 inches
Package Weight‎11.48 Kilograms
Brand Name‎‎Viper by GLD Products
Manufacturer‎‎ GLD Products
Style‎Elite Set


I think this product is a great value for anyone who loves playing darts or wants to start learning the game. It has everything you need to set up your own dart station at home and enjoy hours of fun with your friends and family. The quality of the materials and the craftsmanship is impressive, and the design is attractive and functional. The dartboard cabinet protects your wall from damage and adds a classy look to your game room.

The dartboard is sturdy and durable and has a smooth surface that minimizes bounce-outs. The darts are well-balanced and easy to throw, and the scoreboard and marker are handy and simple to use. The throw line helps you maintain a consistent distance from the board and ensures fair play. The mounting hardware makes it easy to install the cabinet and the dartboard securely on any wall. I recommend this product to anyone looking for a complete dart set that offers quality, convenience, and style.

A complete set that includes everything you need to play darts at homeCabinet doors may not close properly if darts are not stored correctly
High-quality materials and craftsmanshipDartboard may have some loose fibers or holes after prolonged use
Sleek and elegant designDarts may bend or break if thrown too hard or hit hard surfaces
Durable and self-healing dartboardThe cabinet may not match the decor of some game rooms
Staple-free bullseye that reduces bounce-outs
A Movable number ring that extends dartboard life
Knurled steel-tip darts for improved grip and control
Pros Cons Viper Vault Cabinet & Shot King Sisal/Bristle Dartboard

3. Winmau Blade 5 and Blade 6 Bristle Dartboards

Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard
  • Professional bristle dartboard with exclusive British Darts Organization (BDO) endorsement
  • Increased scoring area with 14% thinner wiring system than the previous generation Blade 4 for higher scoring potential
  • Reduced bounce-outs and improved dart deflection with 30-degree reduction in razor wire angle
  • Triple Wheel lock-and-level system easily secures the dartboard to virtually any surface
  • Incredible durability with Carbon Diffusion technology in bullseye ring for stronger steel


The Winmau Blade 5 and Blade 6 Bristle Dartboards are professional-grade dartboards with high-quality performance and durability. The British Darts Organization (BDO) endorses them and they have a thin wiring system that boosts the scoring area and lowers bounce-outs. They also have a triple-wheel lock-and-level system that secures the dartboard to any surface and allows easy rotation. The Blade 6 dartboards come in three versions: single-core, dual-core, and triple-core, which differ in the density and structure of sisal fibers.


  • BDO-endorsed bristle dartboard that meets the professional standards of the British Darts Organization
  • Larger scoring area thanks to the 14% thinner wiring system that improves the accuracy and consistency of your throws
  • Fewer bounce-outs and better dart deflection due to the 30-degree reduction in a razor wire angle that minimizes the contact between darts and the wires
  • Easy and secure mounting with the triple wheel lock-and-level system that adjusts to any surface and allows you to rotate the board effortlessly
  • Long-lasting durability with Carbon atoms is infused into the steel to create a stronger bullseye ring, thanks to Carbon Diffusion technology.
  • Three options of Blade 6 dartboards to suit your preference: single-core, dual-core, and triple-core, which differ in the density and structure of the sisal fibers

Technical Details

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎‎‎‎‎18.9 x 18.1 x 2.3 inches
Package Weight5.35 Kilograms
Brand Name‎‎Winmau
Manufacturer‎‎‎Escalade Sports
StyleWinmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard


After reading many positive reviews online, I bought the Winmau Blade 6 Dual Core Bristle Dartboard. I am very impressed with this product. It is well-made, sturdy, and looks great on my wall. The darts stick well to the board, and the bounce-outs are minimal.

The wiring is thin and does not interfere with the scoring. The rota-lock system is easy to use and allows me to rotate the board regularly to prolong its life. The dual-core design makes the board softer on the surface and firmer on the back, ideal for steel-tip and soft-tip darts. I recommend this dartboard to anyone who loves playing darts.

High-quality bristle dartboard with BDO endorsementExpensive compared to other dartboards
A thin wiring system that increases scoring an area and reduces bounce-outsThe colors are a bit soft and not very vibrant
A Triple wheel lock-and-level system that secures and rotates the board easilyIt may require some breaking-in period before the optimal performance
Carbon Diffusion technology that strengthens the bullseye ringHeavy and bulky to transport or store
Three versions of Blade 6 dartboards to suit different preferences
Good self-healing capabilities of sisal fibers
Pros Cons Winmau Blade 5 and Blade 6 Bristle Dartboards

4. Barrington Collection Dartboards

Barrington Billiards Chatham Wood Dartboard Cabinet With 18” Bristle Dartboard and Steel Tip Dart…
  • PRE-ASSEMBLED CABINET DART SET: This wood cabinet is pre-assembled, just mount it to the wall, secure the board, and…
  • BRISTLE DARTBOARD: Made of self-healing Sisal, the Bristle dartboard is 18” in diameter and 1-1/2” thick for metal…
  • CABINET CRAFTSMANSHIP: The cabinet is black velvet cloth lined and made of MDF with Birchwood veneer with a painted…
  • STORAGE & MOUNTING: Hardware is included to mount the cabinet to most indoor walls and to attach the dartboard to the…
  • CLASSIC PUB GAME: This wall-mounted dartboard is built for playing tournament or pub games as well as popular strategic…


This product is a Barrington Collection Dartboard Cabinet Set with a 17.75-inch bristle dartboard, self-healing, staple-free feature, and 6 steel-tip darts. The product also comes with a wooden cabinet with arcade wood doors, built-in scoreboards, and storage compartments for the darts. The product is available in various styles, such as Bellevue, Chatham, Kingsbury, Sherwood, and Woodhaven.


  • Professional quality dartboard: The dartboard is crafted from premium sisal material that self-heals after every throw and has a staple-free bullseye target that enhances the board’s durability and performance.
  • An Authentic and stylish cabinet: The wooden cabinet has a rustic design that complements any pub room, game room, or man cave. The arcade wood doors feature magnetic closures and metal hinges that ensure the cabinet’s stability and longevity.
  • Complete accessories set: The product has everything you need for a regulation darts game, including 6 steel-tip darts with flights, a removable steel number ring, a marker, and a mounting bracket.
  • Lightweight & easy to install: The product has a large, regulation-size target face that is light and easy to mount on any wall. The product dimensions are 24 x 24 x 3.5 inches and weigh 27.55 pounds.
  • LED lights option: The Woodhaven style offers an extra feature of LED lights that brighten up the dartboard and create a professional ambiance for the game.

Technical Details

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎‎‎‎‎29.53 x 29.53 x 5.91 inches
Package Weight15.68 Kilograms
Brand Name‎‎Barrington Billiards
Material‎Engineered Wood
Manufacturer‎‎‎Medal Sports – DROPSHIP


This product is a great choice for anyone who loves playing darts or wants to add fun and excitement to their home. The product has a high-quality dartboard that can last a long time and a stylish cabinet that can store and display the darts and scores. The product also has different styles to suit other preferences and tastes. I especially like the Woodhaven style with the LED lights that make the game more thrilling and enjoyable. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a professional and authentic dartboard cabinet set.

High-quality bristle dartboard with self-healing and staple-free featuresExpensive compared to other dartboard products
A wooden cabinet with arcade wood doors and built-in scoreboardsIt may require some assembly and installation
Traditional accessories included such as 6 steel-tip darts, flights, marker, and mounting a bracketIt may not be suitable for small spaces or children
Multiple styles are available such as Bellevue, Chatham, Kingsbury, Sherwood, and WoodhavenThe dartboard may not be compatible with soft-tip darts or electronic scoring systems
LED lights option for Woodhaven style
Pros Cons Barrington Collection Dartboards

5. EastPoint Sports Bristle Dartboard and Cabinet Set

EastPoint Sports Derbyshire Official Size Dart Board Cabinet Set- Easy-Assembly & Complete with 6…
  • OFFICIAL SIZE TOURNAMENT DART BOARD – Whether you’re looking to play professional darts or just-for-fun, you can enhance…
  • EASY-ASSEMBLY, STYLISH MOUNT CABINET – Complete with (2) chalk dart scoreboards, built-in dart holders for up to 6…
  • SELF-HEALING SISAL FIBER – The Derbyshire dartboard is made of high-density, sisal fiber that naturally heals itself,…
  • EXTENDED LIFESPAN – Rotating the movable steel number ring enhances durability while the heavy-duty steel spider ensures…
  • NON-STOP FUN – EastPoint Sports, and our family of recreational brands, design and deliver indoor and outdoor games with…


The EastPoint Sports Bristle Dartboard and Cabinet Sets is a product that offers a complete dart game experience for beginners and experts alike. The product includes an official size 18-inch bristle dartboard, a wooden cabinet with chalk scoreboards and dart holders, and six deluxe steel tip darts. The product is easy to assemble and mount on the wall and comes with all the accessories needed to start playing right away.


  • An easy-to-mount wooden cabinet with magnetic closure and elegant design.
  • Self-healing bristle dartboard with official size and a high density
  • Movable steel number ring and staple-free bullseye for reduced bounce-outs
  • Heavy-duty steel spider and outer steel number ring for a consistent playing surface
  • Chalk scoreboards and dart holders on cabinet doors for convenient scoring and storage
  • Six deluxe steel tip darts with brass barrels, nylon shafts, and poly flights
  • Chalk, eraser, hardware, and wall template are included for easy setup and play.

Technical Details

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎‎‎‎‎25 x 21.75 x 4.75 inches
Package Weight11.61 Kilograms
Brand Name‎‎EastPoint Sports
Material‎Alloy Steel, Sisal
Manufacturer‎‎‎EastPoint Sports


I think this product is a great choice for anyone who enjoys playing darts or wants to learn how to play. The product offers a high-quality dartboard and cabinet set that is easy to install and use and comes with everything you need to start playing immediately. The product is durable, attractive, and fun to play with. I recommend this product to anyone looking for a reliable, affordable dart game set.

Self-healing bristle dartboard that lasts a longerChalk dust may be messy
Movable steel number ring that extends the board’s lifeCabinet may not fit all wall types
Staple-free bullseye that reduces bounce-outsDarts may need frequent sharpening
Heavy-duty steel spider that provides a consistent playing surfaceCabinet hinges may be loose or squeaky
A stylish wooden cabinet that protects the board and adds decor
Pros Cons EastPoint Sports Bristle Dartboard and Cabinet Set

6. Viper by GLD Products Shot King Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard

Viper by GLD Products Shot King Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard Set with Bullseye Metal…
  • Self-Healing Sisal Fibers – Compressed sisal fibers heal over time, ensuring your dart board is always ready for more,…
  • Circular Spider Wire – Galvanized steel spider wire and staple-free bullseye helps to reduce bounce-outs and deflections
  • Regulation Size – 17.75” diameter face so you’ll play on the same size dart board as the pros
  • Rotating Number Ring – Detachable number ring allows you to rotate the board, letting the sisal fibers heal and…
  • Easy Setup – Includes easy-to-use mounting hardware, two sets of darts, a throw line, and throw line measuring tape so…


The Viper Shot King Sisal Dartboard is a professional-quality steel tip dartboard with six darts and mounting hardware. It has self-healing sisal fibers that ensure long life and reduce bounce-outs. It has a movable number ring allows you to rotate the board and extend its life. It also has a staple-free bullseye and a galvanized steel spider wire that separate the scoring segments.


  • Self-Healing Sisal Fibers: The board is crafted from compressed sisal fibers that recover quickly after each dart throw, ensuring a long-lasting and smooth surface for your steel tip darts.
  • Circular Spider Wire: The board features a galvanized steel spider wire that minimizes bounce-outs and deflections by providing a sleek and even surface for your darts to land on.
  • Regulation Size: The board measures 17.75” in diameter, the standard size for professional dart tournaments and competitions.
  • Rotating Number Ring: The board has a removable number ring that lets you rotate the board periodically, allowing the sisal fibers to heal evenly and prolonging the dartboard’s life span.
  • Staple-Free Bullseye: The board has a staple-free bullseye that eliminates obstacles or interference for your darts, helping you achieve your target and reducing bounce-outs.
  • Easy Setup: This board includes all you need to start playing immediately, easy-to-use mounting hardware, two sets of darts, a tape to measure the throw line, and a throw line.

Technical Details

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎‎‎‎‎18 x 18 x 2 inches
Package Weight4.72 Kilograms
Brand Name‎‎Viper by GLD Products
Manufacturer‎‎‎Viper by GLD Products


I think the Viper Shot King Sisal Dartboard is a great product for anyone who enjoys playing darts. It is well-made, durable, and easy to set up. It has a nice design and a smooth surface that make it fun and challenging to play. It also comes with everything you need to start playing right away. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a high-quality dart board at an affordable price.

SDurable and self-healing sisal fibersThe board is heavy and may require sturdy support
Smooth and low-bounce surfaceIt may have some odor when new
Regulation size and movable number ringMay need regular rotation to prevent wear
Staple-free bullseye and steel spider wireIt may not be compatible with some dart holders or cabinets
Easy to set up and comes with accessories
Pros Cons Viper by GLD Products Shot King Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard

7. WINMAU Diamond Plus Tournament Bristle Dartboard

WINMAU Diamond Plus Tournament Bristle Dartboard
  • Official tournament bristle dartboard staple-free bullseye allows higher scores and fewer bounce-outs
  • Endorsed by the British Darts Organization; ideal use with steel-tip
  • Angled divider wire directs darts for true scores
  • Constructed from self-healing sisal fibers tightly bound for maximum durability
  • Removable number ring for easy board rotation and extended playing life; board size: 17.75 in. diameter x 1.5 in.


The WINMAU Diamond Plus Tournament Bristle Dartboard is a high-quality dartboard that offers a professional playing experience for dart enthusiasts. It features a staple-free bullseye that reduces bounce-outs and increases scoring the potential and an angled divider wire that ensures accurate and fair results.

The dartboard is made of durable and self-healing sisal fibers that can withstand repeated use and provide a smooth surface for darts. The number ring on the dartboard can be taken off to enable simple board rotation and longer playing life. The British Darts Organization approves of the WINMAU Diamond Plus Tournament Bristle Dartboard, which is perfect for steel-tip darts.


  • Enjoy a professional dart game with this tournament bristle dartboard.
  • A staple-free bullseye that reduces bounce-outs and increases scores.
  • The angled divider wire ensures accurate scoring and the self-healing sisal fibers offer lasting durability.
  • It can also rotate the removable number ring to extend the board’s playing life.
  • Steel-tip darts work well with this dartboard, which is endorsed by the British Darts Organization.
  • The board measures 17.75 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches in thickness.

Technical Details

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎‎‎‎‎‎17.99 x 17.83 x 1.97 inches
Package Weight‎5.01 Kilograms
Brand Name‎‎Winmau


I bought this dartboard as a gift for my husband, who loves playing darts with his friends. He was very happy with it and said it was one of the best dartboards he ever used. He liked the quality and feel of the board, as well as reduced bounce-outs and accurate scoring. He said it was easy to install and rotate and looked great on the wall. He also appreciated that it came with a set of steel-tip darts and a booklet with some tips and rules. He said he would recommend this dartboard to anyone who enjoys playing at home or in a pub.

High-quality and durable dartboardThe dartboard has a premium price tag that may not suit every budget
Staple-free bullseye and angled divider wire for better scoringThe dartboard needs to be cleaned and rotated regularly to maintain its quality and performance
Self-healing sisal fibers for a smooth surfaceIt is quite heavy and large, so it may not fit well in smaller or crowded spaces
The board’s life is longer and its rotation is easier when you remove the number ring.The dartboard can create some noise or vibration when the darts hit it, which may be annoying or distracting
Approved by the British Darts Organization
Pros Cons WINMAU Diamond Plus Tournament Bristle Dartboard


What is 501 Darts Called?

The game of darts played with the starting score of 501 points is commonly referred to as “501 darts.” It is a popular and widely played format in both casual and professional darts competitions. In this game, each player starts with a score of 501 points and takes turns throwing three darts at the dartboard to reduce their score.

The objective is to reach exactly zero points by subtracting the score achieved with each throw from the total until the player reaches or goes below zero. The player who reaches exactly zero points with the fewest number of throws is the winner.

Where Do Professional Dart Players Aim?

Professional dart players aim for specific areas on the dartboard, depending on the game and the scoring strategy they employ. Here are some common areas that professional players aim for:

Dart Players Aim

Treble 20 (T20)

The treble 20 is the most commonly targeted area by professional players. It is the innermost ring of the number 20 segment on the dartboard and carries the highest point value (60 points). Hitting this area consistently allows players to accumulate points quickly and efficiently.

Other Treble Segments

Professional players also aim for other treble segments, such as treble 19 (T19) and treble 18 (T18), depending on the game and their preferred scoring strategy. These segments provide high point values and can be targeted strategically to maximize scoring opportunities.


The bullseye, consisting of the outer bull (25 points) and the inner bull or bullseye (50 points), is another crucial area targeted by professional players. While it carries fewer points compared to the treble segments, hitting the bullseye can be decisive in certain game situations, such as finishing a game with a double or starting a game with the highest possible score.

Other Doubles and Triples

Professional players also aim for specific double and triple segments on the dartboard, depending on the game and the required finishing combination. Hitting a double or triple segment can be essential for closing out a game by reaching a specific score or achieving a perfect finish.

It’s important to note that different players may have their own preferred areas to aim for based on their throwing style, strengths, and preferred strategies. Some players may prioritize consistency and accuracy over high-risk, high-reward shots, while others may have a more aggressive style, aiming for maximum points. Ultimately, professional players aim for the areas that allow them to score efficiently and strategically based on the specific requirements of the game they are playing.

Are Darts Steel or Tungsten?

Darts are commonly made with either steel or tungsten barrels. Both materials have their own advantages and are widely used by players of different skill levels. Here’s a breakdown of each:

Steel Darts

Steel darts typically have barrels made of brass or nickel-silver alloy. These darts are generally more affordable and are often preferred by beginner and casual players. They are relatively lighter compared to tungsten darts and may have a thicker barrel diameter. Steel darts are suitable for players who prefer a slower and more arcing trajectory.

Tungsten Darts

Tungsten is the material of choice for professional and advanced players due to its exceptional density. Tungsten darts have higher weight concentration in a smaller barrel size, allowing for a slimmer and more streamlined design. The higher density of tungsten enables tighter groupings and reduces the chances of bounce-outs. Tungsten darts are available in a range of percentages, with 80-90% tungsten being the most common among professionals.

It’s important to note that while the barrel material is different, both steel and tungsten darts can have various grip styles, shaft lengths, and flight configurations to suit individual player preferences. Ultimately, the choice between steel and tungsten darts depends on factors such as playing level, throwing style, and personal preference.


In conclusion, choosing the best professional dart board is essential for players looking to elevate their game to the highest level. The top options on the market offer exceptional durability, reduced bounce-outs, consistent playing surfaces, and adherence to tournament regulations.

These dartboards not only meet the stringent demands of professional play but also provide the durability and precision required for intensive practice sessions. By investing in one of these top-quality dartboards, professional players can enhance their skills, accuracy, and overall playing experience, setting themselves up for success on the competitive stage.

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  • Can A Dart Board Be Left Outside

    Can A Dart Board Be Left Outside

    Key Takeaways It may seem like a smart idea to leave your dart board outdoors, but there are a few things you should know before. In this article, I will look into the following: Traditional sisal (bristle) dartboards are not meant to be stored outdoors for long periods of time. Here’s why: Moisture is the…

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  • How To Restore Dart Board

    How To Restore Dart Board

    Key Takeaways: “Got a worn-out dartboard? No worries! First, using a damp cloth, clean off any surface dirt. Then, brush the curved surface gently with a wire brush. If it’s dry, sprinkle a little clean water. Let the dartboard dry flat. Hang it up again with a dartboard cover, and it’ll be like new!” In…

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