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Best Magnetic Dartboards in 2023




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Are you looking for a new way to have fun with family and friends? Magnetic dartboards might just be the perfect game for you. This classic, fast-paced game has been around since the early 19th century but has recently gotten an upgrade in technology. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best magnetic dartboards available on today’s market so you can find one that suits your needs!

Best Magnetic Dartboards

“Looking for the top magnetic dartboards in 2023? 🎯 We’ve got you covered! These boards are safe, fun, and great for all ages. They stick well and don’t damage walls. Check out our list to find the best one for your game time! 👍”

Using magnets instead of actual darts, magnetic dartboards are safer than their traditional counterparts while still keeping all the thrill of playing darts.

    What is a Magnetic Dartboard?

    A magnetic dartboard is an innovative game that gives people the experience of playing darts without any of the risks associated with traditional boards. It works by replacing the real steel tips of darts with suction cups or tiny magnets, making it safe to play the game indoors or outdoors.

    Magnetic Dartboard

    Magnetic dartboards also come with their own set of cups that house their magnets, making them travel-friendly and lightweight. These boards allow you to practice aiming and throwing in a more controlled environment, making accuracy easier to master. Due to their durable construction and flexible features, magnetic dartboards are a great choice for anyone looking for a fun, safe way to enjoy darts.

    How to Choose the Best Magnetic Dartboards

    When looking for the best magnetic dartboards, there are a few things to consider. Size is an important factor, as some boards may be too large for smaller spaces or too small for larger rooms. Price should also be taken into account; while you don’t want to sacrifice quality, you don’t want to overpay either.

    Durability and Ease of Use 
Also Need to Be Kept in Mind

    Durability and ease of use also need to be kept in mind; it should last through repeated games without taking too much time and effort when setting up and taking down the board. Finally, look at the dart set; make sure it has all the features you want, like a locking mechanism or double-sided magnetic darts. Doing your research and comparing different board styles carefully can help ensure that you choose the perfect magnetic dartboard for your space and needs.

    The 5 Best Magnetic Dartboards

    Magnetic dartboards have become an increasingly popular hobby for players of all ages, and for good reason! Magnetic dartboards offer a safe way to play darts without the risk of sharp metal darts or holes in walls or furniture. The best magnetic dart boards provide high-quality construction, bright colors, quality magnets that firmly hold your darts in place, and durable surfaces so you can enjoy hours of games with friends or family.

    Different brands offer different types of dart boards, ranging from advanced tournament-style circuit boards to simple beginner-friendly targets for the whole family. With these many options available in the market, finding the right board to suit your needs is now easier than ever before! Here are the five magnetic dartboards:

    1. Doinkit Darts – Magnetic Dart Board

    Doinkit Dart Magnetic Dartboards – Large Premium Design – 6 Kid Safe Durable Doinkit Darts – 20+ Fun…
    • BULLSEYE: All the fun of classic darts without harm to pets, or people! Light, durable flights keep arrows flying…
    • FAMILY FUN FOR GAME NIGHT: Safety darts are perfect for children. Boys and girls will learn coordination and have fun…
    • CLASSIC DESIGN FOR TRADITIONAL DART GAMES: The board has all the same characteristics as the classic, right down to the…
    • ACCURATE FLIGHT: Balanced neodymium magnet tips never need replacing & never lose their strength. The space age flights…
    • DURABLE & STRONG FOR YEARS OF PLAY: 1- 16″ Board, 6 – Safe Magnetic Darts (3 Each of 2 Colors). Perfect for a game room,…


    The Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board is a versatile indoor wall game suitable for players of all ages. The Giggle N Go Magnetic Dart Board features premium designs and durable, child-friendly magnetic darts for extended hours of enjoyment. I have purchased this twice once for each of my six-year-old nephews. One of the boys has an 11 yr old sis and a 13 yr old bro and all the kids played with it so I would say a big yes!  The quality is good enough for the price but I am not an expert just an occasional player.



    Enjoy the excitement of traditional darts without worrying about hurting pets or people! The lightweight and durable flights ensure that the darts fly straight and the strong accuracy.

    Parents can rest easy knowing that safe darts are a great option for children. Both boys and girls can enjoy improving their coordination and have fun without any concerns about their safety or the safety of their surroundings.

    The board features all the traditional elements, including the appearance of cracks on the surface, size, design, and targets.

    The balanced neodymium magnetic tips will never need to be replaced and will always maintain their strength. The durable, futuristic flights ensure that the darts fly straight every time they are thrown.

     This Dart Board comes with a 16-inch board and a set of six secure magnetic darts, consisting of three each of two colors. It is ideal for a game room, dorm, kids’ play area, or outdoor patio and is appropriate for adults and children aged 6 and above.

    BrandMarky Sparky
    MaterialAlloy Steel
    Item Dimensions LxWxH13.82 x 2.68 x 16.73 inches
    Included ComponentsMEGA Metal Dartboard, 2 Game Board Pieces, Dry Erase Marker, 3 Red Doinkit Pro Darts, 3 Blue Doinkit Pro DartsMEGA Metal Dartboard, 2 Game Board Pieces, Dry Erase Marker, 3 Red Doinkit Pro Darts, 3 Blue Doinkit Pro Darts


    The magnets also ensure that the darts stick securely to the board, making the game more enjoyable and accurate. The lightweight darts are easy to handle and the set includes six darts, providing enough for multiple players to enjoy the game at the same time. The board is made of high-quality materials and is built to last, making it a great investment for years of fun. Whether you’re looking for a fun activity for kids, an adult game room, or a gift for a friend, the Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board is an excellent choice.

    The set includes three attractive designs that add to the overall appeal of the product.Can only be used indoors and is not suitable for outdoor play
    The board and darts are made of high-quality materials and are built to last.The magnetic design may not be suitable for everyone and traditional darts cannot be used with this board.
    The board is easy to mount and can be hung on any wall for quick access.Some players may want additional darts for a larger group.
    Suitable for players of all ages, making it a great option for families, friends, and co-workers.
    The set includes six darts, providing enough for multiple players to enjoy the game at the same time.
    Pros Cons Doinkit Darts – Magnetic Dart Board

    2. Magnetic Dart Board – 12pcs Magnetic Darts (Red Green Yellow)

    Magnetic Dart Board – 12pcs Magnetic Darts (Red Green Yellow) – Excellent Indoor Game and Party…
    • Fun Dartboard Game for Any Age – Containing 13 inch magnetic dartboard, set of 12 safe magnetic darts, comes with darts…
    • Double-sided Target Dartboard – There are two game rules in one board, traditonal standard dartboard on front and…
    • Safe for Children to Play – The darts are unlike real darts (the tips are magnetic rather than needle-like sharp), gives…
    • Great Addition to the Backyard – Hung the dartboard on the pergolat and it will a perfect way to get the kids out of the…
    • Excellent Dartboard with Less Bounce out – It is great gift option for a child interested in playing darts. Perfect for…


    This 13-inch magnetic dartboard is a fun game for people of all ages. Its compact size and portability make it a great option for those who want to save space. The set includes 12 safe magnetic darts and instructions on how to install them on the wall. It is easy to use for both kids and adults, and can only be mounted on walls.

    I enjoy playing with my cousin who is 10 years old but they have magnetic darts … I think it’s a fun personality. The kids love this dartboard. It is reversible. The darts are not sharp or dangerous. You can hang the board or lay it flat on the floor and toss the darts.


     The Magnetic Dart Board package includes a 13-inch board, 12 safe magnetic darts, and a hanging guide.

     Its compact size, sturdy darts, and easy installation make it suitable for both children and adults to use.

    A dartboard game that doubles as an archery dartboard on the rear and a conventional regular dartboard on the front.

    The magnetic darts are safe for children to play with as their tips are magnetic instead of needle-sharp like traditional darts. This creates the same feeling of playing a real game of darts, but without the risk of damaging kids or furniture.

    The dart board can be hung on a pergola in the backyard, providing a fun and safe outdoor activity for the whole family. This will encourage kids to spend time outside and have a good time without having to worry about hurting anyone or damaging anything.

    This Dartboard is an excellent choice for a gift for children who love playing darts. It can be used in a game room, dorm, office, kids play area or even while camping and is suitable for both kids and adults. It is an ideal educational toy for children aged 5 to 8 and above

    ProductMagnetic Dart Board
    Included Darts12pcs Magnetic Darts (Red, Green & Yellow colour)
    UsageIndoor & outdoor
    Target audience5-12 Year Old Boys and Kids
    TypeMagnetic Dart Board Toys
    Gift   Weight :     Manufacturer recommended age  Excellent Gift for Kids   2.03 pounds (0.91 kg)      3 years up  


    The magnetic feature of the darts makes it a safe choice for kids as young as 5 years old. The colorful darts add an element of fun and make it a perfect gift for kids between the ages of 5 to 12. The board is lightweight and easy to install, making it convenient for people to set up and play anywhere. I recommend those who are planning to buy the Magnetic Dart Board, It is an excellent choice for those looking for a fun and safe indoor game.

    The magnetic darts eliminate the risk of injury as they stick to the board without piercing it.Magnetic darts do not fly through the air, so the range of movement is limited compared to traditional darts.
    The magnetic darts are easy to retrieve, so the game can be played without interruption.The magnetic darts do not behave like real darts, so the game may feel less realistic to some players.
    The set includes red, green, and yellow darts, which makes the game more visually appealing.Some players may prefer the traditional darts, and the magnetic version may not be as appealing to them.
    The magnetic dart board is perfect for indoor play, making it an excellent option on rainy days or during cold weather.Magnetic dart boards and darts can be more expensive than traditional dart boards and darts.
    The magnetic dart board is appropriate for kids as young as 5 years old, making it a great family game.The magnetic darts are not suitable for outdoor play, so the game can only be played indoors.
    The magnetic dart board is an excellent option for parties as it is easy to set up and fun for all ages.The scoring system can be confusing, making it difficult for some players to keep track of their score.
    The magnetic dart board may not be as durable as traditional dart boards and may need to be replaced over time.
    Pros Cons Magnetic Dart Board – 12pcs Magnetic Darts (Red Green Yellow)

    3. STREET WALK Kids Board Magnetic Dart Game

    STREET WALK Magnetic Dart Board – 12pcs Magnetic Dart – Excellent Indoor Game and Party Games – Safe…
    • Magnetic Double Sides Dart Board – 12 pcs Magnetic Darts – Classic Game – Enjoy the fun of all the same characteristics…
    • Magnetic Darts: 4 type colours for many people to play.No sharp edge,Safe and durable darts will not harm walls or kids.
    • Strong and Balanced Neodymium Magnets: Keeping the dart always flying accurately for optimal dart performance and will…
    • Family or Party Fun:Dart game with family or friends. Learn the game of darts.Comes with a hook and be easy to hang or…
    • Develop the kids hand eye coordination this is an old classic kids game.they’ll be developing important hand eye…


    The STREET WALK Kids Board Magnetic Dart Game is a fun and safe way for kids to enjoy the classic game of darts. The set comes with 12 magnetic darts, each in a different color, which is designed to stick securely to the board without piercing it. This makes the game ideal for indoor play and eliminates the risk of injury, making it suitable for children as young as 5 years old.

    I would contact Amazon customer service which I’ve found are great with replacements and returns. The magnetic darts improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, making them not only fun but educational as well. I personally haven’t had any problems with the magnetic dart board or darts. After researching different boards this one was the best. We stand about 5-6 feet away and the darts stick. Maybe standing too close might be the reason they are falling off. Hope this helps!


    • It comes with instructions on how to properly mount the board on the wall and the darts are strong enough to stick to the board securely. This size is ideal for kids and adults and the easy-to-use design makes it a great choice for both. The only installation requirement is to mount it on a wall, making it convenient for players of all ages.
    • With an archery dartboard on one side and a conventional regular dartboard on the other, this dartboard offers two gaming styles on a single board. Where they strike, the magnetic darts instantly and firmly adhere to the board. By encouraging a child’s sense of challenge and competition, this dartboard toy can act as an educational and motivational tool.
    • The magnetic tips on the darts, as opposed to the sharp needle-like tips on real darts, give the impression that you are playing a genuine game of darts. The magnetic darts don’t harm children and don’t have to worry about causing damage to the furniture or walls. can be used both inside and outside.
    • A terrific method to get kids outside of the house and spend time in the backyard is to hang the dartboard on the pergola. Kids can’t hurt anyone or damage anything because the magnetic darts are safe. It’s a family-friendly outdoor pastime that is both entertaining and secure. This is a wonderful way to bring outdoor entertainment inside and keep everyone happy.
    • This dartboard makes a great gift for children who are interested in playing darts. It’s suitable for a game room, dorm, office, kids play area, or camping, and can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. It’s an educational toy that is ideal for boys and girls aged 5 and up. The magnetic design makes it safe for everyone, making it a great option for families and friends to play together.

    Package Dimensions :  13.7 x 13.7 x 1.73 inches

    Item Weight: 2.03 pounds

    ASIN: B091H98HJV

    Manufacturer recommended age 3 YEARS UP

    Best Sellers Rank :      #3,466 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
    #5 in Dartboards

    Customer Reviews:    4.5 OUT OF 5

    Manufacturer:    STREET WALK


    The magnetic darts stick securely to the board, eliminating the risk of injury and making it suitable for kids. The game is easy to set up and can be played by individuals or in groups, making it great for socializing. Purchased for the 8-year-old boy. He loves it! The adults enjoy throwing the darts too. Great for family fun. Love the magnetic feature.

    While it may not provide the same level of challenge as traditional darts, it is still an enjoyable and educational game that can help improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Overall, the STREET WALK Kids Board Magnetic Dart Game is a great option for families looking for a safe and entertaining indoor game.

    On a thin head nail, so you have the choice of flipping it over to use both sides.You have to make sure that you have a decent form when you throw otherwise you may hit the board but the dart will fal.
    Extra dart purchase option available.The magnetic strength of the darts may decrease over time.
    It’s super easy to set up and really fun the play. The magnets are strong too.The size of the board may be too small for some players.
    The board itself seems sturdy and has 2 different sides to play on is a plus.May not be suitable for professional or competitive play.
    Affordable and great value for money.
    Pros Cons STREET WALK Kids Board Magnetic Dart Game

    4. Magnetic Dart Board Game – 12pcs – Best Kids Magnetic Darts Boys Toys Gifts Indoor Outdoor Games for Family and Friends

    Magnetic Dart Board Game – 12pcs – Best Kids Magnetic Darts Boys Toys Gifts Indoor Outdoor Games…
    • MODERN TWIST ON A CLASSIC GAME: The magnetic dart board comes with quality, durable magnetic darts that stick every…
    • FAMILY & FRIEND FUN: Get all your friends and family together and learn the game of darts in safe way. Improve hand-eye…
    • TELL US MORE: Innovative design with little numbers to give you the scoring of each slot to also help improve math…
    • MAGNETIC DART BOARD TOY AND GAME: Addicting indoor game that will keep you coming back for hours of fun. Works great for…
    • INCLUDED IN THIS DARTBOARD: 14.5” Magnetic Dartboard, Set of 12 safe magnetic darts, 6 red and 6 green darts. Comes in…


    Everybody knows darts and people are always drawn to throw at least a few. Whether you want to gift it to somebody or put it up in your house we’re sure it will be a popular item. With these magnetic dart tips, you don’t need to worry about kids getting hurt or scratching up your walls, it’s safe for everyone and everything.

    There Not only is the dart board very sturdy and exceeded my expectations but the funs parks customer service is amazing! The package was missing the 6 red darts. I contacted fun sparks and they sent a set out to us the next morning no questions asked! Would definitely buy from them again!


    • This Dart Board comes with durable, reliable magnetic darts that always attach securely to the board. Unlike traditional darts with sharp tips, these magnetic darts won’t cause damage to walls or harm children, making them an ideal choice for kids of all ages and skill levels.
    • The innovative design features small numbers that provide a scoring system for each slot, enhancing mathematical skills as well.
    • This Dart Board is an addictive indoor game that will provide hours of entertainment.
    • It is appropriate for usage in a variety of locations, including playrooms for family game nights, offices, houses,  birthday celebrations,, and more.
    • Its set is packaged in a visually appealing cardboard box, making it a great choice for gift wrapping for special occasions such as birthdays or Christmas for kids.
    • The package comes with a reversible mat that showcases a classic darts design on one side and a monster-themed graphic on the other.

    Item Weight: 2.03 pounds (0.91 kg)

    Manufacturer recommended age 3 YEARS UP

    Customer Reviews: 4.5 OUT OF 5

    Manufacturer: FUNSPARKS


    It was a big success as a Christmas gift for Children. It’s safe and even the parents love it. All ages can play. It is very sturdy and works well.  got this as a camping game. The board is super lightweight that can be easily hung with a nail. The darts are super strong, so they hold nicely on the board. They don’t throw like regular darts though. However, it’s perfect for a camping game, or for kids. It’s worth it for the low cost.

    Suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.Can be used as a solo game or with multiple players.
    Durable board and darts, made to withstand regular use.The magnetic darts may not stick as well to the board if it is not kept flat.
    Provides a fun and interactive game for kids and families.The board may not hold up as well over time with regular use.
    Helps develop hand-eye coordination and aim.Magnetic darts can sometimes come loose from the board and get lost.
    Magnetic darts stick to the board easily, reducing frustration and making it easier for younger players to play.
    Easy to set up and start playing.
    Can be used as a solo game or with multiple players.
    Pros Cons Magnetic Dart Board Game – 12pcs – Best Kids Magnetic Darts Boys Toys Gifts Indoor Outdoor Games for Family and Friends

    5. Giggle N Go Magnetic Dart Board Kids


    The Giggle N Go Magnetic Dart Board is an exciting and safe toy for kids. It comes with six magnetic darts and a dart board that can be easily mounted on a wall. The magnetic darts ensure that there is no risk of injury, making it a perfect toy for kids of all ages.

    The darts stick to the board securely, providing a realistic dart-throwing experience. The board is brightly colored and has a fun design, making it an attractive addition to any playroom. The compact size of the Giggle N Go Magnetic Dart Board makes it easy to store and transport. It’s a great gift for kids who love indoor games and is sure to provide hours of fun.


    • Reversible Magnetic Dartboard, magnetic darts is always a fun game for the kids. they will develop their maths skills, and play a safe game of kids darts at the same time.
    • 2 Magnetic Games on this Dart Board for Kids,  standard darts on the front and turn it around and mix it up with another safe dart game of magnetic darts for kids on the back. Nothing like some great family fun with our dart board for kids
    • To improve their hand-eye coordination of children This is a beloved childhood dart game. As they count and giggle, kids will be enhancing their hand-eye coordination, which is crucial. a fantastic option for presents for boys’ birthdays or Christmas 2020
    • Two sets of perfectly balanced, incredibly powerful magnets are included with this superbly constructed dart game. Ideal as gifts for children over 5 years old, both genders
    • Well balanced and accurate.

    Brand:   Giggle N Go


    Age Range: 5 years

    Date First Available ‏ : July 23, 2019

    ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07VL4S4V4


    Magnets stick to it well. Ease of use for my 6-year-old. Its good design makes it fun!  I purchased the Giggle N Go set – however, upon receiving the board and darts, it was clear that this was a well-designed and fun starter dart set for kids. They love the option of the monster target, and I remain very impressed with the reliability of the darts sticking to the board. Granted, there are occasional ‘bounce outs’ or cascading positions. But the dart weight, magnet sticking ability, and fun design make this an excellent kit

    Comes nicely packed that protects the content for a longer durationCHOKING HAZARD-Small parts.
    It Comes with two sets of neodymium magnetic darts that are properly balanced and incredibly powerful to accommodate different tastes.Sometimes hit sideways and slide down the target
    Magnet sticking ability ensures a strong hold.
    No sharp edges.
    Pros Cons Giggle N Go Magnetic Dart Board Kids


    Are Magnetic Dart Boards Worth It?

    Magnetic dart boards are certainly worth it if you’re looking to sharpen up your dart-playing skills. They provide a safe, risk-free way of honing one’s accuracy and technique without danger of injury to everyone involved in the game. What’s more, unlike traditional steel or wooden boards they won’t damage walls and offer a host of activities available including classic darts, ‘Around the World’ games, and other variations that can be just as enjoyable.

    Plus they come with all the accessories you need (darts, marker pens, etc.) and easy setup instructions so you can start playing right away. So if you’ve been thinking about getting a new dart board for yourself or for your family this season – a magnetic dart board may be a perfect choice.

    Do Magnetic Dart Boards Work?

    Magnetic dart boards offer a unique alternative to regular boards, as the darts contain magnets, rather than sharp edges. This means that you no longer have to worry about injuries from the darts, making them a child and pet-friendly option. There are magnet strengths to account for different weights of darts and easier sticking experience. The boards come with all the necessary pieces such as bolts, washers, screws, and anchors and you can easily hang them on nearly any wall!

    Magnetic dart boards work by having magnets in both the board itself and in each individual dart; when these two magnets are brought together they will stick as opposing forces attract each other. If you want to give your family a good game night in or just spice up your home with a board game, magnetic dart boards are definitely an entertaining option!

    Is an Electronic Dart Board Better Than Magnetic Dart Board?

    An electronic dartboard is often seen as a premium product compared to magnetic dartboards. This is because it offers an array of features and benefits which provide users with an enjoyable, interactive experience. Electronic dart boards can be programmed to suit different skill levels, with multiple games, rules, and options available to choose from. They also come with built-in score displays which take out the hassle and tedium of checking scores manually.

    Additionally, they have safety features in place that minimize the chances of any serious injuries when playing darts – something that can’t be said for magnetic dart boards. Ultimately, those looking for a more sophisticated gaming experience should consider investing in an electronic dart board as it could make all the difference when it comes to enjoying darts.

    Final Thoughts

    If you’re in the market for a magnetic dartboard, make sure to check out our top picks. We’ve included options for every budget and style preference. Whether you’re looking for a classic board or something more modern, we have you covered. We have explored the best magnetic dartboards in 2023. Thanks for reading!

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