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Introducing electronic dartboards has brought a remarkable transformation to the world of dart enthusiasts. Among the various options available, those seeking the ultimate gaming experience can’t overlook the appeal of electronic dartboards with cabinets. 

Packed with advanced features like automated scoring, multiplayer capabilities, and a built-in cabinet for organized dart storage, these electronic dartboards promise endless hours of enjoyment for players of all proficiency levels. To aid you in making an informed decision for your game room or man cave, we will delve into some of the best electronic dartboards with cabinets currently available.

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electronic dartboard with cabinet

Why Cabinet is Important for Electronic Dartboard?

The presence of a cabinet is vital for an electronic dartboard for several compelling reasons. Firstly, the cabinet offers a designated and secure space to house the dartboard, protecting against accidental damage or mishaps. 

It shields the electronic dartboard and improves its overall appearance, lending a sophisticated and professional touch to the dartboard setup.

Beyond aesthetics, the cabinet serves a practical purpose by offering a convenient storage solution for the darts. It incorporates dedicated compartments or slots to keep the darts organized and easily accessible. This ensures that players always have their darts, saving them the time and frustration of searching for misplaced darts before a game. 

Such organized storage also prevents darts from being lost or damaged, ensuring they remain in excellent condition for prolonged use.

Electronic Dartboard with Cabinet

7 Best Electronic Dartboard With Cabinet

When it comes to the best electronic dartboard with a cabinet, there are a few top contenders that dart enthusiasts highly regard. Here are nine popular options:

Arachnid Cricket Maxx 1.0 electronic dart board with cabinet

The Arachnid Cricket Maxx 1.0 Electronic Dartboard Cabinet Set is a great choice. This set comes with a 13.5-inch electronic dartboard with 34 games and 183 variations to suit up to eight players of different skill levels. 

The wooden cabinet doors have a walnut finish that adds elegance and durability to the set. They also serve as storage for the darts and as protection for the board when unused. The large door-mounted backlit X/O cricket display lets you see the scores and stats in the popular pub-style format.

best electronic dart board with cabinet
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Product Benefits 

  • Advanced Electronic Scoring: One of the primary advantages of the Cricket Maxx 1.0 is its electronic scoring system. The dartboard automatically calculates and displays scores, eliminating the need for manual scorekeeping. This feature streamlines the game and prevents disputes over scores, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable playing experience for all participants.
  • Stylish Cabinet Design: The Cricket Maxx 1.0 has an attractive cabinet that protects the dartboard and adds a touch of elegance to any room. The sleek design allows the set to seamlessly blend in with various home decor styles, making it a stylish addition to any entertainment area or game room.
  • Voice and Sound Effects: To add a touch of excitement and interactivity, the Cricket Maxx 1.0 features voice prompts and sound effects. The voice prompt announces players’ names, the game, and the current scores, enhancing the game’s overall atmosphere. This feature adds fun and ensures players stay engaged throughout the match.

Product Features 

  • Enjoy a fun game of darts with this electronic dartboard cabinet that has a 13.5-inch target area
  • 34 games with 183 variations (4 cricket games)
  • Wooden cabinet doors with a walnut finish for stylish storage
  • The optional heckler feature mocks bad darts and applauds good scores
  • The dartboard can accommodate up to eight players and has two X/O cricket LCDs and four score displays.
  • Includes built-in dart holders and two sets of soft-tip darts

Product Specifications 

Package Dimension (L x B x H) 27 x 22.5 x 5.5 inches
Product Weight 14.3 Pounds
Brand Name Arachnid
Material Wood 
Manufacturer ESCQ9
electronic dart board with cabinet Product Specifications 


I enjoy playing with this dartboard cabinet set. It has a lot of games and options to choose from, and the heckler feature adds some humour and challenge to the game. The cabinet looks nice and sturdy, and the darts are easy to use and store. The display is clear and bright, and the sound effects are realistic. The only downside is that the board sometimes misses or double-counts the darts, so you must be careful and check the scores manually. Overall, this is an excellent product for anyone who loves darts.

👍 Pros👎Cons
Lots of games and variationsThe board may miss or double-count darts
Stylish and durable cabinetDarts may bounce off or break easily
Fun heckler featureThe cabinet doors may not close properly or may get scratched quickly
Clear and a bright displayIt may make loud noises or malfunction after prolonged use
Includes darts and holders

Franklin Sports Electronic Dart Board Sets – Soft Tip Electric Dartboard with Digital Scoreboard

The Franklin Sports Electronic Dart Board Set is a cutting-edge soft-tip electric dartboard with a digital scoreboard. This innovative dartboard set brings the classic game of darts into the modern era with its advanced features and user-friendly design.

The dartboard boasts a soft-tip system, making it safe for players of all ages and skill levels. The electronic scoring system eliminates manual scorekeeping, providing hassle-free gameplay and accurate score tracking. With multiple game options and variations, players can enjoy a diverse range of dart games for endless entertainment.

electronic dart board
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Product Benefits 

  • Safe and User-Friendly Soft-Tip System: The soft-tip system used in the Franklin Sports Electronic Dart Board Sets ensures safety during gameplay, making it suitable for players of all ages, including children. Unlike traditional steel-tip darts, soft-tip darts have rubber or plastic tips, reducing the risk of injuries or damage to walls and surrounding areas. 
  •  Multiplayer Fun: With support for multiplayer games, the Franklin Sports Electronic Dart Board Sets promote social interactions and friendly competition. These dartboard sets allow multiple players to participate simultaneously, making it an excellent addition to family gatherings, parties, or game nights with friends. The inclusive nature of this feature encourages bonding and creates memorable experiences.
  • Advanced Electronic Scoring: The dartboard’s electronic scoring system is a significant advantage of the Franklin Sports Electronic Dart Board Sets. The digital scoreboard automatically tracks and displays scores, eliminating the need for manual scorekeeping and reducing human errors. This feature streamlines the game and adds convenience and accuracy, ensuring fair play and preventing disputes over scores.

Product Features 

  • Advanced electronic scoring for accurate and hassle-free score tracking.
  • Multiplayer support for social interactions and competitive play.
  • Voice and sound effects for an engaging and immersive dart-playing experience.
  • Soft-tip system for safe and injury-free gameplay.
  • Compact and portable design for easy installation and mobility.

Product Specifications 

Product Dimension (L x B x H) 16 x 2 x 17 inches
Product Weight 2 Pounds 
Brand Name Franklin Sports 
Manufacturer Franklin Sports, Inc. 
Materials ABS 


Franklin Sports Electronic Dart Board Sets offer various benefits, including a safe soft-tip system, advanced electronic scoring, diverse game options, multiplayer fun, and space-saving design. These features make the dartboard sets ideal for players of all ages and settings, promoting interactive and enjoyable dart-playing experiences for everyone involved.

👍 Pros👎Cons
Electronic scoring eliminates the need for manual scorekeeping.Traditional dartboards may be less durable. 
Offers a wide range of game variations to cater to player preferences and skill levels.Technical issues, such as sensor errors, can occasionally disrupt gameplay.
Allows multiple players to participate simultaneously. Requires a power source to function that limits its use in areas
Compact design enables easy installation and mobility, 

Viper by GLD Products Neptune Electronic Dartboard Cabinet

Developed by GLD Products, a reputable manufacturer of dart-related equipment, the Viper Neptune offers a blend of modern technology and traditional dart gameplay.

One of the critical features of the Viper Neptune is its wide selection of games and variations. Players can choose from classic games like 301 and Cricket and numerous creative variations to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. The cabinet also includes multiplayer options, accommodating up to 16 players for competitive tournaments or casual group play.

best electronic dart boards
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Product Benefits 

  • Attractive and Durable Cabinet Design: The Viper Neptune features a stylish and durable cabinet design that complements any room’s decor. Crafted from sturdy materials, it protects the electronic dartboard when not in use. The cabinet’s professional appearance also adds a touch of sophistication to recreational spaces, such as game rooms or entertainment areas.
  • Convenient Storage and Organization: The Viper Neptune has built-in storage compartments for darts and other accessories, ensuring everything is conveniently within reach. Players can keep their darts neatly organized and readily accessible, eliminating the hassle of searching for equipment before each game.
  • Wide Variety of Games and Variations: With an extensive selection of classic games like 301 and Cricket and numerous creative variations, the Viper Neptune offers endless entertainment and challenges for players. The diverse game options cater to different skill levels and preferences, making it suitable for casual players and competitive enthusiasts. 


  • Advanced electronic dartboard with accurate sensor technology for precise scoring.
  • LED display for clear visibility of scores and game information.
  • Multiplayer capabilities accommodate up to 16 players for social play.
  • Built-in storage compartments for darts and accessories, keeping everything organized and accessible.

Products Specifications 

Product Dimension 21.5 x 26.5 x 3.5 inches 
Product Weight 20.3 Pounds 
Brand Name Viper by GLD Products 
Material Nylon 
Manufacturer GLD Products 


In my experience, Viper by GLD Products Neptune Electronic Dartboard Cabinet brings many benefits, combining advanced technology, diverse gameplay options, and an attractive design. Its long-lasting construction and convenient storage features make it a practical and stylish product. 

👍 Pros👎Cons
The advanced sensor technology ensures precise scoring. Can be relatively expensive. 
The elegant cabinet design complements the decor of any room. Electronic dartboards may require occasional maintenance.
Extensive selection of games offers endless entertainment and challenges. New users may need some time to get familiar with the interface.
Advanced sensor technology ensures precise scoring.

Arachnid Cricket Maxx 4.0 Electronic Dartboard Set

electronic dart board cabinet
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Arachnid Cricket Maxx 4.0 Electronic Dartboard Set is an innovative and advanced dartboard system designed to provide hours of fun and competitive gameplay for both beginners and seasoned dart players. 

Featuring cutting-edge technology, this electronic dartboard offers an array of exciting games, including the classic Cricket and 501, along with numerous variations to keep the entertainment fresh.

Furthermore, the dartboard set includes a convenient 6-dart storage area and six soft-tip darts, making it a comprehensive package suitable for home use or friendly competitions at parties. 

Product Benefits 

  • Interactive Heckler Feature: The integrated heckler feature adds an element of entertainment by providing humorous commentary and challenges during the game. It keeps players engaged and motivated to improve their darting skills.
  • Comprehensive Package: The Arachnid Cricket Maxx 4.0 Electronic Dartboard Set is complete, including six soft-tip darts and a convenient 6-dart storage area. This means users can start playing immediately without needing additional accessories, making it an excellent choice for beginners and seasoned players.
  • Advanced Technology: The Arachnid Cricket Maxx 4.0 Electronic Dartboard Set utilizes cutting-edge technology to enhance the overall darting experience. With its micro-thin segment dividers, the system reduces bounce-outs, ensuring more accurate and frustration-free gameplay.

Product Features 

  • Extensive selection of games, including Cricket and 501, with various exciting variations.
  • Complete package includes six soft-tip darts and a 6-dart storage area for convenience.
  • Large, brightly lit target area ensures excellent visibility during gameplay.
  • Advanced micro-thin segment dividers reduce bounce-outs for more accurate shots.

Product Specifications 

Product Dimension25 x 6.5 x 29.3 inches
Product Weight 10.9 Pounds 
Brand Name Arachnid 
Manufacturer Arachnid 


I recently purchased the Arachnid Cricket Maxx 4.0 Electronic Dartboard Set, which exceeded my expectations in every way. I knew I made the right choice when I set it up.

The standout feature for me is the versatility it offers. With 34 games and 183 variations, I always enjoy this dartboard. It’s perfect for solo practice sessions or entertaining friends during game nights. The variety of games keeps the competition fresh and exciting.

👍 Pros👎Cons
Micro-thin segment dividers enhance gameplay. Users have reported issues with the durability
Large, brightly lit target area ensures easy visibility.High price range.
Integrated heckler feature adds a unique element.Requires a power source, which limits portability. 
Comes with a complete package. 

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard is a high-quality and feature-rich dartboard designed to provide an exceptional darting experience for players of all skill levels. This electronic dartboard offers various game options, including the popular Cricket game 501 and exciting variations to keep players entertained.

One of the standout features of the Cricket Pro 800 is its large and well-lit target area, ensuring excellent visibility and precision during gameplay. The nylon tough segments enhance durability and reduce bounce-outs, while the micro-thin segment dividers improve accuracy.

 dart board cabinet
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Product Benefits 

  • Enhanced Visibility and Precision: The Cricket Pro 800 features a large and well-lit target area, offering excellent visibility even in low-light conditions. This allows players to aim more accurately, improving their performance and enjoyment. The bright LED displays and clear scoring interface make it easy to track scores, ensuring a seamless and immersive gaming experience.
  • Integrated Cabinet and Storage: The Cricket Pro 800 has an integrated cabinet that adds a touch of elegance to the setup and provides practical storage for darts and accessories. This feature keeps the playing area tidy and organized, preventing the loss of darts and making it convenient for players to have everything they need.
  • Superior Durability and Reduced Bounce-outs: The dartboard’s tough nylon segments and micro-thin segment dividers contribute to its durability and reduced bounce-outs. The robust nylon material ensures that the dartboard can withstand the impacts of frequent use. At the same time, the micro-thin dividers significantly decrease the chance of darts bouncing off the board, providing a smoother and more satisfying playing experience.

Product Features 

  • Bright LED displays and clear scoring interface. 
  • Nylon tough segments and micro-thin segment dividers enhance durability. 
  • Versatile gameplay options, including Cricket, 501, and exciting variations. 
  • Optional heckler feature adds a fun and competitive element. 
  • Built-in solo-play option allows players to practice and improve. 

Product Specifications 

Product Dimension 22.83 x 3.15 x 30.3 inches 
Product Weight 5 KG 
Brand Name Arachnid 
Manufacturer Arachnid 
Material Plastic 


As a customer, I found the Arachnid Cricket Maxx 4.0 Electronic Dartboard Set incredibly satisfying and enjoyable. The advanced technology, especially the micro-thin segment dividers, impressed me as it significantly reduced bounce-outs, resulting in more accurate and frustration-free dart throws.

The comprehensive package with six soft-tip darts and a convenient 6-dart storage area meant I had everything I needed to start playing immediately without requiring additional accessories.

👍 Pros👎Cons 
Integrated Cabinet and Storage Needs a power source to function, which may restrict its portability
Excellent Visibility Limited Customization 
Built-in solo play option and optional heckler featureUncertainty regarding the durability 
Versatile Gameplay 

Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard

The Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard is more than just a dartboard. It is a complete darting experience that combines a compact and durable target area with a sleek and convenient cabinet. It offers 28 games with 167 scoring options for up to 8 players or teams and a backlit LCD that tracks scores and averages.

Whether you want to play a classic game of 01, a challenging game of Cricket, or a fun game of Tic-Tac-Toe, Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard has you covered. It also comes with six starter soft-tip darts and an AC adapter, so you can start playing immediately. Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard is the perfect choice for anyone who loves darts and wants to enjoy them at home or with friends.

electronic dartboard with cabinet
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Product Benefits 

  • User-Friendly Interface: The Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard has a straightforward and intuitive interface, making it easy for players of all ages and skill levels to operate without hassle. The simple navigation and control buttons allow for quick adjustments and game selections.
  • Enhanced Gameplay Features: This electronic dartboard has a cyber-play feature, allowing players to compete against the computer at different skill levels. The multiplayer mode accommodates up to 8 players, making it an excellent choice for parties and gatherings. 

Product Features 

  • Compact 13.5″ target area with precision-engineered concave segment holes
  • Ultra-thin spider and extended catch ring for easy and accurate scoring
  • Backlit LCD that tracks scores and averages for 01 and Cricket games
  • 28 games with 167 scoring options for up to 8 players or teams
  • Built-in cabinet doors with storage space for 12 darts
  • Six starter soft-tip darts and an AC adapter included
  • Player vs. computer and handicap features available

Product Specifications 

Product Dimension 25.9 x 22.3 x 4.2 inches
Product Weight 6.26 kg 
Brand Name Fat Cat by GLD Products 
Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Manufacturer GLD Products 


The Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard is an excellent product for anyone who enjoys playing darts at home or with friends. Its features make it fun and easy to use, such as the LCD, the variety of games, and the cabinet design. It is also durable and reliable, with quality segments and a large catch ring. I recommend this product to anyone looking for a compact and versatile electronic dartboard.

👍 Pros👎Cons
A Compact and Versatile Area Require Frequent Tip Replacement 
Durable and Reliable Segment May not be Compatible with Other Darts 
Easy Scoring System Bad LCD Display 
Sleek Cabinet 
Varieties of Games 

Viper Orion Electronic Dartboard

The Viper Orion Electronic Dartboard is an advanced and innovative dartboard designed for casual players and severe dart enthusiasts. Offering cutting-edge technology and impressive features, the Viper Orion aims to revolutionize the traditional dartboard experience by providing an advanced 15.5″ HD display, crystal-clear interface and real-time scoring updates. Additionally, its voice and sound effects further enhance the gaming experience. The Viper Orion Electronic Dartboard also includes wireless connectivity, allowing players to connect with their smartphones or tablets for interactive features and online play.

best home electronic dart board
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Product Benefits 

  • Interactive and Wireless Connectivity: The Viper Orion Dartboard offers wireless connectivity, enabling players to connect their smartphones or tablets to the board. This feature opens up various interactive options, such as tracking performance statistics, participating in online tournaments, and engaging in virtual multiplayer matches with friends or players worldwide.
  • Engaging Audio and Voice Effects: To make the gaming experience more immersive, the Viper Orion incorporates interactive voice and sound effects. Players receive voice prompts for upcoming turns, game changes, and announcements, creating an exciting and interactive atmosphere. The audio effects add an element of fun and entertainment, especially during competitive play or friendly matches..
  • Reduced Bounce-Outs and Improved Durability: The Viper Orion features ultra-thin segment dividers that significantly reduce bounce-outs. This technology enhances the board’s scoring potential by minimizing deflections and ensuring darts stick to the target more effectively. 

Product Features 

  • Accommodates up to 16 Players. 
  • Features ultra-thin segment dividers to reduce bounce-outs. 
  • Wireless connection through smartphones. 
  • Incorporates interactive voice and sound effects.
  • Equipped with a high-definition 15.5″ display. 

Product Specifications 

Product Dimension ( L x B x H) 25 x 21 x 6 inches
Product Weight 6 Pounds 
Brand Name Viper by GLD Products
Material Plastic 
Manufacturer GLD Products 


Viper Orion Electronic Dartboard offers a range of benefits that elevate the dart-playing experience. Its advanced technology, diverse game selection, reduced bounce-outs, interactive connectivity, and engaging audio effects provide players with an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience suitable for all skill levels. Whether you’re a novice player or a seasoned darts enthusiast, the Viper Orion is designed to deliver hours of fun and entertainment. 

👍 Pros👎Cons
Wireless connectivity allows players to connect their devices and access online. Software and Connectivity Issues. 
Reduced Bounce-OutsRequire occasional maintenance or repairs for electronic components. 
High-quality materials ensure durability and longevity. Expensive 
Diverse Game Selection


How Does an Electronic Dart Board Work?

An electronic dartboard uses advanced technology to register and score dart throws accurately. Here’s a general overview of how an electronic dartboard works:

Target Surface: The dartboard’s target surface is made of a durable material such as nylon or sisal. It is divided into various numbered sections and segments, with each segment having a specific point value.

Sensors: The target surface of an electronic dartboard is embedded with sensors behind each segment. These sensors can detect the impact of a dart and determine the specific segment it hits.

Scoring System: When a dart hits the target surface, the sensors detect the exact location and send the information to the dartboard’s electronic circuitry. The circuitry calculates the score based on the segment hit and assigns the corresponding points.

Display and Feedback: The electronic dartboard has an LED or LCD display that shows the current player’s score, as well as the scores of other players in multiplayer games. Some dartboards may also have additional displays for game statistics or player rankings.

Game Modes and Features: Electronic dartboards offer a variety of game modes and features. They can include popular games such as 301, 501, and Cricket, along with various game variations. Many dartboards have built-in sound effects, voice prompts, and interactive features that enhance the gaming experience.

Power Source: Electronic dartboards require a power source, usually in the form of batteries or an AC adapter. The power source provides the necessary electrical energy to operate the sensors, display, and electronic circuitry.

Overall, an electronic dartboard combines sensors, electronic circuitry, and a display system to accurately detect dart throws and calculate scores in real-time. This technology eliminates the need for manual score keeping and ensures precise scoring for players of all skill levels.

What is an Electronic Dart?

An electronic dart, also known as an electronic dart tip or soft-tip dart, is a specialized type of dart designed for use with electronic dartboards. Unlike traditional steel-tip darts, which have a sharp metal tip, electronic darts have a plastic or nylon tip that is softer and more flexible.

The plastic tip of an electronic dart is typically rounded and blunted, making it safer and less likely to cause damage to the dartboard or surrounding area. The soft tip is designed to be inserted into small holes on the target surface of an electronic dartboard, where it makes contact with the sensors embedded behind each segment.

Is Magnetic Dart Good?

Magnetic darts are a safer alternative to traditional steel-tip darts, particularly for young children or those who are concerned about potential damage to walls or furniture. They are designed with a magnet embedded in the tip, which adheres to a magnetic dartboard rather than puncturing it.

Soft Tip Darts


  1. Safety: Magnetic darts are much safer compared to steel-tip darts because they do not have sharp tips that can cause injury or damage. They are an excellent choice for family-friendly environments or spaces with children.
  2. Damage-free: Magnetic darts are generally used with magnetic dartboards, which are made of a flexible material that easily catches the darts. This reduces the risk of wall or furniture damage that can occur with steel-tip darts and traditional bristle dartboards.
  3. Portable: Magnetic darts are often lightweight and portable, making them convenient for travel or outdoor use. They can be easily packed and carried for camping trips, picnics, or other outdoor activities.


  1. Accuracy: Magnetic darts can be less accurate than steel-tip darts. The magnets in the tips may cause some deviation in flight, resulting in less precise throws and potentially affecting the scoring accuracy.
  2. Dartboard Limitations: Magnetic darts can only be used with magnetic dartboards specifically designed for them. They are not compatible with traditional bristle dartboards or electronic dartboards meant for soft-tip darts.
  3. Reduced Challenge: Some experienced dart players may find that magnetic darts lack the challenge and authentic feel of steel-tip darts. They may prefer the greater precision and skill required when using steel-tip darts.

Overall, magnetic darts can be a good option for casual play, family settings, or situations where safety and minimizing potential damage are important. However, if you are looking for a more authentic dart-playing experience or wish to compete in organized leagues or tournaments, steel-tip darts and traditional dartboards would be more suitable.


In conclusion, the best electronic dartboard with a cabinet offers a perfect combination of convenience, functionality, and style. With advanced features like automatic scoring, multiplayer options, and built-in storage for darts and accessories, these dartboards provide an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

The cabinets not only protect and secure the dartboard but also add a touch of elegance to any game room or man cave. Whether you’re a casual player or a serious dart enthusiast, investing in a top-quality electronic dartboard with a cabinet ensures countless hours of entertainment and friendly competition. Choose one that suits your preferences and enjoy the thrill of darts in the comfort of your own space.

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