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Key Takeaways:

  • Professional players utilize the middle grip technique for its balanced center of gravity, resulting in consistent and precise throws.
  • Quality of darts plays a crucial role in optimizing the middle grip technique. The material, design, and construction significantly impact performance.
  • Trying different grips and practicing consistently is essential to determine the most suitable style for individual players.
  • Besides technique, having the right tools—like tungsten, brass, or aluminum darts—can significantly elevate a player’s game.


Ready to elevate your dart game to new heights? Look no further, fellow dart enthusiast! Whether you’re in league games or just getting your feet wet, we’ve scoured the dart universe to bring you the ultimate selection of precision-crafted darts, tailor-made for middle grip throwers like yourself. Whether you’re a seasoned player seeking to fine-tune your aim with professional dart playing techniques or a spirited newcomer eager to hit that elusive bullseye with steel tip darts, we’ve got the key to unlock your darting prowess.

Our meticulously curated reviews showcase the best darts of middle grip, each boasting unique features that cater precisely to your playing style. From expensive darts with excellent grip to cheap darts for those on a budget, you’re covered. So without wasting any time, let’s dig in.

6 Best Darts For Professionals Middle Grippers

Best Darts for Middle Grip

“Middle-grip darts are best for players who hold the dart in the center. For those who like a lighter dart, options are available, but if you prefer heavy darts with extra weight, those can be sought out too. This helps with better control and terms of accuracy. Always test a few to find the ideal weight for your hand and your preferred throwing style.

Does Middle Grip Improve Your Darts Game?

There’s an exciting new trend taking the dartboard by storm—the middle grip style with spinning shafts! Imagine holding your dart in a whole new way, between your thumb and middle-finger, closer to the center. It’s a game-changer!

But does it actually work? Opinions are divided, but here’s the scoop: supporters claim that this grip gives you maximum control, leading to better accuracy and consistency. Who wouldn’t want that?

Before you dive in, give different grips a try and see which one suits you best. Perfecting your technique is the key to success.

Will the middle grip elevate your darts game to new heights? There’s only one way to find out—grab those darts, start practicing, and let the game begin!”

Why do Darts Players Prefer Middle Grip Darts?

Ever wondered how the professional dart players nail those bullseyes with jaw-dropping precision? They utilize dart barrel grips and ensure they have complete control over their single dart. This grip gives them ultimate control during their throws, ensuring they hit the mark every time.

Why is it so special? Well, this grip gives them ultimate control during their throws, ensuring they hit the mark with jaw-dropping accuracy every time.

Professional Darts Players Rely 
on Their Technique to Get 
Them Ahead in the Competition

Picture this: the center of gravity is perfectly balanced at their fingertips, eliminating any pesky twists or turns during release. That means their shots fly true like guided missiles, leaving their opponents in awe.

But that’s not all—using the middle grip builds up their confidence to superhero levels. They become masters of their dart’s destiny, commanding its every move with finesse and flair.

So, if you want to boost your game and hit the bullseye like a pro, it’s time to get your hands on the middle grip. Get ready to show off your newfound consistency and stability on the dartboard. All that is required now is the best darts for professionals. 

Best Darts for Middle Grip

If you’re looking to step up from plastic darts, then you’re in for a treat. With a variety of colors to choose from, and designs suited for both novice and professional dart players, the world of darts is your oyster. For those who want to play darts in luxury, options with sleek aluminum shafts and composite shafts are available.

Think of sleek and narrow barrels, weighted grooves, and slim, ergonomic designs that fit like a glove. Sounds amazing, right? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve curated the top 7 best darts for middle grip.

Get ready to take your dart game to the next level with the tungsten leaderboard. It boasts warm textures and an incredible feel, giving you that winning edge. But hold on, we’ve got more options! Want something light and flexible? Try our brass or aluminum darts. They offer superb control and a comfortable throwing motion, ensuring you hit those bullseyes with ease.

No matter which of these superior materials you prefer, rest assured, all of them will boost your consistency and make you a dart-throwing champion. So, grab your favorite darts, take aim, and game on!

1.Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts

Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts – your ultimate companions for electrifying dartboard action! Designed with precision and style in mind, these darts offer exceptional balance and gripping comfort, perfect for casual-to-intermediate level players. Whether you’re aiming for the bullseye or seeking consistent scoring, these darts will elevate your game to new heights, these are one of the best middle grip darts.

best darts for professionals
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Product Benefits:

You’ll hit the bullseye with laser-like precision thanks to the middle grip’s unique combination of comfort and control. Strategically designed grooves and the textured rubber grip guarantee consistent hand positioning for greater accuracy. These darts are your ticket to dominating the dartboard because of their balanced precision, robust construction, and fashionable style.

Product Specifications:

Product NameViper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts
Weight16 grams
Grip materialTextured Rubber
Users (suggested)Unisex-adult
Warranty Description30 Days Against Manufacturer Defects
Package Dimension (L*W*H)7.56 x 3.5 x 0.67 inches
Country of OriginChina

Product Features:

Balanced Precision: A closer grouping of darts is guaranteed for the best chance of scoring with barrels that are nickel-silver plated and have a small profile.

Comfort in Gripping: The rubberised barrel sleeve and carefully designed grooves on the textured rubber grip support constant hand placement, letting you control each throw.

Stability and durability: These  are improved by the use of strong, lightweight aluminum shafts with locking holes that fit tightly and securely into the barrel, avoiding the need for repeated retightening while playing.

Precise Flight Path: High-quality flights and intricate graphics boost speed and lower drag, assuring a steady flight path for pin-point precision.

Flexible & Sturdy Tips: 2BA The reinforced cone construction of Tufflex Tips II soft tip dart points makes them incredibly sturdy and long-lasting.


  • Beginner friendly
  • Nice weight balance to master the perfect throw
  • A stylish design that is very easy to use


  • Over time the rubber grips tend to decay
  • The warranty period is pretty short

Hathaway Rampage Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts

Perfect for both novice players and those at competitive levels, these darts come with plastic shafts that ensure durability and are perfect for those who are used to light darts.

best darts for professionals
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Product Benefits:

This is the key to unlocking the full potential of your dart game! You’ll enjoy unparalleled control and precision in every throw thanks to their ground-breaking middle grip, which has a special rubberized secure grip surface. These cutting-edge darts will advance your dart-playing abilities regardless of your experience level.

Product Specifications:

Model nameRampage Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts – Set of 3
ColorBlack, Blue
MaterialAluminum, Nickel, Rubber, Plastic
Warranty180-Day Limited
Suggested usersUnisex-adult
Package Dimensions7.01 x 2.09 x 1.1 inches
Item Dimensions6.5 x 1.75 x 0.86 inches
Weight (Item)0.12 Pounds

Product Features:

Sure Grip Surface: The barrel sleeves’ distinctive rubberized sure grip surface provide a firm grip for pinpoint accuracy on each throw.

Attractive Design: Make a statement by using these visually arresting darts that are equally fashionable and practical.

Soft Tip: Our soft tip darts offer a worry-free dart-playing experience and are secure and appropriate for electronic dartboards.

Versatile Components: The kit comes with 6 poly flights for improved flying stability, 3 nylon shafts, and 3 aluminum shafts.

Take your darts with you everywhere you go with the handy black ABS carry case that is included.


  • The tips are very soft, it is perfect for any sort of dart board.
  • There is no possibility that these darts will leave any spots on your wall.
  • Very lightweight; that’s why easy to use.


  • Many people reported the carry case to be fragile.
  • Over time the components of the dart could become loose.

Bottelsen Hammer Head Dart

A dart that many professional dart organizations would approve of, this dart comes with a front-weighted design and has heavy knurling to ensure you have complete control during your throws.

best darts for middle grippers
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Product Description:

The Bottelsen German Style Dart Set is meticulously constructed and engineered to provide outstanding performance for individuals passionate about the game of darts. This dart set looks elegant and enhances your game experience with painstaking attention to detail and high-quality materials.

Product Benefits:

The Bottelsen Dart Set, designed in the German Style. It is crafted with care using barrels composed of 90% tungsten. Tungsten is renowned for its exceptional quality. These darts offer an optimal balance between velocity and stability. The metal steel handle is designed to provide a secure grip, ensuring accurate throws. This dart set is manufactured in the United States. This is one of the best darts for middle grippers.

Product Specifications:

Size 23 Gram
Handle MaterialAlloy Steel
Package Dimensions 6.7 x 3.4 x 1.2 inches
Package Weight 0.4 Pounds
Item Weight 0.01 Ounces
Made in United States

Product Features:

German Style Made: Made in the classic German style. The style provides perfect distribution of weight which ensures accuracy. This is one of the best steel tip darts for the dart boards.

Alloy Steel Handle: You can maintain your throwing technique even during tense league games because of the comfortable and secure grip the alloy steel handle provides

Excellent built quality: This dart set was meticulously crafted with great care. Its quality of dart and durability make it a trusted gaming buddy.

Perfectly Weighted: At 23 grams, these darts find the ideal weight between speed and stability, giving you an edge over the competition..

Made in the USA: This product was proudly made in the United States, ensuring a professional dart playing quality, so you can be sure that it shows off American craftsmanship.

The dart set, which comes with a Dart Tool, has everything you need to play right away, so you can start hitting the targets as soon as you open the box.


  • Very well textured grip
  • Very pointy, that ensures the perfect aim
  • Very durable storage box


  • Does not come with spinning shafts actually
  • If used frequently, there is a possibility of wear and tear.

Target Darts Raymond Dart

The Raymond Van Barneveld G2 by Target Darts is highly regarded among dart enthusiasts as a top choice for achieving success. The renowned Raymond van Barneveld had these darts created according to his precise specifications. They are designed to enhance your gaming experience. The attractive combination of colours and elegant design are bound to catch people’s eye when it comes to the dartboard.

best middle grip darts
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Product Benefits:

The Raymond Van Barneveld G2 darts, manufactured by Target Darts, offer an unparalleled enhancement to your darts experience. These darts, made with 95% Tungsten and finished with a unique Trapezoidal grip technology, feature an unequalled middle grip that gives you more control and feel than anything else on the market.

With these exquisite projectiles, one can experience the sensation of being a darts champion. They’re coated in Gold & Black PVD Titanium Nitride, which makes them easier to handle and protects them. The dartboard’s design, featuring a combination of colours including Gold, Black, and Silver, is visually appealing and is sure to capture the interest of individuals as they engage in a game of darts with expertise.

This particular adult collection includes a total of three dart barrels, three shafts, and three flights. It is the optimal selection for individuals who aspire to excel. With an enduring barrel guarantee, you can rest assured that these projectiles will endure for an extended duration.

Product Specifications:

BrandTarget Darts
Model nameRaymond Van Barneveld G2
ColorGold, Black, and Silver
WarrantyLifetime barrel guarantee
Suggested usersUnisex-adult
Package Dimensions8.03 x 4.72 x 0.94 inches
Number of Items9 (Includes Dart Barrels, Shafts, and Flights)
Weight (Item)0.28 Pounds

Product Features:

  • Made with 95% Tungsten and made to be the right weight and balance.
  • Trapezoidal grip technology gives you a unique feel and control.
  • The striking Gold and Black PVD Titanium Nitride finish makes it easier to hold and protects it for a long time.
  • For a full darting experience, this set comes with 3 Dart Barrels, 3 Dart Shafts, and 3 Flights.
  • Adult style that works for players of both sexes.
  • With a lifetime barrel warranty, you know the quality will last.
  • Raymond Van Barneveld’s unique style was the inspiration for the model that bears his name.


  • Very high quality material, that will be pretty durable.
  • Holds perfectly to the board
  • Bit of extra weight can be helpful for the pro players.


  • Shafts may seem a bit too long
  • Beginners may not find it suitable for the competition.

Harrows Avanti 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

Avanti introduces a dart of unmatched quality made from the finest injection-moulded tungsten. Avanti is a product that stands out due to its remarkable design, featuring 7 prominent grip zones. Each grip zone has unique cuts, providing users with an extraordinary and distinctive tactile experience. The barrel has a consistent grip composition and a tapered profile, making it suitable for front, middle, and rear grippers. It is a mid-balanced barrel.

best darts for middle grippers
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Product Benefits:

Avanti darts provide numerous advantages that can significantly improve your dart-playing encounter. Featuring a total of seven distinct grip zones and intricate cuts, these throwing tools offer an elevated level of grip, resulting in enhanced command and accuracy throughout your throws. The grip composition throughout the barrel remains consistent, providing a pleasant and organic sensation, accommodating different ways of holding the object and enhancing your self-assurance in your performance.

Product Specifications:

Model nameAvanti 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts
MaterialTungsten, Carbon
Suggested usersUnisex-adult
ColorBlack, Silver, Emerald Green
Package Dimensions6.2 x 4.5 x 0.9 inches
Weight (Package)0.09 Kilograms
Weight (Item)18g, or 20g

Product Features:

Improved Grip: The Avanti darts boast seven distinct grip zones and distinctive cuts that are highly favoured by customers. These features offer enhanced control and precision, elevating the throwing experience.

Comfortable Sensation: The uniform grasp composition throughout the entirety of the barrel guarantees a pleasant and organic sensation, accommodating diverse gripping techniques, resulting in enhanced assurance in their performance.

Versatility: Avanti’s barrel design, which is balanced in the middle, caters to various grip styles, including those at the front, middle, and rear positions. This characteristic renders it a flexible option suitable for a diverse array of players with distinct approaches to the game.

Premium Material: Customers value the utilisation of high-quality injection-molded tungsten, a superior substance that enhances the sturdiness and lifespan of the darts, guaranteeing their ability to endure the demands of frequent utilisation.

Attention-Grabbing Design: The visually appealing fusion of dark hue, metallic shade, and vibrant green produces a visually pleasing appearance, ensuring that Avanti darts are easily distinguishable on the dartboard and infusing a sense of sophistication into their gaming arrangement.

Enhanced Flight Efficiency: Avanti darts are equipped with inconspicuous Midi Green Supergrip Carbon shafts and innovative Avanti flights, resulting in improved flight steadiness and precision, greatly pleasing customers.

Precision Match Weighing: The meticulous match weighing process to +/- 0.05g ensures consistent performance across all the darts in the set, giving customers confidence in the uniformity of their equipment.


  • The darts have superior grip
  • They’re suitable for all kinds of grippers, making them versatile
  • Has an eye catching color combination and design


  • Their premium price compared to other dart sets on the market makes them steep for most buyers

RED DRAGON Peter Wright Darts

Peter’s latest Vyper Darts are the culmination of his vision, born from the successful Vyper Proto-420 darts he designed on the 3rd of December. Striving for a dart with dynamics akin to his Euro 11 range, he incorporated the new Proto-420 Grip to achieve unparalleled performance. These Snakebite-designed darts exude menace and distinction, embodying the essence of professional tour quality.

best darts for middle grip
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Product Benefits:

Vyper Darts offer numerous benefits to enhance your dart-playing experience. The exceptional handling and grip will provide you unique experience. These professional tour-quality darts are ready for action. They have Red Dragon’s Nitro Tech shafts and exclusive Snakebite Hardcore flights. The 90% tungsten alloy ensures the long life time of the product.The barrel’s highest level 5 grip optimises control for all playing styles.. Plus, the eye-catching design with a hot purple finish adds a touch of aesthetic appeal. Elevate your game with Vyper Darts and enjoy improved accuracy, confidence, and overall satisfaction in your dart-playing endeavors.

Product Specifications:

BrandRed Dragon
Model namePeter Wright Snakebite Vyper, Set of 3
Suggested usersUnisex-adult
Package Dimensions6.93 x 4.21 x 0.71 inches
Item Dimensions6.4 mm x 50.8 mm
Weight (Package)0.13 Kilograms
Weight (Item)18g, or 20g
Guarantee12 Months

Product Features:

Unmatched Performance: Customers rave about the exceptional handling and fierce grip provided by Vyper Darts, enabling them to achieve unmatched performance on the dartboard. The combination of the V10 mill-cut reverse groove banks and the Proto-420 Grip delivers enhanced control and accuracy in each throw.

Professional Tour Quality: As 100% tour bred darts, Vyper Darts have gained customer satisfaction for their top-tier quality, designed in collaboration with Snakebite himself. Players appreciate the assurance that they are using darts crafted to meet the standards of professional play.

Ready for Action: Vyper Darts come pre-equipped with Red Dragon’s Nitro Tech shafts and exclusive Snakebite Hardcore flights, ensuring players can start using them straight away without worrying about additional accessories. This convenience appeals to customers who want to dive into their game right away.

Premium Tungsten Alloy: The world-class 90% tungsten alloy used in crafting the Vyper Darts provides durability and longevity. Customers value the longevity of these darts, knowing they can rely on them for extensive use.

Optimal Grip Level: With the highest level 5 grip throughout the barrel, Vyper Darts offer superior control and confidence during play. This grip level suits various playing styles and contributes to customers’ improved consistency.

Striking Design: The eye-catching hot purple finish and the unique parallel profile with V10 reverse mill cut make Vyper Darts visually stunning. Customers appreciate the aesthetics of the darts, adding an extra layer of satisfaction to their gaming experience.


  • Offers great handling and grip, leading to increased accuracy on the dartboard.
  • Made with professional play standards.
  • Made from high quality materials, making them stylish and beautiful.


  • Bit of a problem with weight distribution.
  • Few users reported some major packaging issues.

What Are the Best Dart Grips?

If you’re an avid darts player, making sure you have the best dart grip dynamics makes all the difference. With a ringed grip, your accuracy and precision increase and you can ensure that each throw lands exactly where you want it to. The best dart grips, be it barrel grips or others, are those made of soft rubber with a textured surface for maximum grip.

Grips are always different for different players. Here are some examples of different types:

  • Front Grip: This technique entails grasping the dart in close proximity to its tip, towards the front. It is suitable for individuals who have a preference for increased control and accuracy in their throws. A front grip is well-suited for individuals with a delicate touch who aim to refine their shots.
  • Middle Grip: Holding the dart in the barrel’s middle is the middle grip. It provides a well-rounded sensation and is favoured by athletes who desire a combination of precision and force in their throws. Versatility and adaptability make this grip a good choice.
  • Rear Grip: With this grip, you hold the dart towards the back end of the barrel. It suits players who want a powerful and forceful throw. Those who have a heavier throw prefer a rear grip because it offers more stability.

Thicker grips can be beneficial for those who suffer from sweaty palms or limited grip strength. You should also consider the shape of the grip to make sure it fits comfortably in your hand so that you can maintain a steady, consistent throw over time – no matter how intense your game gets!

Thicker Grips Can Be Beneficial for 
Those Who Suffer From Sweaty 
Palms or Limited Grip Strength

What Type of Darts Do Professionals Use?

Professional dart players utilize a diverse range of darts, with tungsten sets being a prevalent choice among many individuals. Tungsten, a metal with high density, enables a slenderer thinner dart shape without compromising the weight of the dart. While some prefer heavy darts, others might opt for light darts. Brass darts and plastic darts are also available, though they might not be the first choice for many professionals.

Which Dart Shape is Best?

Each player has their own preferred dart shape. There are front-weighted dart and others based on the distribution of weight. The two most frequently encountered dart shapes are:
Straight Barrel: A dart with a consistent thickness throughout its entire length, exhibiting no noticeable tapering. This design provides a steady grip throughout the throw, which some players like. Tapered Barrel: A dart with a gradually decreasing diameter towards its tip. Players can regulate their release and flight path with this form.

Final Thoughts

Let me break it down for you. When it comes to darts, considering both the type of dart and your throwing style is crucial for top-notch performance on the dartboard. To find the best professional metal dart for professionals & middle grip darts, you need to try out various types – from heavier darts to lighter dart weights, and even steel-tipped darts for stability. Spinning shafts and plastic shafts can also make a difference. Experimenting with different options until you discover the perfect fit for your handling and playing posture will pay off with greater terms of accuracy and higher player scores during games.

Experiment until you find the perfect dart that fits your handling and playing posture. Trust me, it’s worth it! When you get that ideal match, your accuracy and scores will soar on the dartboard.

And hey, remember to enjoy the process! Darts is a game anyone from novice players to pros can learn and improve at with regular practice and dedication. So grab those real darts and unleash your inner champion today! We’ve covered the best darts for middle grip, so go ahead and shoot like a pro!

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